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The donkeys and their goat rodeo seem to be having some second thoughts about impeachment. The articles of impeachment are literally articles that could apply to ANY president, at any time in history. It’s not a good precedent to trot those out, given that there’s not one shred of evidence of ANY crime. And the threat of endless impeachment hearings is likewise something that may not be in the nations (or the Donkey Party’s) best interests.
I’m not convinced that the democrats will be able to pull together enough votes to impeach on a full floor vote of the House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi is counting votes and support for impeachment is weakening. Joe Biden said that he won’t appear before the Senate if subpoena’d in the matter, which would be the same ‘contempt of Congress’ that the donkeys want to impeach the president for. Bad form Slow Joe. 
Better for the donkeys to try and marshal support for Slow Joe or Crooked Hillary in 2020 at this point than to shoot their bolt over the impeachment witch hunt. But they’re not the brightest people in the room.
2016 REDUX?
What is best in life: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women! The mere prospect of a replay is worth the price of admission. And should Hillary be the anointed one (yet again, screwing Bernie and the Bernie Bro’s) it would be more entertainment than I think that I can stand. There is nothing sweeter than liberal tears, and nothing more savory than unicorn steaks.

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  1. I'm not counting my chickens until they hatch, but this coming November should be absolutely great…if no black swan swoops in and wrecks our beach party. Assuming everything goes according to plan, this impeachment crap will blow up in the left's face, Trump is re-elected, the Senate gains a few more seats, the House flips and Nancy Pelosi will have to cough up that gavel she so loves and cherishes.

    The look on her permanently pinched face when she relinquishes power back to Speaker of the House-elect Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca), a fellow Californian, will be glorious to behold, and her grief well deserved.

    I will be eating my popcorn and drinking my Big Gulp as I watch the events of that November evening unfold, lounging in my La-Z-Boy, big ol' toothy grin on my face.

    I can't wait.

  2. My fervent hope is the Secret Service can protect President Trump from assassination and that the "Deep State" hasn't penetrated that organization.

    When the Dems/Deep State fail to impeach, that remains their only out.

  3. "goat rodeo"…now there's a visual.

    Great description of the Dem 3-Ring Circus…the wheels are coming off. Nadler and his seditious team are running on rims and thinking they can beat POTUS to the finish line in November. When you got nuthin' this is what happens, yet you'd think the Dem's would have figured by now that playing chicken with Trump is a losing proposition. (let them continue I say)

    I have decided the field of Dem hopefuls was always a warmer-upper smokescreen — put up a bunch of whacko Socialists so Madam can swoop in and save the day, appearing to her morally blind collective whiny base as the more moderate in comparison. Biden can't string three coherent words together without a gaffe or mixing timelines, Liz "Speaks Like Angry Bird" Warren is out in left field, Tulsi says I'm not playing with these clowns anymore, and Mayor Pete is as vacuous as they come. The rest are bored wealthy guys needing a new project.

    Then there's Pelosi, who at 79 is obviously starting to lose it…the pressure may be her undoing as she is way past her Congress "use-by" date and it is starting to show badly. She reminds me of that movie "Death Becomes her" and the treatment is starting to crack.

    As Fredd said, a large store of popcorn and 32oz beverages are on the prepper shelves waiting for November. Hopefully this time I won't have to wait up all night for the final decision.

  4. I believe it was Einstein who said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The donkey party, a more appropriate mascot never before existed, seem to fill that.

  5. They're desperate enough to try anything. And Hillary is apparently going to make a run and we know how she likes that solution.

  6. The anemic field of bored billionaires, communists, misfits, scolds and freaks won't be happy when Hillary swoops in to save the day. And we know that she has difficulty standing up to the grueling campaign schedule. So the popcorn will need to come out sooner than later.

  7. The problem is that the basis for impeachment was never there.

    The Left asks President Trump, "how can you sleep at night?" He responds, "Naked, with a super model." And their heads explode yet again.

  8. Never underestimate the duplicity, the gall, the sheer evil the commie demonrats are capable of and willing to engage in. When you simply do not need to obey the law and you have the media whores running interference for you the level of damage to freedom that can be done is staggering.

  9. Hehe…and for the [apparent] four hours a night he sleeps there is a smile on his face knowing lefty heads are going full Scanners.

    This will continue after Trump's steamroller win in November, after which the Dem's will be as thin as their morality, although Rep. Al Green did say "A President can be impeached more than once."

    What a massively asinine thing to say out loud, although they did create the new "Easy-Peasy Impeachment for Doofuses" formula that requires zero crime and below snake-belly accusation threshold.

  10. I'm not underestimating evil, or the progressive movement, which is the same thing. I simply state that the impeachment hoax, as with the other hoaxes, flopped.

  11. Tough sell to Americans. The communists would believe it. They believe that the witch hunts will turn up a witch.

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