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Brian Williams – one of the LEAST credible reporters in Washington DC
Whenever the President of the United States wants to talk to the camera under the guise of an interview, he calls NBC and Brian Williams trots over to let Barack Obama spin it anyway he wants – and by so doing, show his absolute contempt for real reporters and for the press in general. 
Many people find the mainstream media’s slavish devotion to the Obama Administration troubling, which is why FOX News leads in the polls. I personally gave up on such media icons as CBS Sixty Minutes because when it came to the Obama Administration, they have provided the Fourth Estate with a sheet of music and the media sang the song to the public.
One of the few exceptions to this absolute lack of credibility on the part of CBS has been the fair, forthright and courageous coverage that Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson has given to the Administration’s unconscionable lies to allegations raised by the Congressional Investigation into Operation Fast and Furious. The Baltimore Sun ran THIS STORY.

David Surawik (Baltimore Sun) put it this way: The blowback from the White House and DOJ has been petty, nasty and has failed to responsibly address the serious charges Attkisson’s reporting raises. This is exactly the White House contempt for the press that I wrote about shortly after Obama’s inauguration. It’s the White House I came to know when I criticized it for its war against Fox News in 2009… But here’s the larger point that needs to be made: Team Obama is in full campaign mode, and because of their fundamental contempt for the press, that means they reward those who come on bended knee and they punish those who dare to question them. (emphasis is mine)

Team Obama, under the direction of David Plouffe, will try and find a way to punish CBS News for Attkisson’s work, make no mistake about it. As I said two years ago, I have not seen a White House as vindictive in its dealings with the press since the one inhabited by Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. But CBS News isn’t backing down so far.

What a shocking change by CBS – and maybe it’s a return to the old days when the took they hard stories and did genuine reporting.
Meanwhile, don’t wait for a real story to come from Brian Williams and NBC. Obama will write their scripts and the news drones will read them.

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  1. Brian Williams IS a real journalist. Just because you disapprove of the president's choice to grant interviews to, doesn't justify discrediting a journalist.

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