Open Season, No Bag Limit? Cool!

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The Antifa people want the police to leave the New York subways for a day. I really like that idea. Actually it’s almost a wet dream. A law-free zone full of Antifa people. Open season, no bag limit, no legal repercussions. (more here) Give the mutants what they want. The police back out.
Allow Arizona’s armed citizens to deal with it without rules, without judgment. I know a lot of veterans who miss having live, non-human targets, to test out their new ammo loads on. The jihadis tend to avoid the Northern Arizona mountains and the Antifa goons are a lot like jihadis – close enough for government work, as they say.
I know, you’re saying, “LL they don’t want the police to leave the subways for just a day.” But it wouldn’t take longer than that. I’ll pack a lunch and take a break, but with a few friends and maybe some ammo bearers – just a day. Then NYPD can have it back. They’d need the fire department to do a wash down and meat wagons to remove the harvested Antifa people. But it would work.
Sure, the Democrats would need to recruit more Antifa people, but we could have a re-do. Think of it as stress reduction for frustrated veterans. Almost something that VA physicians could prescribe. We have physicians who visit this blog who might be willing to write prescriptions for Virtual Mirage blog readers to participate. 
Jules Smith could bring her wolf, Lucifer. I’m not saying that if you have a mastiff or a wolf that they couldn’t join in the fun.
I’m certain that there are Virginians in need of target practice who would join the good people in Arizona in helping out the police.

(link) My solution is more cost effective – while being therapy.

41 thoughts on “Open Season, No Bag Limit? Cool!

  1. I like this plan a lot and it's a bit like a DrawMo contest, when you think of it.

    Heck, combine the two as ONE sporting event. Double benefit.

  2. The DLC would need to participate as well. I like the idea of doing a "draw Mohammed contest" in the subways at the same time. Cleanse New York City.

  3. Coincidence? Hmm.

    I was just at the range yesterday to check zero on one of my .308 bolt guns. Six rounds, spot on.

    Borepatch notes the passing of Bob Shane – the last surviving member of the Kingston Trio.

    All of which brought to mind this classic–

    A nickle indeed. "Throw a nickle on the grass…".

    Count me in.

  4. I guess they are all Democrats and supporters of the progressive urban elite. Why not let them have it and ship them to San Fransico? California has a lot to offer and climate is said to be both warmer and politically more liberal.

    In China they have their own method to handle such people. Looking at the US from outside everything is possible even the most insane.

    Let's hope there are some adults left to be responsible and stop the deterioration of the country. How insane can it be until ordinary people working and paying tax just wanting to have a safe community to live in will be fed up with the Antifa and the progressive left?

  5. What a target rich environment! I might need to bring a complete spare upper too…..don't want the barrel to overheat…

    Locked and Loaded

  6. I'm not saying that we shouldn't share the love elsewhere, but Antifa wants the police out of the subway…and it's a good place to start.

  7. Ideally, an M-60 or a SAW with interchangable barrels and a few ammo bearers. But I like the way you think.

  8. Absolutely. I will admit that my drawing talent amounts to glorified stick figures, but what the heck, in for a penny, in for a pound. And speaking of pounds and other things of British note, perhaps the drawing could incorporate a likeness of T. E. Lawrence.

  9. Used to live round the corner from his old house in Oxford, curiously.


  10. Lucifer absolutely loves a rough game of tug-of-war. He’s very strong and won’t let go until whatever he’s got hold of is ripped in two. Bless him. I think he’d be a welcome addition. 🐺

  11. The newish M60E6 variant with a decent barrel looks promising. Finally the Pig can sustain long bursts without melting the barrel.

    I would go for a .308 or larger machinegun as penetration value is higher. Kill 2-3 Antifas with one round.

    Or… go old school. A nice Colt Bulldog Gatling in .45-70. And it's small enough you could, with a crew, carry it up and down stairs.

  12. Want a Trump or a Guliani figure to be elected as mayor? This (Antifa screwing around) is how you get it.

    I am so eagerly looking forward to the redistricting of New York due to loss of inhabitants.

  13. RHT447, you don't need to draw the dude, you just need to shoot the people who come to kill the people who are drawing the dude.

    LSP – I can only assume that you mean T. E. Lawrence…I don't think that the ORIGINAL Mohammed lived in Oxford. Naturally there are a LOT of Mohammeds who live in Oxford these days.

  14. The Gatling has a certain appeal to me. Clearly the lack of a need to change out barrels is useful when harvesting meat in the NY Subways.

  15. I don't know how tough it would be for Lucifer to rip an Antifa terrorist in two. But I would watch and offer aid if he looked my way.

  16. Maybe Ivanka Trump would be a good NYC Mayor. It would test her credentials for a future run for the Presidency. Personally I think that she's a bit left for my tastes, but the proof of the pudding is in how she'd preform.

  17. New Yorkers also voted in Di Blasio time and again. Maybe somebody dropped LSD into the water supply?

  18. That's my feeling. I'd likely spit on each round, but self-funding is important. No need to deplete public stocks.

  19. Point taken on drawing. Being somewhat new as a Texas resident, I'm still learning. They do a booming business here with these things called deer feeders, allowing you to hunt over bait. The idea of filling my deer tag that way I could take or leave. However when it comes to pest control, it occurred to me that some well placed pre-printed drawings just might fill the bill. Might be an idea to apply bacon fat to the projectiles as well.

  20. Jihawg ammo company went out of business. They sold 7.62, 5.56, .45 ACP and 9 mm Luger with bullets that had a pork infused coating. PEACE THOUGH PORK – I bought up a supply back when. Put a little ham in Mohammed.

  21. LL, pointing to a mount on the wall, years in the future…"That one? Hrmmf…yes…dangerous one, that one. Got it during the '20 safari to the upper west side. What is it? Adjunct Professor of Transgender studies. You and tell by the beard and the pink dress. Lunged at me from a side tunnel leading to New York University. My gun jammed and I thought I might be done for…but I snarled 'Trump' at it and it tripped over its purse and fell gibbering at my feet where I dispatched it with a blow from my autographed copy of 'The Art of the Deal'…carry it everywhere you know."

  22. as a va. boy, i'm in, but only if antifa invites Bloomberg to attend. I say we put a max caliber limit on it so as not to kill too many at a time, lest the fun be over too quickly. as with any grunt, happiness is a target rich environment.

  23. Nice thing about that .45-70 is it tenderizes on the way in and out, especially if you use the original soft nose bullet. Add a modern expander and it's downright a meat pulverizer.

  24. She is still far right of most of NYC's politically active Jewish population.

    Plus… she has nice legs. Just saying. Nice looking. And smart.

  25. NYPD is restricted in what it can do by both the mayor's office and the prosecutor's office.

    Both offices are pushing a catch-and-release policy and a 'it's not a real crime' policy that makes anything less than 1st degree murder almost unprosecutable.

  26. Bloomberg needs to see first hand how it's done. He can be the guest of Virginia as the subways are cleaned. You have to shoot low to harvest Bloomie's meat.

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