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The European Union’s Parliament has rubber-stamped the withdrawal agreement agreed between Brussels and London. It is a largely symbolic move which means the last administrative hurdle was cleared and the United Kingdom departed the European Union. I know that there were a lot of progressives who wanted to surrender their sovereignty for the sake a big happy EU. True to form, those people didn’t care that Britain received a huge ‘rogering’ from the EU.
I received texts from friends in the UK, expressing their joy at being separated from Old Europe and de-linked from Germany, who many people see as circling the drain. This is not a criticism of friends who live in Germany. But the government has consistently acted in a way that many believe is not consistent with the best interests of the German people. Will the French dump Macron and follow the UK? 

The Super Bowl
I will be watching, but I’m not going to handicap the outcome. KC stands a good chance, but the Niners have had a great season too. People are coming over (about 8 RSVP’d) and I plan to BBQ. The food is as important as the game is. Truth be told, it’s a social event more than a game (I know that sounds like heresy to some people), when YOUR favorite team isn’t playing.
The Acquittal
The Democrats have vowed to start another round of impeachment with treacherous John Bolton as their poster chid. Pelosi cackled that President Trump will be impeached twice in the same term in office.
I think that this time, we’ll see Pierre Delicto, himself, appear and testify to some sort of lie. It certainly wouldn’t be something that Mitt would object to or shrink from. He’s planning another go at the presidency in 2024 and feels that showing that he’s an enemy of President Trump will be worth thousands of votes. They seem to like him in Utah but nobody else seems to.

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  1. A good first step for Britain. I hope it's not too late.
    I'll be leaving for Wichita in a couple hours to watch Super Bowl LIV with my son-in-law. My daughter says he'll need a steadying hand. As you may suspect from my location, I'll be rooting for the Chiefs. This time I'll be able to watch the game. The last time they played, SB IV, I had to listen to it on AFVN and it started at 4am.
    If only that meme were true. More whining is the likely result.

  2. Good luck to the Chiefs and to your SIL.

    As to the British, they're a tough nation that manages to pull through in a clinch. Right now they need to put stop to heavy Muslim immigration. I'm serious. London and Baghdad have nearly the same demographics these days. The last time I visited Old Blighty, I was shocked.

  3. With a few pints in them it would have okay for The Brit's to have painted their faces blue and yelled "FREEEDOMMMM!". About time. Boris Johnson, a British Trump but with worse hair.

    As for the Super Bowl, minimally it'll tamp down some of the political baloney for a weekend and give everyone a break from the constant droning and "expert" commentary. The Media needs a serious housecleaning, they have become far too big for their marginally important britches.

    Exploding heads everywhere yesterday. About time the Subversives felt a little pain. Wednesday's vote will acquit, then the Coup Machine will start back up…Pelosi and crew can't help themselves and have said as much. Keeps 'em busy and outta our hair.

  4. Maybe we need to have some Brits with painted blue faces to visit Pelosi and explain what FREEDOM means.

  5. "Will the French dump Macron and follow the UK?"

    They will need a De Gaulle. As an aside, he wasn't someone I admired. He did take France out of NATO.

  6. No, I didn't admire De Gaulle either but the French seemed to like him. I see the next French hero as more Trumpesque.

  7. I woke up today in a free and independent country known as GREAT Britain. That made my tea taste so much better. I’m sure the water is cleaner already!

  8. The French will only follow… the French. Just because the current government may think Frau Merkel is the snizzle or whatever kids say these days, doesn't mean that the first time the EU goes counter to France's concerns, France will willingly follow.

    France is… France. Cheesehead surrender monkeys in many ways, but still somewhere the ghost of Charles Martel exists in France's soul. Though the number of church fires and vandalisms in the last two years by the religion of pieces people and France not rising up against it, well, cheesehead surrender monkeys…

  9. Hopefully the long march to recovering freedoms lost in the last 30 years will start.

    Especially that whole gun thingy they have going.

  10. I like the idea of the Democrats just running a continuous impeachment circus. That should do a good job of completely de-legitimizing them. As a bonus, no Dem legislation!


  11. WW1 beat them up hard. WW2 beat them up harder. Then they were humiliated at Dien Bien Phu and they lost Algeria. The warrior gene pool was badly depleted. At least they have the Foreign Legion to do their heavy lifting for them.

  12. There is a lot of sorting out to do in order to clean the place up, but I'm confident that the British will manage the job.

  13. Yes, they aren't doing much but telling anyone how much they hate the president.

    But they did offer their very beast as candidates for President. I know that it's a band of freaks and misfits, but — it's their best.

  14. Marshall Petain took it hard when he lost so many during WWI, and then freaked when France didn't heed his warnings about Germany's rearmament program.

    He took a hard job, heading Vichy France, in order to lessen Germany's damage to VF.

    And what did he get, in trying to warn France to arm and prepare, and then try to mitigate the damage the Germans did? The people who first ignored him and then cooperated with the Germans besides what Petain tried to withhold, wanted his blood. Fortunately he died in prison.

    Truman, Churchill, and the Canadian PM all offered to let Petain live in exile in their countries, but the ever wonderful French People wouldn't allow it.

    A shame. A man, broken by so much, who succeeded in saving so much of France in spite of France.

  15. And those non-muslims that allowed such things like no-go zones and child-grooming to flourish should have their heads mounted on Traitor's Gate.

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