What’s Next? Space Aliens?

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Deadliest Cities

And you have to hand it to the democrat party. They know how to take and hold power no matter how bad the slums that they rule are.


The Chinese Plague Shell Game

In Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located and which holds over half of Arizona’s population, sixty-three percent of the deaths related to COVID are people who were in long term care facilities. The majority of those who’ve died here in AZ are people over 65.

The state and hospitals have been manipulating the numbers by reporting based on “emergency” beds that were specifically held back in case of an overwhelming of their facilities, and then removing those beds from the number of open beds (which will spike the number of beds in use), and combining the COVID cases with other uses of beds.

The “deadly plague” is nothing near what the media is reporting, because they aren’t giving the public all the information.

Rather than forcing the entire economy to shut down again, which is what’s being pushed by the narrative, the “news” media should be doing a better job of informing the public who is most at risk. Those people most at risk can then make informed decisions about how to best protect themselves and live their lives.

The rest of us, though, should be able to get back to living a normal life instead of feeling like we’re living some dystopian nightmare.

Look at the crisis timeline.

-FBI engineered coup to take down President Trump is exposed and it fails.

-Global warming count down to doom. We had ten years left before we all died when President Trump took office. We should be something like seven years away from doom, but nobody is talking about it anymore. (They’ll need a new countdown.)

-Impeachment hoax, along party lines. Nobody cared.

-Chinese Plague to shut down the country.

-Toilet Paper shortages.

-Zombie Apocalypse riots.

-Back to the Chinese Plague…

-Standing by for the Space Aliens – because you know that “the truth is out there” – somewhere.


One hundred Years Ago

Battleship USS Nevada (BB-36) (thanks for the correction, Steve)

Model T Ford
The Wall Street Bombing (1920)

40 thoughts on “What’s Next? Space Aliens?

  1. Those are some pretty somber-looking men in front of that Prohibition banner.

  2. Space Aliens- They’d then have to admit Area 51 suspicions were real and the kooks in old Winnebagos camped at the gate were right.

    1. I’m not saying that the tin foil hat crowd are wrong. I have no evidence either way. The democrats will promote the idea if they can take 1 vote away from President Trump. Maybe Biden accuses Trump of being an extraterrestrial and the Pelosi Congress moves to impeach based on that?

      1. Very plausible scenario at this point of crazy. Maybe the Old Winnebago crowd should truck on over to Pennsylvania Avenue and set up camp, see what happens…at least there’d be brats on the barbie.

        1. Brats BBQ’d correctly with the right mustard, nestled into a freshly baked bun.

    2. My late son, the Medic, was stationed at Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah. Very tight security, the residents called it Area 52. My son once told me, “There are no aliens or that crap here; there are things you wouldn’t believe”. Said no more. As a Medic he was cleared to go anywhere.

  3. I see Slow Joe would like to make masks in public mandatory for the entire country. As if I needed still another reason not to vote for him.

  4. Space Aliens would be cool. Even fake ones would be better than most of the recent DNC strategies.


    1. Who would deny that Adam Schiff is an alien? Nadler waddle uncomfortably, as if his skin suit doesn’t fit.

  5. Hi Larry, I’ve been a lurker here for quite some time, 1st time commenter. Not sure exactly where I was first directed to your writing, probably Hognose, Old NFO or Bayou Renaissance Man. I greatly appreciate your writing and experienced commentary on world events.

    Sorry to make a correction on my first comment, but that picture is not the battleship USS Texas, BB-35. Texas did not have 3 guns in any turret; its ten 14 in guns were in 5×2 configuration. BB-36 would have been the USS Nevada.

    -Steve from Texas

    1. Thank you for the correction. I’ll make note of the correction. Always feel free to dissent or to point out a glaring error.

    2. Hognose! Man, I miss Kevin and the Weaponsman commentariat.

      In case someone interested is unaware, the WM site (and comments) are preserved at Daniel Watters’ site looserounds.com.

      PS Kevin’s brother is continuing to work on the plane they were building together. Progress has been made.

      1. You’re welcome, and thanks; just felt tacky after enjoying your writing to make my first comment a critique :-). I’m a bit partial to the USS Texas: grew up a few hours drive from where she’s berthed as a museum ship and have good memories of dad taking us to tour it growing up. She’s under renovations right now and needing a new berth; hoping to take my kids to see her when they reopen.

        Mike_C, yeah, I miss him and the commentariat, too. I was a longtime lurker there also (I’m sensing a pattern in myself), learned a lot from Kevin and the discussions. I’ve gone back through some of the archives several times at looserounds; I’m glad they were able to preserve it. Some of the old commenters still drop by looserounds, too; Kirk even drops a mini-rant now and then :-D.

        Good to know the airplane build continues! Those posts were always fun.

  6. Thanks for this. I’ve been following the alien news on a pretty frequent basis and nothing much seems to be cropping up, apart from tentative steps to FULL DISCLOSURE.

    In the meanwhile, they’ve thrown just about everything at 45 except for an all out war. He’s survived it all, so far, which is miraculous. Let’s see that continue.

    Imagine the 2020 victory.

    1. Liberal heads will explode if the president wins another term.

      The progressives brought Biden, their brain trust, their best and brightest.

        1. I just want to know when it’s cool to shoot crossbow bolts into the heads of the Walking Dead – like the TV show.

          1. Always open season on Zombies, crossbows allowed…otherwise they loot and ransack and generally cause mayhem.

  7. If you are an alien-believer, you are part of the ‘tin foil hat’ crowd? YOU TAKE THAT BACK, LL!!

    Besides, some of my best friends wear tin foil hats. And FYI, tin foil actually does keep my brain waves from being intercepted by those guys in black helicopters, it’s true. Reynolds Wrap is best.

      1. You need to contact Fredd personally. I’d expect that there might be an industrial grade of foil that would stop the Y rays from entering your melon and reading your thoughts, and transmitting back to the black helicopter.

        1. He’d likely have the skinny on proper foil grade. How’bout an old colander, one of those heavy Kitchen-aid jobbers…that’d probably do the trick, plus it’s breathable.

          1. Colanders? Really. Let’s get serious here, those black helicopter guys can read right through those gaping holes in colanders.

            Geez, duh. Reynolds Wrap, I’m telling ya true.

      2. Campfixer: No, don’t buy the cheap stuff!! The gubmint can read your thoughts right through that crappy tin foil. Reynolds Wrap, brand name quality, that will keep the revenooers out of your head. You can take that to the bank.

        1. KRT Lead Sheeting, Sheet Lead Rolls (1/32″ x 12″ x 36″)
          by KRT Distributions
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        2. Duly noted…I am now well informed on foil hattage, and the colander stays in the kitchen. Now lead sheeting, that’ll surely work. Or maybe find a used Gladiator helmet..heavy duty.

          1. IF you decide to wear a gladiator helmet (lead or not) and somebody asks you your name, you must say, “My name is Gladiator.”

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