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Stop Sex Slave Trafficking in the Middle East!

The brothers have their prayer rugs out and will face toward Mecca before paying to take turns. It’s just another day in the Islamic World.
The Banana Peel Crisis
I will refer you to the Silicon Graybeard (LINK) for this one, but to break it down, students are in an uproar because somebody threw a banana peel into a tree. It is said to have something to do with Harambe, the gorilla that was threatening a small black child – but I’m not sure of the linkage. The mere sight of the discarded banana peel sent students scurrying to their safe spaces. 
Women are encouraged not to make eye contact with men while they eat bananas, but that advice didn’t apply in the University of Mississippi crisis. It was only the peel.
My sense is that the progressive crones couldn’t pull off the old eye-contact with the banana trick. 

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  1. LL,

    You have it wrong.

    Goat meat in the desert is naturally tough.

    This procedure they are preparing for is Ceremonial Tenderization. It has been used for centuries in desert climes due to the lack of Adolph' Meat Tenderizer and a papaya shortage.

  2. But if the banana eater threw the peel on the ground one of the students might have slipped on it. Maybe it's just a lack of respect toward Harambe?

  3. I don't "get" the whole bannana peel thingy. Not at all. But then I rarely "get" what the left is peddling. As for the goat? That actually makes me a bit sick to my stomach and fits neatly in my mental column of crap I don't want to think about.

  4. Hah! As a teenager I once attended some function where the VP of the Republic of China (i.e. Taiwan, the non-commie China) gave a welcome speech to a bunch of us American-borns. He cheerfully concluded with [in Mandarin] "and you are all a bunch of little bananas! Ahahaha!" That VP was some placeholder who got his position due to having been a loyal KMT party member (and having been Chiang Kai-Shek's personal henchman since like forever). His handler looked pained; didn't quite facepalm, but it was clear he wanted to. Some of my cohort looked angry to be called "bananas". I committed the worst faux pas of the day — I laughed, which pissed *everyone* off.

    BTW, any east Asians you see on the news talking up BLM or such idiocy from the safety of their college campus are most likely doing that because they're the kind of high-IQ idiots that attend "elite" schools. Their progressivism comes before everything else. The average east Asian knows that the eternally-victims demographic hates us at least as much as it hates whites. After all, east Asians (the not-stuck in Chinatown and mired in poverty ones, at least) give lie to the claim that the spectacular failures of the eternal-victims demographic is because of lack of white privilege.

  5. I don't get the banana peel thing either. I read SI Graybeard's well written post and all I came away with is the sense that monkeys traditionally eat bananas and that the peel reminded African-Americans that their ancestors came from the same place as many species of monkeys.

    Many Middle Eastern men have close personal relationships with goats, which must smell better than the women who live under/inside black tents – in the desert – without a/c.

  6. East Asians are hated more than white people because they score at the top of the heap in college and make the whole white privilege thing look stupid – which it is.

  7. If it wards off evil, maybe throwing banana peels at BLM and the rest of those freaks is the answer? Who would have thought?

  8. In college I convinced a guy that there was a concentration of serotonin in the banana peel and if he dried them and smoked them he could get high. My part was successful, his not so much.

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