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I’m a fan of the Predator series. Fan films have been developed based on the whole predator movie concept.
This 27 minute short won awards, and you might enjoy it. I found it to be well-done.
Somebody sells predator motorcycle helmets. While cool
in a weird way, it’s taking the fan thing too far IMHO.
The concept of a “demon” being a malevolent alien, hunting humans for sport, is something that you can do a great deal with if you’re in the film business. Crusaders v Predators
In this film, the Saracen carries a Nepalese kukri, which I find a bit disingenuous, and there are other matters of arms and and armor (the whole sword on the back thing is stupid and you see it on the movies all of the time. Wearing a jousting helmet that limits your field of vision to two tiny slits — in the dark, etc.) that I could take issue with, but all in all, a very good independent effort at film making.

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11 thoughts on “Predator Fan Films

  1. I enjoyed the first Predator film with Arnie, Carl Weathers and Jesse 'I ain't got time to bleed' Ventura.

    The sequels, not so much. Don't plan on watching this one, either.

  2. I'm familiar with the films, but my favorite one is the first. My niece and I have had a years long debate over which species is superior, the Aliens or the Predators. She deludes herself into thinking the Aliens would prevail. Ha!

  3. I agree, the aliens are superior to the predators – – thus the endless battle. In the end the aliens have the edge.

  4. No. You don't sacrifice a chicken or a cat and spread it's blood all over your naked body as you dance under a full moon. I guess that you could, but the cult doesn't demand it. You don't even have to do that while you're screening the film – but I don't know that the die-hard Predator film viewers would judge you harshly if you did.

  5. Sigh…It's not unlike the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie' books that I gave to my grandkids. If I buy the helmet, I'll need some sort of jacket to go with it, and then one of those saw-swords that fits on my wrist, and on and on. Then I need to get an even more predatory machine or I'll need to "go Predator" on the Diavel… Where does it end?

  6. Jules, the Middle Ages Predator film made me think of Nottingham (in 1200 AD). There is nothing to say that an alien didn't come to earth and hunt Englishmen. (you can't prove a negative)

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