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Berlin truck jihadi who smashed through a Christmas market, killing 9 and wounding 50, was found to be a Pakistani Muslim who entered Germany as refugee. And while you register shock that somebody who was part of the religion of peace would do that, let me suggest that German friends of mine who called me from there soon after the attack, are getting very tired of the refugees. It’s not safe for women to go out — anywhere because of aggressive (unemployed – on the govt. dole) military age Muslim males who attack them.
I’m not suggesting that Germany will follow Britain, Austria, Italy and the US in selecting a new leader who will put an end to the BS, but they’re tired of the human lice who have infested their nation.
There is a way to deal with jihadis, and it’s either to restrict them to the hell holes they call home or to kill them if they leave. And if that sounds a bit on the harsh side, too bad. Barack says that if we kill all jihadis, we will create more jihadis. My answer: Good, more targets. Eventually they will run out – likely before we run out of bullets. Strip their nations of oil to pay for war reparations. 
Barack and his progs have been reluctant to do much of anything because of a soft spot in their hearts for Muslim jihadis. I don’t think that the Russians see things the same way that the jihadis do. After the assassination of their ambassador in Turkey yesterday, the game just becomes more earnest to them. 

The Trump Doctrine will be to eradicate them with extreme prejudice no matter where they hide. That will likely be criticized by the NY Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the corrupt, elite media. Barack, as a talking head on MSNBC will be critical too. 

I had a very different military experience from that which most people are familiar with. It’s not a bad thing, just a different thing. In the navy I was supercargo instead of crew and on the battlefield, almost everything I did was with a handful of brothers – or fewer. It offers a different perspective and the experience lends itself to confidence without having a large logistics train in tow. Therefore my frame of reference is not to Big Navy or Big Army or the Green Marine Machine. Marines, even force recon Marines, are still Marines and while that’s a good thing, it often stifles experimentation and instant exploitation of opportunities. I believe that we need to foster that way of thinking in the future and let slip the dogs of war with few restrictions on the rules of engagement. It’s the only way that I know of to eliminate the threat wherever it exists on the planet. And if a few eggs are broken making the omelet, so be it. Too bad/so sad. However the rules need to be changed regarding “human rights abuses” where terrorists are involved. People will die hard and that offends so many tender feelings in the press and elsewhere.

More on the Trump Doctrine: “Our hearts and prayers are with the loved ones of the victims of today’s horrifying terror attack in Berlin. Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Isis and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad.”

“These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the earth, a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners.” “The civilized world must change their thinking.” 

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  1. There's a way to deal with them, white wolf. I should be employed as chief executioner. Apparently being killed by a lowly woman means you won't get your virgins in Heaven. Give me an array of tools, a dominatrix outfit and the same amount of hours equivalent to the lives ruined and I'll perform a slow and torturous ending. I can become sociopathic in a heartbeat. #TaughtByWolves

  2. In winning this war against these animals, there is one concept that has to be ignored: collateral damage. We need to destroy not only the jihadis who carry guns and suicide vests, but also those who feed them (or in Dubya's words, apparently forgotten, those who harbor them). And we need to take out those who educate them, those who sell goods to them, and those who even know them.

    Yes, a rough business, this war stuff.

  3. I agree. I also agree to nuke them till they glow. WWII only last 4 years. Why? We bombed them day and night. We (and our allies) destroyed their factories, their homes and their lives, even civilians. Having two wars that last over 10 years is weakness. What does concern me, though, is the safe havens they will find in Europe and Germany. How do we bomb them, besides with smart bombs and saturating bombings? Would we be alone in the eyes of the world?

  4. Wet work comes in many forms. Bombing works, but it eventually comes down to close and personal meetings so that they can never be at ease. Remember what happened to Osama.

  5. I didn't vote for Trump, I voted against Clinton, but honestly, he's looking better and better.

    A quote (by some Pakistani dude living in Berlin) from The Daily Beast. “I think logically it must be a terror attack, but I don’t understand why. Germany is the one country that is always welcoming, that opens its borders to people and gives them flats and jobs.”
    Well, kinda answered your own bafflement there, right? And I say this as the child of immigrants.

  6. Americans are all the children of immigrants. My grandmother immigrated from Switzerland. Becoming an American meant a new start, a place to prosper and raise a family. It was a place where you could forge your own destiny and not be constrained by the rules of class or situations in the old world.

    The military age males who flooded into Europe by the millions were not of that mindset. And they need to be sent home – wherever that is – for the sake of the populations that they invaded.

    I was a pro-Trump person as you will know if you've been reading this blog because he's a man of action, and not one of the sniveling elitist politicians like Jeb! or Hillary, who felt entitled to be president. I think that he wants to make America great again. He could have lived out his remaining years in absolute luxury, but he chose to set that aside for the service and massive work that he set out for himself. I hope that he succeeds.

  7. +1. I'm coming around to your positions.

    My late father believed an Asian only understood two things, a boot on his neck and rice in his belly*. We ned to apply the boot and cut off he rice.

    *Was my father a racist? Maybe, but he paid his dues for his opinion in the CBI Theater in WWII.

  8. No question we (wolves) need to go after these people hard, fast and without mercy. Drive them back into their holes, then blow the holes on top of them.

  9. We did that after 911 and the Congress ended up persecuting the government employees involved in following Congressional orders. It will take some doing to restore faith.

  10. Jules, I'm no expert but I think the Jihad savages would have every reason to be scared. CE? Well, if the title fits, and let's not think they don't have it coming. #CrushTheJihad #BREXIT

  11. There must be some useful purpose for a jihadi carcass. Fertilizer also comes to mind. Bury them covered in pig crap and they could push up a crop of corn or something.

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