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Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and John Malkovich return as retired international spies and assassins, pulled back into the fray of global espionage and intrigue. RED=Retired Extremely Dangerous
Red 2 delivered the action, laughs and character depth of the original and surpassed it, unusual for a sequel. 
Adding Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones to the star-studded cast only made the film more fun to watch.
Frank Moses (Willis) has settled into a reliably safe (so he thinks) life with Sarah Ross (again played by Mary-Louise Parker). The cozy duo is seen shopping at a Costco in the opening scene.
While Frank is perfectly happy to leave the globe-trotting world of bashing bad guys behind him, Sarah isn’t so sure — thinking their love life is a bit less exciting because Frank hasn’t “killed anyone in months.” 
Sarah now wants to become an active participant in the world of secret agents, especially desirous of joining the team — so to speak — of Frank, his old partner Marvin Boggs (Malkovich) and British MI6 sharpshooter Victoria (Mirren).
The action and character development continued smoothly though the film with twists, turns, chases, exotic locations and the usual plot to destroy the world being foiled. The story was meant to be fun and meant to be enjoyed and it delivered.


13 thoughts on “Movie Review: RED 2

  1. I thought that they all did a good job, but Malkovich seems to really enjoy playing that role.

  2. Since the weather is supposed to be lousy tomorrow, I might do that, assuming I can find a theater I can carry in… sigh

  3. We own the DVD of the original RED movie. I own few DVDs, so that says a lot. My 14-y-o boy and I will enjoy this movie I am sure.

  4. We also bought the Reds DVD and thoroughly enjoyed it. Malkovich is a scream – "Pancakes anyone?" Mebbe we'll see Reds 2 in the theater.

    Old NFO – I carry in ours also. No repeat of Colorado….

  5. I think that it would be more fun to see them in order. The first one provides some context for the second one that you'd miss if you saw them out of order. RED can be rented almost anywhere. It was a very popular recent film.

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