Obama = Rocky Balboa?

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Barack Obama has never impressed me. This YouTube Video of the typical Obama work-out is what I expected to see.

Submitted for your review:

Apparently there is a sense of pride in the White House that the hollow chested, metrosexual Obama is this spry. LINK HERE


The White House, at first proud that Obama worked out at all, is now embarrassed by the anemic performance by the Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world and pulled the video. It may exist elsewhere on the Internet. It’s a video of Barack Obama working out at a Marriott Hotel in Poland recently.

I’m proud that he didn’t take a smoke break while lifting the 5 lbs weights…it could have been worse.

7 thoughts on “Obama = Rocky Balboa?

  1. The problem comes that he thinks that he's super stud – and a super genius. That's the dregs of narcissism.

  2. I should have scrolled down. What a dweeb. I always tell people who are intimidated by the gym, don't worry about how much weight, just do it. But is he using the shiny silver 5 lb girl weights?

  3. He's blazing the way for people such as your self to follow – setting an example for us all.

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