9 thoughts on “The Ice Man Cometh

  1. Thanks, LL. I'm enjoying the ride immensely. I have thought many times that time-travel back to events like this would be the greatest thing since using goat guts for condoms (after taking them out of the goat first). I don't think I could live long enough to see all that history has to observe, but I would give it a good try.

  2. You're welcome, John. I'm trying to do the Ice Man justice in this short series. I have never used a goat-gut condom. Am I missing something in life?

  3. As the story goes, the Arabs invented the condom in 700 BC, using a goat's lower intestine.
    In 1873 the British somewhat refined the idea by taking the intestine out of the goat first.

  4. Creme de la mer, LL. Well, nothing like a bit of red deer and herb bread. And who will they find, I wonder.

    PS: To Coffeypot: There are some people in parts of our isles who still don't remove the intestine from the goat.

  5. Now that's just plain nasty, Jules. And don't blame it on the Scots because everyone knows that they prefer sheep.

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