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Statue of Harambe and the black child he tried to kill.


The Harambe story continues to excite, three months after he was killed, as he prepared to eat a small black child who visited him at the Cincinnati Zoo.
The memes keep coming and Zoo officials don’t know what to do. Clearly the “Harambe Family” at the zoo continues to heal after they put a 170 grain bullet through his head at close range.
Some of the memes are completely tasteless. In this one (left), the alligator who ate the child at Disney in Orlando recently, offers an excuse. 
The family of the boy who survived continues to receive death threats from guerrilla lovers in South America who can’t tell the difference between a gorilla and a guerrilla. I have seen the memes mixed up and Harambe shirts with CHE LIVES blazed across the front. 
The more serious memes suggest that if Harambe had been a white gorilla, he wouldn’t have been shot. The Cincinnati Zoo, taking this to heart, is planning to paint the gorillas white to keep them safe in the future. Zoo officials contend that Harambe’s carcass was not fed to minority welfare recipients at a downtown Cincinnati soup kitchen. They explain that his pelt and bones went to a taxidermist and his stuffed effigy will be on display at the entrance to the new Gorilla exhibit featuring rare white gorillas. (the zoo did not account for his tender, succulent flesh)
Weiner vs Wiener
Whether his true name is Carlos Danger or Anthony Weiner, the story keeps rolling as the husband of Hillary Clinton’s personal aide, Huma Weiner texts photos of his penis to women other than Huma or Hillary. (More Here
Huma Weiner plans to divorce her husband, Anthony. It opens the door for Hillary Clinton and Huma to marry after former president Bill Clinton dies tragically after Hillary wins the national election to become president. Will Hillary make an “honest woman” of her long time lover, Huma? Will Huma Clinton become First Lady? Only time will tell. 
One thing is sure. Huma has had enough weiner and is moving on to something else. If you thought that the memes about Harambe were good, you haven’t seen anything yet!

22 thoughts on “Internet Memes

  1. Looks like you get pretty bored at 2:00 in the morning. I think it would be a great opportunity for a threeway with Harambe, Hillary, and Carlos Danger.

  2. My kids find the Harambe memes endlessly fascinating. They're not so interessted in Carlos Danger, the Mongoose, oddly.

  3. I don't know why some guys think it's ok to send penis pictures to women; it's akin to the cat bringing you a dead bird.

  4. Harambe is dead, not unlike Bill's opinion of Hillary's performance in bed, so putting Hillary and Harambe together in one king size bed would work since Carlos Danger is "into himself".

  5. I don't know which I like better, Clarence-the-Lion or Harambe. There is another Internet meme out there that discusses Clarence eating Harambe as he walks through the pearly gates. That sort of question is best answered by a man of the cloth.

  6. The legend of Carlos Danger holds that women are fascinated by the picture of his penis. Thus when Anthony Weiner was on the floor of Congress photographing his organ under the desk and sending the pictures out – women swooned…or so the legend suggests.

  7. Huma finally had to take action after a long (so to speak) expose appeared about Mr. Weiner. What's truly sad about all of this is the state of politics where the public becomes interested in Weiners and Hillary is considered a serious candidate for president.

  8. One of the saddest things to me about this whole election cycle is that Anthony Weiner didn't become the Democrat candidate (with Eric Holder as VP of course).

    I don't know how anyone can consider Hillary (along with her scandals and trail of dead bodies), who is physically "F-ed up", and her lesbian lover/assistant to be a serious candidate. Part of me is happy that Hillary is running because of the snark factor that I can blog about. You can't make this stuff up. But President Hillary? That's Twilight Zone stuff.

  9. Roll on elections, what's to worry about when we have a fat lady wearing an oven mitt as the top dim candidate, being handled by a ouzo swill, a Muslim wiener holder, and a womanizing white guy…

  10. Clarence, or was it Cecil?, closely resembles Aslan. So he gets a pass. Sorry, Harambe, move over.

  11. There was a Clarence-the-cross-eyed-Lion. Cecil is a different lion and the distinction is more important to some people than it is to me.

  12. Is it somehow racist or Ailurophobic to suggest that one lion looks more or less like every other lion to me?

  13. As summer is almost over, I concur with Huma; I'm also getting tired of weiners even if they are kosher. Yes, I know they swell and pop when heated.

    But I still do love me a bacon cheese haramburger.

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