20 thoughts on “The Value of Mathematics

  1. Do math teachers even say that any more?
    I think they worry more now, about how students will "feel" if the problems are too hard? I think that is the real reason behind the new math junk.

  2. It actually helped me when I was in school. But I lived in the Wild West where everyone shot, owned guns, hunted, etc. It might work for the inner city – but I'm fine with their crappy marksmanship.

  3. I don't know that "math" as I would recognize it is taught before they get to the end of High School or into college.

  4. I am currently running one of these—


    It is heavier than some, but I like the simple reticle and the fact that it is etched, so it runs fine in daylight without the battery.

  5. the key to ballistics is trigonometry and geometry with a smidgin of basic math. given that, all of the thinking can be built into the optics and tech we use today. the shooter only need learn how to gently caress the trigger and breathe properly.

  6. Capt, I read your's only a bit ago. I'm still trying to get my head around that. Part of me wants to scold, the other part says I should go look in the mirror to check for smotes in my eye.


  7. Nothing like showing the practical side to get the message across. Take a boy shooting.

    With my nephews we started with pistols competitions while they were young. Then quickly into pellet rifles at 25 yds.
    Windage and elevation and calculation.


  8. I was always good at math because I had to be because of my love science, but it's not easy to multiply by 27.77.

  9. I had to go back and take geometry and trig twice before it took hold. very useful plotting shots in the field when the calculator died. a very useful skill at the time in the early 1970s

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