Matters of Luck?

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Operation Barbarossa…

The invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany (Operation Barbarossa) is said by many to be the decisive campaign in the European/Eurasian Theater during World War 2. It failed, and doomed the Germans to defeat.
(German) Army Group Center, the most powerful and important of the three army groups deployed, ground to a halt at the gates of Moscow. After that, it was a long, miserable retreat. The German High Command was conflicted because (as with the Japanese), ‘victory disease’ had set in. The Germans had a well trained, experienced, victorious field army and from where they stood, they were certain that the Russians would be defeated within the first six to eight weeks of fighting, long before the Wermacht reached the Dnepr-Dvina line.

Germany at the gates of Moscow

But things don’t always go to plan. When the intelligence developed by the German military was deeply flawed, as it was, they would have needed much more luck than they ended up having to find a victory in the long Russian retreat. By mid-December 1941, the Germans had lost the initiative. Then the Russians took their turn.

The profoundly racist outlook of the Nazi state absurdly inflated the abilities of the German military (“The German soldier can do anything!”) and belittled the combat capabilities of the Russians, who turned out to be able to fight much harder and more skillfully than expected, as the Germans themselves would ruefully admit. Slav is the root word in slave. Hardly a match for the master race, but these are Russians that we’re discussing and they were capable of absorbing massive damage in the macro sense. Nobody thought that a communist ‘slave army’ would stand. But they were fighting for hearth and home. The Germans discounted that.

Given the vast distances involved, the logistical resources available to support this huge battle were utterly inadequate to the task. The professional reputations of the German officers who planned and carried out Operation Barbarossa were been inflated beyond their true quality.


One of the largest security companies in China, located in Shanghai, e-mailed me and informed me that they were shutting down until the plague has ended. You’d think that the present crisis would be just the chance for the security company (its officers are armed with handguns) to deploy in strength, but that’s not how it’s rolling.

A serious crisis in China? You be the judge. An accidental release of an engineered virus from a Chinese BioWeapons Laboratory? Again, I leave it to you to decide.

The Russians closed their border with China today at a time when their business with China was on the rise.

Some say that the Chinese are getting what’s coming to them, but starting a pandemic impacts a lot more people than the communist Chinese. And all we can do at this point in time is to watch it play out.

Donkey Moves

Will the Democrat effort to “Kavanaugh” the impeachment hoax succeed? We’ll know later today. With any luck at all, the Senate will dismiss this farce and the nation’s lawmakers will get back to work.

The hysteria rises when reality refuses to validate the voices in your head.” The corrupt, lying, smug, sly, mainstream media will be howling. F em – sideways. They will continue the coup, but it will be more muted. I’m not saying that they’ve shot their bolt, but it’s difficult for them to keep up the impeachment narrative that they’ve been working on for three years.

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  1. If the virus outbreak were limited to the leadership of the CCP, I'd be doing a little happy dance all day. Especially if it were much more deadly than it is. However, I have nothing against the Chinese people, and the bug is not so discriminating as that.

    Hopefully it will run its course soon.

  2. The virus, from what I've read, is a variation of a virus China dealt with before, and is usually not fatal. Of course, reporting there is no reason to panic removes the narrative of danger, the manipulation of the market, and economic troubles for all involved with commerce. For a Communist society, this means those in power are isolated, and the common folks are told to pound sand. For a free society, this means panicked investors make stupid investment decisions.

  3. I am observing the situation in China with interest. I am not yet overly worried. This however could change quickly. It has potential to become nasty outside of China but it hasn't…..yet.

    As for the Peach Mint…..the Senate will vote to dismiss it, If not today then soon. When that happens the commie Demonrats will simply start the process over. When you don't need actual evidence you can make as many allegations as you like….and it's not like the process actually costs THEM any money. So the chances of MORE Impeachment charges are near 100% because they simply have nothing to lose and much to gain. Just like the gun grabbers. Till that fact changes they will continue the lies, the mendacity, the sedition and treason. Want them to quit? Make the process painful and expensive.

  4. China: Unsure what to think – calculated or incompetence? Regardless, I'm thinking this is another one of those "the sky is falling" things the non-expert 24/7 air wave filling media latches onto to foment worry. I don't buy anything these side-liners shout from the mountaintop…heck, six months or so ago we were all going to die from Ebola from Rwanda. In the meantime I'll just stay away from the GP for a bit.

    Sham-Wow Impeachment: Are the Dem's really smart or just plain massively stupid? Clearly it's the latter. What else could explain their straight-faced foolishness on display? Obviously they are in full court press trying to sway November's outcome no matter how reprehensible the lie or who they trash along the way. The real eye-opener is there are enough among our populace that believe and support them. Any attempt to show these folks the un-retouched video (or transcript for that matter) and they immediately tell you your facts are not the real ones, then double-down on their fantastic delusion.

    Look at Iowa. Sanders – the Ichabod Crane old Communist rabble of our time – is in the lead! What person could possibly believe this clown is good for our country? Apparently enough. Second in line is disgraceful Biden (see the clip of SCOTUS Thomas' new film…it was disgusting watching a smug Biden trash this good man.) Biden, who is clearly faculty deficient, has become the weird grandpa no one wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving. President? The man has no idea what city he's in. Then there's Angry Bird Warren…imagine that one sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Or Mayor Pete…seriously? Putin would make him peeing his pants inside of 30 seconds.

    The Dem's have nothing. They have overplayed their seditious hand and are getting desperate. If wasn't so destructive to America it'd be comical.

    I watched a Senate hearing segment in which Dershowitz exquisitely schooled the Dem's on law and facts. This brilliant man owned the Chamber floor, mopping it up with Schiff et al. But like clockwork the losers pounced to discredit him…because that's what losers do when they have nothing. Jay Sekulow (plus his other associates) delivered power and substance over the smooth-talking smoke & mirror filled lies of the other side…dismantling the Dem's game inside of a few hours.

    Hopefully the Senate Republican's will grow a backbone today and do what's right and good.

  5. *But they were fighting for hearth and home. The Germans discounted that.*

    As do the demonrats when they dismiss we dirt-grubbing deplorable clingers of God and the second amendment.

  6. I have to wonder if the Chinese have taken a calculated risk releasing the Coronavirus to reduce their population. I have seen a couple of references around the Internet that there are many more deaths than what have been officially reported. The Chinese leadership are a cold enough bunch to commit such an act. It will not be as bad as the Bubonic Plague a few hundred years ago. But a 20-30% reduction in population would certainly help China.

  7. China's in trouble. Their economy can't take a protracted shut down. Re impeachment, Meh… Dems are apparently going to run this into next week with motions… Can't have Slow Joe have any competition in Iowa or NH…

  8. I have no sure knowledge, just opinions. Best for me to read the words of those with knowledge.

    We won't know he impact of the impeachment b.s. until after the 2020 elections. For the sake of our country and our children's future, I hope for a GOP landslide at every level.

  9. "releasing the Coronavirus to reduce their population"

    If deliberately released, I would have expected it to appear in Xinjiang province (lots of pesky Uighurs there). Alternatively, a deliberate release would take place in sub-Saharan Africa. "Kill the Hui-ze," or "Kill the monkeys," I could see. But not "kill our fellow Han."

    Hui-ze = "people of the Hui religion" = Muslims

  10. The Chinese have been eating bat soup for several millennia without any global viral outbreaks. I think it's likely that an animal infected with a bio-engineered virus went AWOL from a facility where they're researching viral weaponry designed to depopulate enemy countries. The rest is history.

  11. Spot on…the Dem's won't stop because they don't have to. Should backfire on them in November.

  12. Thanks for the Barbarossa snapshot, OKW hubris met nemesis indeed. Still, the long fallback to the Oder and Berlin says something about the quality of both sides and surely it would've been longer still without the 6th Army catastrophe at Stalingrad.

    Speaking of which, Von Paulus ended his days comfortably in a large house in East Germany. Of course his men weren't so fortunate.

    Will the DNC survive its unprincipled, brazen, shameless act of aggression against the people, polity and Constitution of the United States?

    I'm with Linda and WSF on that and hoping for a knockout super majority in November. Who knows, maybe there'll even be some coup indictments in the meanwhile.

  13. There are multiple weird accounts coming from Communist China.

    Families treating their medical provider members going into the hot zone like they were sending off a dead relative.

    Rumors of extensive cremations being conducted.

    Credible reports of undiagnosed-Corona Corona victims dieing and being listed as dieing of pneumonia or bad colds orsuch. Kind of like, you know, the secondary infection killers of a flu bug (being pneumonia or cold-like illnesses or such…)

    Combine that with the Norks closing the border so quickly, the loooooong delay behind the ChiComs reporting it at all, and the rather interesting way the affluent ChiComs were bailing out of Red China way quicker than any official report was issued…

    Yeah, serious fudgery is going on. SERIOUS FUDGERY.

  14. Barbarossa failed largely in part to the fact that Hitler decided to bail out Mussolini in Greece.The Italians invaded Greece from Albania and promptly had their ass handed to them by the Greeks.
    Hitler requested that Yugoslavia allow the Wehrmacht passage through that country. When the current government of Yugoslavia agreed it set of a coup and subsequent resistance to the Germans. The six weeks lost in this Balkan sideshow sealed the deal in Russia.
    Clausewitz said always place the greatest strength at the decisive point.

  15. Yes, it will continue so long as the Donkeys hold a majority in the House of Representatives. But for now, there is a spike in this one. My sense is that Pelosi would like President Trump to be the only president who was impeached twice before he was elected to his second term. The mainstream media will not tire of cheerleading this sort of behavior.

  16. They did the right thing, with Pierre Delicto predictably siding with the Democrats. Romney is a disgrace to himself and to his Party.

  17. People have speculated that the virus was engineered to advance China's agenda worldwide. That's not at all how I see it or what is happening. Other manufacturing markets are emerging to threaten China's dominance and this will only accelerate that.

  18. Hitler ordered Paulus to hold and his men were slaughtered. His arrangements for his own luxury was a slap in der Furher's face.

  19. The Germans planned on a short campaign. They had no means to move logistics to the front effectively. Russian roads turn into quagmires in bad weather and they didn't have the rolling stock. The Germans moved supplies by horse drawn wagon and the infantry marched into battle, notwithstanding tanks and other armored vehicles. They ran out of steam, overextended. Guderian had to beat an unceremonious retreat to keep from being encircled.

    The Balkan adventure contributed to the debacle but if you can't supply and reinforce at the point of contact, you're going to suffer for it. Thus the German experience in the early days of December at the gates of Moscow.

  20. The notion that this virus in China is a bioweapon that is being tested or was accidentally released may be growing some legs.

    "Here’s a research paper, from a team of scientists in India, about the now-pandemic coronavirus. They are puzzled by an “uncanny similarity” of portions of its molecular structure to other dangerous viruses, including HIV, and say that the insertion of these novel sequences is “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature”."

  21. 51-49, while too close for comfort it's close enough for Gov't work, which begat lots of gnashing of teeth. Good.

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