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MartAnne’s Burrito Palace, 112 E Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ

Q – Are huevos rancheros the breakfast of champions?

A – Only if they are smothered in delicious chili verde

A Jerky Mine?

If anyone would have asked me if there’s such thing as a ‘jerky mine’, I would have expressed skepticism. It’s the same skepticism that I have for legends of a 50′ tall Paul Bunion (and his blue ox – though LSP does have a blue dog), and for the 50′ Jesus that the late Reverend Oral Roberts saw outside of his window. 

Q – Did you find a jerky mine?

A – (shuffles feet) Yes. Which means that maybe there is a 50′ Paul Bunion, blue ox named Babe and a 50′ Jesus wandering around Oklahoma. It’s outside of a store, “Really Good Jerky”, in Quartzsite, Arizona. 

The Jerky sold at “Really Good Jerky” is actually very good.

11 thoughts on “Travels (brief Q and A)

  1. What LSP said. Plus, anyplace that serves condiments in shakers and dispensers instead of paper packets is a good start. Looks like there is even a soda cracker in with the sugar. Old school rules.

  2. The Arizona highlands are trying to catch up to Texas Hill Country when it comes to Mexican cuisine. I haven't had anything here that stands up to a Karen's brisket burrito.

  3. It's an old-school style joint, with an 'organic' theme, that seems to play well in Flagstaff. I need to schedule a stop there for lunch when I'm in town.

  4. That is a beautiful meal.
    Always looking for the place to eat in a town.
    If, in your travels, you are up around the four corners area check out the town of
    Oraibi on Third Mesa. Amazing place. No food, but you will not forget the experience.

  5. It's half an hour or so north of Winslow. I'll take a ride up there. Thank you for the info and the referral.

  6. Paul Bunion and a blue ox? Visit Bemidji, MN. Not a fun place in the winter if you don't like snow machines and ice fishing.

  7. Our jerky is great tasting, too! 😉
    I never heard of a jerky mine either; but thanks to you, I've seen one now. Amazing. 🙂

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