Explaining some of the current firearms control hysteria:

“No matter how educated or enlightened a person may think they are, when faced with the primal nature of a mobbing most people will betray their own principles and move to the safety of power. The people most closely associated with the target may then become the target’s fiercest attackers since there is no better way to create distance from the primal danger of a mob than to attack with vigor. Once they begin attacking their own identity as righteous then becomes intertwined with the depravity of the target.” Quilette

We see a lot of mob mentality in the US. The target is flexible. For example: Police, where the pendulum swings between the left advocating for unquestioning love of the police (who they believe can protect them) when it suits them and rabid, venomous and vicious attacks on the police when it does not; AGE, where progs want the voting age reduced to 16 because the young are so enlightened, but the age to purchase a firearm must be raised to 21 because the young are too immature to be trusted. The mob turns its coat predictably. It’s fueled by the media (all media, not just the corrupt, elite media) for the sake of ratings that transfer into money/earnings. Without a moral center, this sort of behavior is to be expected, and our nation clearly lacks that core value.

There is good news. NRA membership applications are up 4900% since the radical left called for their destruction. That’s a big win for them.

In British North America, things changed on April 15, 1775 when the King’s Army and Royal Marines set out from Boston on the road to Concord to take firearms lawfully owned by The People. It’s said that they ‘fired the shot heard round the world’. And while the 19 mile march was tough enough outbound, the big problem for the British Army was getting back. Another mob issue. There’s a lesson here. Progs will never understand it.

Anyway, it’s Monday. Have a splendid week. Don’t join a mob unless you want to.


  1. The Brits stuck their nose in a hornets nest. Damned pesky colonists. People must have been primed, though, to react that quick. They must have had some kids for runners, ahead of the retreating soldiers. I recall the journal entry of a Brit Officer on that march, remarking on a man, his wife, and kid firing on them from a house. They were all killed, of course, but the officer made a note that was the moment he realized the British would lose, no matter what they did. A person willing to sacrifice themselves and their families for freedom, with the certain knowledge God will decide, is a formidable opponent. Outside of belief in their own ego's, this is the core pragmatic reason the left hates Christianity- it provides an un- assailable fortress in the spirit. No telling what a man will do when the State is no longer the supreme power.

  2. Very well said.

    It's why the left desperately wants to disarm the nation. However, the recent firearms frenzy has done nothing but restore the health of firearms companies – sold another 40,000 AK's and AR's and twenty million rounds of ammo.

  3. >Don't join a mob unless you want to.

    Good advice. And, in my case, highly unlikely. Actually I am very easy to manipulate. Show me a mob that demands "X" and even if I wanted "X" in the first place I'll end up checking my assumptions at the least, and possibly against "X".

  4. When the frenzy started after Parkland, I just chalked it off to the usual Bloomberg minions dancing in the blood of the victims. As time went by, though, and we saw just how organized this was, everything from busing the kids to the state capital within a day or two to beg for gun control to the CNN Town "Two Hour Hate", to the introduction of gun control bills in a bunch of state legislatures it just seems too organized.

    I'm not big on conspiracy theories for the simple reason that everything can't be a conspiracy. Generally, "three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead" as the saying goes.

    But this looks and smells like the research was done, the script of what to do was planned, the list of companies to attack was drawn up, and every single step we've witnessed was drawn up in a planned operation waiting for the "GO" command. And the things that would trigger a go command were detailed as well. It was planned top to bottom.

    I'm not ready to go all the way to our enemies arranging the school shooting, but I can see why people think that. And they are our enemies. They want us to bow to them and the state. As many, many people have said, they don't hate our guns, they hate us.

  5. Nicely done, though I like to think of myself as a cog in the citizen militia as opposed to a mob. Have a productive week!

  6. The left was ready to exploit a shooting no matter where it happened. It turned out to be in Parkland. Sorry kids, but we couldn't let a crisis go to waste.

  7. I read "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich", and "The Gulag Archipelago" when a young teen. Those books burnt a hole in my trust of government. No way am I going to "burn in the camps". Then recently I came across "Drawings from the Gulag", by a prison camp guard. Look up google images if you want to spoil your dinner. What the "progressives" love to do is throw all the political prisoners in a camp, and install all the rapist murderer thugs as trustees, to torture them.
    Commies and national socialists, two sides of the same coin. Of course, it is at least even money that if you walk up to a college "student" today and call them a "National Socialist ", they will think it is a complement.

  8. Mobs work themselves into a state of self righteous indignation without having to take personal responsibility. Gutless, at their core.

  9. "There is good news. NRA membership applications are up "
    I won't be renewing my membership.
    It's lifetime…

  10. I've been busier than I want to be, my old friend – however in spare moments I'm working on my pirate book. I think it's coming together, but as you know, this all takes time – and I'm patient.

  11. The NRA is prospering even as the progressive movement spews its venom. It's worthy of a bowl of popcorn while we watch.

  12. I wouldn't object to a mob or two sent to Nancy Pelosi's vinyards and other holdings, shouting 'down with capitalism.'

    Of course, when that mob turns on me and mine, that's different. Mobs are a fickle bunch, that's for sure.

  13. You can't trust a mob – any mob. When I was going through arduous navy training, instructors berated my class that they were a herd, one step below a mob – because at least a mob had a leader. Naturally as one of three officers in the class, we were singled out for torment above and beyond the normal torment handed out.

  14. Blade, I've always considered myself to be an illegally parked car in the cul-de-sac of life. The week is reasonably productive so far.

  15. Lessons have to be taken from the past or we are doomed to repeat them. It's unlikely that I will survive a general firearms confiscation unless all the progs are dead first. So, no camp for me.

  16. I read "The Gulag Archipelago" a long time ago in my late teens. It has colored my life since all these decades later.

  17. "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee"…unarmed people have been herded up and killed or tortured with regularity.

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