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UK 2019 Voting Map
The election marked a sharp realignment of the country’s election map along lines shaped by Brexit. Boris Johnson ran on a platform to “get Brexit done,” a promise that seemed to win over areas that had voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum.
The voting map, left, reminds me of the 2016 voting map where President Trump crushed Hillary.  News pundits are suggesting that PM Boris Johnson might be a tool of Vladimir Putin because his first name is “Boris”, which just happens to be the first name of a cartoon spy character from the Rocky and Bullwinkle series in the 1960’s. Coincidence, you decide. It would have been enough for the Democrats to impeach President Trump, if his name had been Boris instead of Donald.
The Scottish National Party (SNP) won big in Scotland as was expected. A buddy of mine from the old days holds a prominent position in SNP. I stayed at his house that last time I was in Glasgow. I gave him a brass CIA belt buckle to wear when he attended and led SNP rallies. He just smiled at me. But I digress.
The UK will leave the EU in January and I think that is that. Many in Old Europe are upset that the UK is likely to align itself with the United States and establish bi-lateral trade that will replace the deals that they had with Europe. 
The mere notion that Johnson’s election would make Britain great again sent hoards of progressive protesters into the street.
Juice WRLD – dead
The method of his death provided a fitting epitaph. Thus the Sunday Sermonette continues.
I’m sure that some of you were fans. How can Fredd not be a fan because they’re both from Illinois, home of Juice, and Barack, etc.
Jarad Higgins, known as rapper Juice WRLD, was pronounced dead at a Chicago hospital early Sunday morning.
Chicago, IL – Rapper Juice WRLD allegedly swallowed multiple Percocet pills in an apparent attempt to hide them from police during a raid of his private jet on Sunday. 
The 21-year-old rapper, whose real name is Jarad Higgins, suffered a seizure a short while later and was pronounced dead at a Chicago-area hospital at 3:06 a.m.
A Constitutional Crisis in The Old Dominion?

Shoulder flash of the Virginia
Army National Guard
Democrat Congressman Donald McEachin’s comments about using the National Guard to enforce Governor Ralph Northam’s proposed gun control laws in Virginia has caused a storm of controversy in the state, to the point that Major General Timothy P. Williams, the Adjutant General of the Virginia National Guard has issued a statement.
Will the Virginia National Guard go into rural counties to look for people who are allowing their 17-year old daughter to hunt unsupervised on their property, or to try to catch someone transferring a firearm without a background check?
Will the Virginia National Guard kick down doors and search houses without a warrant as Democrats have suggested that they do at “lawless Republican homes”.
Dozens of county sheriffs in Virginia have vowed not to enforce newly minted gun control laws that violate the US Constitution. Counties have passed resolutions defending their resident’s rights. Will Virginians establish a police state where soldiers search the homes of suspected gun owners who refuse to register their rifles with the Virginia State Police?
And what about the Virginia State Police? Have those officers sold their oath? The oaths that we all swore to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic are not caveated.
In some locations, resolutions have passed where county sheriffs may deputize citizens to resist the State and potentially the Virginia National Guard. I think that every Virginia County should adopt that measure.
Virtual Mirage stands with those citizens of the Old Dominion who with to defend their rights to keep and bare arms without reservation. It’s a serious situation and the Virginia legislature shouldn’t put itself between the citizens and the Constitution. 
The Citizens of Virginia who are members of the National Guard may have to decide whether or not the orders of those appointed over them are lawful or not.

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  1. Gotta love it when Darwin takes a hand. Never heard of this Juice fellow until now. I didn't miss out apparently.
    I've been watching how things are playing out in Virginia. The state has a long history of rebellion, first in 1776, then in 1861. Will 2020 be next? We'll see.

  2. I told my hubby there must be a lot of Revolutionary people rolling in their graves right now.

    2020 is going to be a strange year.

  3. Sending armed forces to roam the land and invade peoples homes looking for guns. Didn't something along this line happen a few hundred years ago?
    It is poor idea, has serious ramifications. Some number of people might get their dander up. No telling what they might do, certainly their options are enhanced by access to education and modern manufacturing processes. Any fool who thinks defeating Deplorable Americans would be easy should spend a hour looking around on youtube for what the inventive do for fun.

  4. Yes, if you are from Illinois, you are with Fredd. Juice, Barry, and John Wayne Gacy – all sons of Illinois. I'm so proud.

    Most of Gacy, a pillar of the community. Barry: not so much. Juice – I hate rap, and wouldn't know Juice if he were urinating on my leg.

    So to speak.

  5. It's easy for me to talk, not being in VA, but I hope the citizens stand.
    I'm wondering if it starts there, whether citizens of other states will step in.

  6. Yes, the UK's GE certainly looks a lot like ours in '16 and of course it was the Russians' fault. Will Steele and Fusion GPS go away, please? I mean c'mon, it's getting beyond ridiculous.

    In the meanwhile, Juice has died as he lived and Virginia Dems seem keen to unleash a civil war. Which forces the question, has the party of Satan been driven even more insane by their infernal Lord than they were already? Apparently so.

  7. I know little about the United Kingdom politics. That said, the citizens seem to be saying, "Up Yours" to the globalists. If Scotland goes independent, that leaves Northern Ireland in a precarious position, it would seem. More "Troubles"?

    Virginia? Who knows. Here in Colorado the majority of County Sheriffs have vowed to not enforce red flag actions. Interesting times ahead.

  8. The brass leading the Virginia National Guard are….like ALL command level officers…politicians first and foremost. They will go along with whatever those running the state tell them to go along with. The rank and file Guardsmen? Probably not so much. Nobody can say for sure at this point. As for the Virginia State Police actually upholding their oath to the Constitution? Yeah…right. And I've got some ocean front land east of Reno I can give you for a great price.
    Cops EVERYWHERE since almost forever have been violating that oath they took since day one out of the academy. EVERY time they arrest someone for having a weapon they violate the oath. EVERY time they search ANYONE for ANY REASON without having a proper and legal warrant they violate their oath. We don't have to guess what LEO will do and do willingly when tasked with disarming ALL OF US by force if necessary. We have more than adequate history to draw from showing exactly what they are willing to do from the door to door abuses during Hurricane Katrina to the murders at Ruby Ridge and the debacle at Waco. Anyone who believes the rank and file LEO is ON OUR SIDE is delusional. Virtually ALL of them view their paycheck, retirement and dental plan as more important than the Constitution and the antiquated notion that we actually have rights.

  9. This is good:

  10. Juice definitely has transition to the 'other side'. I never heard of him before he died, just another confused at risk inner city person.

  11. The Supreme Court (whether or not you like the individuals who are seated there) decide what is and what is not Constitutional. The police are obliged to follow the law. Those who don't become 'outlaws' themselves.

  12. My 6.8 upper is assembled except for the muzzle device, which is on the way, and the optic, which hasn't yet been selected. The receiver is Aero Enhanced and the barrel's from Green Mountain. I intend to function test it shortly. That Barrett sounds nice. Go for it.

  13. things are tense here. people are arming up, and worse they are amping up into a frenzy, aided by threats from the idiots in Richmond and beyond. this isn't going to end well. as much as I've looked forward to it, I know this will go south in a hurry. estimated 20k 2a advocates will march on Richmond January 20th, many will be armed. antifa et al will meet them. the state police sold their soul at Charlottesville. the govna never had one. his constant threats infuriate us more every day. the people have had enough, too much, and are out for blood. many see the guard as a representative of the state and a viable target. most of the guard are, well, standing shoulder to shoulder with then in the meetings in civilian attire, because they are us. almost the entire state has gone 2a as we say. this will not end well. may God have mercy on us. sic semper tyrannis.

  14. If Scotland goes independent (fat chance, IMO – how big is the Scottish Army, again?) it's going to leave Scotland in a precarious position, too. They have essentially zero to base an economy upon.

    Not that the UK economy isn't garbage, too… but I kinda doubt an Independent Scotland would ditch Socialism, so still worse off.


  15. Virginia is teaching us why there is a Second Amendment in the first place. They really need to start teaching history in schools again.

  16. This is a reply for both Dan and Riverrider. Northam's threat to use the Virginia National Guard can be deflected. There is prior precedence from the Little Rock, Arkansas Central High School desegregation event in 1957. Governor Faubus threatened to use the Arkansas National Guard when President Eisenhower brought in Army from Ft Campbell. Eisenhower nationalized the Arkansas National Guard and stood them down. The same could happen in Virginia. Oh how the Leftist tears would flow over the usurpation of States Rights which the Leftist otherwise TOTALLY despise in any other situation.

    The fear I have in this issue is that it could be the Ft. Sumter and Lexington-Concord event of the armed portion of CW II.

  17. I've argued all that with my buddy. The great Scots hope is that the EU will care for them. And I don't know how much longer there will be an EU.

  18. As long as President Trump is president, I think that you're right, BillB. But if somebody like Beto was to become president, it would get ugly very quickly.

  19. i think we got this. nearly 100k citizens came to the 95 separate meetings. 6k to one county alone. the vsp has about a thousand road troopers, ng has about 7k they can field at any given time, though it would take them a while. and many more folks didn't bother to go to the meetings cause we knew the outcome already or had preps to make. grannies, high school students, old vets like me, and young alike among the crowds and talking out loud without fear. its going kenetic unless they do something big to defuse it. threats are making it worse, compromise is off the table. folks are plum fed up as we say. sic semper tyrannis.

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