Are  Bees Fish?

Legally, yes – but only in California…

A California appeals court has ruled that four species of bees are now legally considered fish, KTLA sister station WJW reports.

The issue was whether the bumble bee, a terrestrial invertebrate, falls within the definition of fish – a division in the list of endangered species and threatened species in the California Endangered Species Act.

The act identifies the protected species, in separate divisions, as “bird, mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile, or plant.”

I’m not a biologist…so my opinion doesn’t count.


Last Night

Anaheim Stadium – Angels v Redsox

Redsox won, the bottom of the tenth 6-5. I like baseball. When the kids and grandkids say, “take me out to the ball game” – I do.


Heliograph Peak

The Pinaleno Mountains, near Safford, Arizona

In 1886, one of the most innovative approaches General Nelson Miles enacted in the final campaign against the small band of Apaches led by Geronimo was a system of heliographs. Atop mountain peaks throughout southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico, signal officers and soldiers manned stations using mirrors, or heliographs, to flash coded messages to military camps beyond the reach of telegraphs. However, contrary to a number of published accounts, Heliograph Peak was not part of the 1886 Geromino campaign heliograph network.

A few years after the Geronimo campaign, the US Army undertook testing of a much larger heliograph network, to evaluate the effectiveness of a heliograph communications system. In December of 1889, a party led by Lt. Eggleston of the 10th Cavalry visited the prominent mountaintop that later became known as Heliograph Peak and found that was a good point to connect nearby Fort Grant, located 6 miles to the west and more than 5000 feet lower in elevation, with a heliograph station near Fort Bowie, more than 40 miles to the southeast.

Within a few years, the Army decided heliography was not going to be an effective means of communication and developed other methods. In the 1910s, the Forest Service explored the use of heliographs to communicate between different locations in the Pinaleno and Galiuro Mountains. In 1933, a 100-foot fire lookout tower was erected by the Civilian Conservation Corps and is still used by Forest Service personnel during peak fire season in early summer.


DM22 – weapons that wait

The unusual DM22 mine,  a remotely triggered anti-tank rocket, is among the weaponry and defense systems that Germany has sent to Ukraine since the start of the conflict with Russia.

Germany’s DM22 ‘off-route’ mines have to be “booby trapped” or they can be repurposed by the enemy. The DM22 Panzerabwehrrichtmine 2, or PARM 2, was part of a delivery from Germany carried out this spring that was reported to include 1,600 DM22 off-route anti-tank mines, as well as 3,000 more conventional DM31 anti-tank mines.


High Ground


Cold Water Reefs (Scotland)


Got Meat?

The first casualty of a famine.


Drink Drank Drunk

Largest product sold in the manufacturing of beverages per country in Europe, 2017.


Roman Empire – Comparative Prosperity


The Surreal – all Sci-Fi is Fact now…


  1. Geronimo looks like he means business.

    Cali/Bees…That’s some bizarre thinking, but it is California. At least that Bill Ayers wacko prodigy is out. Anyone named Chesa, born of anarchist commie parents, can’t be good. Knowing the feckless R’s they’ll snatch defeat from the jaws victory.

    DM22- Can I get that on eBay? Actually, need 2.

  2. O/T I’m at a cardiovascular conference. Signs say “you must wear a mask at all times.” I’m pleased to report that compliance is under 20%.

        • That’s not true, they also hammered the nails into the coffin of American liberty.

          Still ruled by fiat order, here in R.I. Renewed (by fiat order) monthly.


          • Well, just wait, after already figuring out how to tax the air, the Dem’s may just decide they can tax “Time”, a further step from Marx.

            Ed_C, I found the paper supportive of what normal thinking people already knew, no bias or outcome based to support the CDC or WHO, trickling down to moronic local health potentates who think we should listen to them.

          • Kle- you see very few obedience masks in the west. I didn’t see any at the Red Sox game last night

          • Not too many masks out here either, beyond the “I’m outside all by myself, or in my car alone and still wearing a mask like some sort of voodoo talisman” types.

            I just miss the Constitution (both, actually) Rule of Law, and representative government.

            You know, when I was a kid Rhode Island was still sort of a Beacon of Liberty, at least by Northeast Corridor standards. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. Now, we’re just a cheap knockoff of the People’s Republic of Massholia, with even more corruption and a worse economy. I think crime’s even worse here now. Fun times. In the next couple days, we ought to get a whole raft of new gun laws to felonize and oppress the innocent; meanwhile, they never charge apprehended criminals with them. Note the lack of gun charges for the “SCOTUS assassin”. I wonder how many dozens of federal, state, local gun laws he violated?



      • Thanks for the link, Paul M. As a study it’s a good first start. Overarching comments are:
        1. Presents crude rates of mortality (“crude” being a term of art rather than a commentary). Event rates need to be adjusted for baseline differences in populations (age, comorbidities, general quality of medical care in country, etc). TL;DR is simple correlations are not enough.
        2. I am ashamed for my fellow Finns, with the highest rate of masking among the Nordics. (The Swedish Disaster jokingly declared me a Finn, for Reasons.)

        In other conference news, they’ve laid on snacks at cocktail hour. Pleased to report that (among cardiologists and cardiac surgeons) we’ve overwhelmingly gone for greasy cholesterol-laden cheeseburger sliders over “healthy” bean patty sliders (an abomination) that are sitting forlornly on their little warming tray. Hah!

  3. Interesting. I was trying to work out the logistics of catching the Mets on their CA swing and nearly chose Anaheim later this week but it was easier to go to San Diego so I’m off in a bit. They got clobbered last night and had two of their big guys get hurt in the same inning. Guess I get to see the AAA club tonight.

  4. Germany’s DM22 ‘off-route’ mines have to be “booby trapped” or they can be repurposed by the enemy.
    Ancient history now. We had a demented WWII vet NCO who taught us to 1) Neutralize the charge and 2) Bobby trap the bobby trap. Lesson: Anything left in place unobserved can, and probably will, be repurposed.

  5. Did that area of the forest in your picture burn recently? I see what looks like burned trees still standing.

    Surprised the astronauts have their gold visors up. The UV in space is (literally) a killer.

    Interesting how the NORKS are listed as “other”.

  6. There is an answer to one of the meats of North Korea — dog. They refer to it as “sweet meat”. Don’t want to know what it tastes like. I love my mutts too much to make a meal out of them.

    • Every market I’ve been to in the ROK had a few golden retriever puppies with red and blue bows around their necks

  7. The amount of pork consumed in the far east is why China has been buying up every pig farm in the US they can. And they bought Smithfield Farms too!

  8. In response to the bee thing, well, the Florida Legislature one time ruled that the mullet (fish, not hairstyle) was a bird because it has a gullet. Of course that was back when Dems ruled Florida.

    Hmmm. Stupid rulings from democratic ruled places, nawwwww….

    As to the Heliostat, it was useful, and is still useful, but a rather evolutionary dead end. Laser communications have taken its place quite well, if you’re into direct line-of-sight communications systems.

  9. Goodness, what beautiful mountains!

    Are Californians a bit mental?

    People don’t like heliography cos it hurts your eyes. The best way to communicate is through stories or pictures.

    I am not buying that Great Britain drinks more pop than beer. And France has no quality wine? No. Thank God I’ve booked a late trip to Italy this year.

    • In heaven there is no beer…that’s why you drink it here. Or at least that’s how the song goes. Soon, you’ll be off of your liver and broccoli diet or whatever it is and you will be back to normal.

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