Barack Obama’s Legacy

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President Obama and the Democratic Party had a super majority in Congress for 2 years. He could have passed anything he wanted a not a single Republican could have stopped him. What did he do with that time? He pushed an unpopular health care bill in a country where 90% of its citizens already had health insurance by jamming it down the throats of the Republicans in Congress in a situation where not one Republican legislator voted for it.
And he whines about a lack of bipartisan support.
What is the difference between 2008 and 2012?
It’s time that we replace the failed Obama Administration with a President who is ready to LEAD America.

6 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Legacy

  1. i haven't had time to watch, but that looked even better than people had described…

  2. Why watch a debate? I would NEVER vote for obama, or any other democrat. Most likely. 'Course, we never know what the future will bring.

  3. LL,

    Forgive my woeful inattention. Beset by the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (the wimmenses run a lot faster now than when I was younger), I have neglected the wonderful folks like yourself who visit and comment on my pathetic blog.

    So, I have decided to finally knock on your door, track mud all over your living room carpet, steal some whiskey from your liquor cabinet, put my feet up on your coffee table and entertain myself with your incredible musings!

    Expect many, many return visits. I am linking to this marvelous venue!

    Kindest regards,

  4. It was worth watching. Sneak into the men's room at work, and watch it on your i-pad (with headphones). If anyone questions the 90 minute stay, simply explain that the MRE's created the problem.

  5. Thanks for dropping by. Sadly, the whiskey in the decanter with the X on it was laced with hemlock. So depending on where you took your drink, I may see you back here, or maybe I won't.

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