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President Barack Obama is trying to rebound from a humiliating defeat in last Wednesday’s first presidential debate. Three friends of mine and me (total of four people) called all of our friends who were Obama supporters. Only one, a friend of mine, out of seventeen people questioned were still voting for Obama. All seventeen saw the debate. My friend said, “I simply hate Mormons and won’t vote for a Mormon. That means that I hate Mitt Romney.” So, aside from the one, single-issue voter, it would seem that the debate had some impact on how people see the presidential race. I admit that it was not scientifically conducted.
Romney told Fox News in an interview Thursday that the president just “wasn’t happy with the response to our debate.”  He reiterated he wants to bring tax rates down while reducing deductions. “What the president’s been saying and the reality are pretty far apart,” Romney said. (Fox News)
Thus the President is in full Alinsky mode. After the second debate, wherein he will likely be a victim of his own failed foreign policy, stand by for his advisors and the Mainstream Media to twist whatever was said and attack Governor Romney. After the first debate all of the Obama faithful admitted that Governor Romney pulled Barack’s pants down around his ankles in front of fifty million voters. They were shocked. Nobody has let an opponent near Obama because he’d be confronted directly on the legion of lies that he spreads. 

David Axelrod will need a real job if Obama is tossed out of office. Being a malingering hector has worked for him in the past but people will blame him if the Obama campaign is run onto the rocks while he conned the ship. Maybe he can get a job in Chicago City Politics as one of the legion of parasites? Maybe Obama will ship Axelrod to Hawaii where he can run Obama’s presidential museum?

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  1. Well, the 'new' unemployment numbers are going to 'fix' everything, and divert all the attention from the debate fail…

    Unless you 'wonder' about how those numbers suddenly turned around…

  2. Or maybe Barack will help a few burly men slip Axelcreep into the prop wash on a moonless January night as the Obamas cruise toward Hawaii on their way to a permanent vacation?

    That makes for a nice visual, eh?

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