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Observation: There is a conversation to be had about being the undeclared socialist champion of the lower class, posing in a decaying, dystopian urban setting while smugly wearing expensive, designer, 5th Avenue clothing that none of your constituents can afford.
It’s not unlike morally bankrupt former VP Joe Biden declaring that all Republicans who voted for President Trump are the “dregs of society”, or the elitist criminal, Hillary Clinton, calling those same people, “deplorable”. It’s good to know what our “betters” think of us.
Observation: It’s nice to have a view from the rear deck that isn’t somebody else’s window – or rear deck.
The tile floor is going in, the tile showers are going in, and after that, the stone fireplace, kitchen cabinets, Sub Zero stuff, etc. can be installed. I watched the garage doors being installed on Friday. The “back” garage door is a roll-up that accommodates an RV level vehicle driving in. 
Such is the progress at the White Wolf Mine.  Not progressing as fast as I would like, but we’re close and the first moving day is two weeks off. There will be a second load, but not quite yet. I need to go through all of the first stuff – first. You all know how that goes.
LSP asked me how the Pilatus Porter aircraft purchase is going. The answer to that one is that I’m waiting for receivables to land. Those of you who have run businesses will understand what I’m talking about. Overhead, taxes (part of overhead), and all of the demands that I must meet are always measured against cashflow. I try and play things conservatively.

The conservative thing doesn’t include blasting bedrock to make room for the new house (left). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rock. There has to be some sort of artistic thing that can be created, right?

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  1. Around here, people build walls out of the rocks that are always popping up in their fields.

    Alternately, you could build a trebuchet to discourage solicitors with.

  2. I like that meme. Says it all. Progress continues to be made on the dwelling I see. Hope you can get in there soon.

  3. Congratulations on the progress at the WWM. Looks as though you shouls be moving in at the end of October based on our experience.

    Not to brag, however, this past Friday "The Last Frontier" was finished when the painters did the last touchups. We have begun moving in slowly and are praying that the rain here in South Texas holds off. The name of the place is a play on the road address, last house on Frontier Lane, and probably our last house in the frontier of "retirement".

  4. I like the idea of a trebuchet, but easier to find pre-rounded stones in a river bed.

    I have thought about a wall. Knowing how I like to over-do things, they'd end up as part of a full blown rampart.

  5. Your first morning cuppa joe admiring that view will truly be a moment. Well done.

    Yes, I know how that goes. I developed a nervous tick around cardboard boxes. Better now.

    Ramparts indeed. I was thinking redoubts and firing positions.

    During my high school years, I lived with my uncle's family in Tulelake CA, which is lava rock country. They decided to build a new house on the ranch (within sight of the old one). I had three younger cousins as siblings, and my aunt would round us all up to go hunt lava rocks, about the same size as those next to your driveway. We would trundle around with their 1940-something Dodge flat bed truck. She would point out the rocks, and we would load them up. She wanted to make sure the stone mason had plenty to choose from.

    We kids were groaned at the prospect of yet another rock pick, but I had to admit even then that the resulting fireplace was magnificent.

  6. Might consider using those rocks for a driveway chicane aligning turning points with firing lanes from planned defensive positions.

  7. The closer you get to "move in", the longer it will seem to take. But God's creation for viewing is wonderful, indeed!

  8. Understanding that I have no landscaping or artistic abilities at all, I like the rock wall where it is, just scrap out all the small stuff.

  9. I like the opening infographic a lot. Good work, Ocasio! Looking sharp in that neat MillSoc suit.

    And the rocks will be handy. For a rampart, yes, and for a tower. I know, you resist the idea of a tower BUT it seems to fit in with the rampart thing. Krak de Chevaliers style.

    Good luck with the plane, important.

  10. If this is the face of the New Democrat Party, we (the good guys) are in for some time in Fat City. Miss Ocasio-Ortiz is just 28 and thinks (I use the term 'think' liberally, here) that the majority of voters in the country vote like her Marxist district votes.

    A recipe for 40 years in the wilderness for them, for 40 years in the land of high cotton for us.

  11. Range markers? Paint the side facing the house white with the range on it… 🙂 Looking good overall!

  12. I read somewhere that Ms. Occasional-Cortex says it's not her outfit and the photo shoot both provided the outfit and got it back when the shoot was over. FWIW. From what I know of the photography biz arrangements, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

    In which case it's simply totally tone-deaf.

  13. Maybe.

    The tone-deaf part is key. She should have dressed like a bag lady if she wanted to represent her oppressed class, right?

  14. Fortifications are always a good idea, well camouflaged by calling them 'planters' and such.

    Just don't go so crazy as to start digging trenchwork.

    Though a dry moat wouldn't be a bad thing.

  15. Rocks are nice, don't forget to have some in a scatterable manner, sort of ankle-breakers/tire and oil pan poppers. Trebuchets are nice, but not good close up, which the location pictures really show a lack of flat land. A Scorpion would be more fun, and provide both direct and indirect fire. Better yet, do like a friend of mine did and get yourself a nice WWI collection and have an MG 08 set up. You never know when your perimeter will be breached by bears, or a herd of deer…

  16. The Mine is looking great. Best of luck moving in as soon as possible. Order some fire wood now, so you'll have it all there for the winter.

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