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When there are two sides to choose from and one side is spitting at peaceful people, throwing eggs and rocks, waving the Mexican flag while they burn the American flag, and attacking people in wheel chairs — pick the other side. It’s a no-brainer.

I was in Mexico recently, having lunch with friends in Mexico City and they asked me about the election. I said that the average American who sees the people who wave the Mexican flag act like animals forms an opinion of Mexico from what they see. 
Most of those Americans will never visit Mexico. I asked what my friends, who are Mexican would think if people flew the American flag during a Mexican election. They just smiled. If anyone did that in Mexico, they’d be put in a dungeon and their families would have to pay to feed them (that’s the way it’s done in Mexico –  imprisoned Americans are fed by the US State Department).
It’s obvious that the “protestors” are playing to the cameras because there are more newsies than there are protestors. The mainstream media reports on the protests, not on the  peaceful, happy people at the rally…typical.
Hillary is pivoting again, changing her platform and her approach. She does it all the time in response to polling information because she stands for nothing except getting elected and looting the nation three ways from Sunday. Will she lose to Bernie in California, and will it matter to a woman destined for an orange jumpsuit (not really)? Biden will be the white knight riding into the Dem convention astride a unicorn, dancing on a rainbow. Biden’s claim to fame during the past eight years was preventing Barack from being assassinated out of fear that he’d claim the Oval office by default through normal succession, if anything happened to his boss. 
When people ask me what Slow Joe did in office, that’s what I tell them. He was Barack’s life insurance policy.
Barack often said that “Biden is the adult in the room.” That statement terrifies me. But to his credit, I don’t think that Slow Joe is a Muslim. So there is that.

20 thoughts on “Election Thoughts

  1. Yep, the protests outside of Trump rallies are only helping Trump. The Loony Left News tries to spin it as some sort of natural reaction to Trump's bigotry, and they try to blame him when Mexicans and progs are rioting in the streets. At least if some of the videos get out on social media showing what miscreants the "protesters" are, we may have a chance at keeping socialists out of the White House.

    Now if we could just figure out how to get them out of the country….

  2. Thinking back to the Vietnam War protests fondly. Great opportunity to get laid. Two to three hours of protesting seemed to make the little fillies hot to trot. Wouldn't surprise me if that is still the case.

    My participation in the protests as a vet? My position was, "Fight all out, or get the f#$k out". We didn't, as a nation, learn that lesson then and we are still trying to half ass our way through conflicts. The only ones not half assing it are the boots on the ground.

  3. Free crap in the North Korean paradise? They could flee here for there. I'll pay for Michael Moore's ticket from my own pocket.

  4. My only protesting has been done with the Tea Party.

    It's not to suggest that wrongdoing doesn't deserve protest. That's only when I entered the fray.

  5. Yes, if they want to stay closer to home…but Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, Cher, George Clooney, Al Gore, etc. deserve a farther destination. And a one-way ticket.

  6. I toured Mexico when I was in my 20's and loved it and the people – in particular the small towns in the mountains. I don't speak Spanish, but being Italian I have the expressions and hand gestures that made it possible to communicate quite well.

    These paid protesters are doing great harm to the image of real Mexicans. Shameful.

    Hillary? She better watch out because if (when?) Trump is elected her ass is grass.

  7. I like Mexico too, Adrienne, and have worked there. In a sense, it feels like a second home. The protesters are all Americans – waving Mexican flags.

  8. A lot of them Go To Goa (GTG) which was a pleasant place until it was trashed by beach hippies. I'd say send them there, but they'd like it too much. So. My vote's for North Korea. Or maybe Cuba?

  9. On 9/11, the Mexicans in Bladensburg, MD, on the wrong side of DC, were all roaring about in pickups, flying huge American flags. No fooling, it was a big display of patriotism and latin spirit.

    They were ready for war. Too bad we didn't launch them at the Saudis.

    As for these leftist goons, well, more votes for the team.

  10. Most Mexicans living in the USA like the place. The rioters and freaks at the Trump rallies are Americans who like to stir things up and perform for the cameras. I expect that their conduct would be quite different if it was just them and the police – with no cameras…

  11. I'm sure Michelle, who is currently ashamed of the White House, might be happier to be living in Zimbabwe.

  12. Perhaps we need a concealed carry version of the patriot guard riders: legally armed US citizens who volunteer to provide armed escort for attendees between the gun free zone of the rally and the attendee’s parking locations. Wouldn’t be possible in some locations, but based on the noted crime reduction around the NRA convention, the mere suggestion might make these goons think twice.

  13. Mob rule is becoming Democrat rule, or vice versa. We are witnessing the best mobs George Soros can buy. George Soros' hatred for all of mankind is clouding his common sense. He is chasing the undecided voters to Trump, because Trump has stated many times he wants to make it harder for these malcontents to enter this country.

  14. I don't think that the rioters would want to deal with armed militia members. It would be extra nice if a friendly judge would grant those same militia members transactional immunity for the duration of their duties at the rallies…

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