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I am not a golfer. However I do have friends who play scratch golf (no handicap), but I don’t think that they golf nearly as often as Barack Obama does. Let’s face it, Obama has more time to golf than most working people. When he’s not golfing, he has his feet up on his desk, lecturing his twenty-something staff on how the world works. And the taxpayers fork over their hard earned money so that his staff will listen to him.
I’ve been working hard to find something good to say about our mean, small minded, incompetent leader and thought that I could perhaps compliment his golf game — since that’s where all of the big decisions on the future of America are apparently made. Sadly, he’s not that good of a golfer, either.

(Reuters) Obama, an avid golfer with a respectable 17 handicap.

He throws a baseball like a girl.

He rides a bicycle like a retard.

Even though he played basketball at the private high school in Hawaii that he attended, by all accounts, he isn’t very good at hoops — which is why he sticks to golf — which he does ALL the time and still can’t get his handicap lower than 17.

And he gets all giddy and hides behind Michelle when watching a judo match from the sidelines.

Leader of the Free World, eh?

18 thoughts on “Obama-the-Golfer

  1. LL I needed a distraction, writing papers is boring. Thanks for this laugh… I knew I could count on you!

  2. I was going to say that BO is actually the first little girl President of the US, but I can't figure out how to say it without being unintentionally offensive to little girls.

  3. All hail the chief… who represents, with full measure, the snorting, ugly, mentally, and multi-sport challenged female impersonators of the country.

  4. Of all of the potential black (or half black) people that could have been picked to break the glass ceiling, he was clearly the worst.

  5. HAHA! I have to admit, those made me laugh! He doesn't quite fit the image of 'Leader of the free world' on the pic at the Judo match!

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