Sometimes I wonder if I’m an illegally parked car in the cul-de-sac of life. When I look where “the world is” and where I am, I feel as if I’m standing in a different galaxy (far-far away).

Writing a blog can be a challenging thing. I’m back to working on a new novel. The two things compete. And then there is the rest of my life, and the effort to earn a living in the near-insane condition of the economy that competes with those two. I’m sure that you all can relate.

As I do this, I ponder the value of traditional education. I graduated from a university. I attended the Naval Postgraduate School and graduated from there with another degree. I did not attend Satan’s Vatican (Harvard) for indoctrination and that may be where I screwed up.

Sometimes, I feel very much as if I’m the only one who fights against concepts such as the glorification of man over God. It’s not only me, but sometimes it feels like that. When I jump into the press pool and read the drack that they pump out in the name of news, I wonder whether the propaganda monkeys believe their own spew.

There are islands of sanity, of course, but damned few. When you look at the Castro who rules Canada and the demented Brandon who rules America, AMLO, the corrupt in Mexico, it’s natural to ask how far people have fallen and when you ask why, the only answer is that there has been a serious departure from sanity.

Who would trot an ignorant whore across Eastern Europe, cackling her way through public events? What about the chuckle-heads in DC advocating for nuclear war because “it’s about time?” Who would elect these unreasoning fools? Where do these pompous, puffed-up swamp creatures originate? How does the clownish, vacuous, Butt Guy find himself in charge of American transportation? Where does woke corporate America find its roots?

In our institutions of higher learning, Biblical teachings that man is little less than the angels, a glorious being fearfully and wonderfully made, granted dominion over the earth to subdue it are ignored. They prefer Darwin, who teaches man is a hairless ape, one beast among many, produced by blind accident.

Instead of the medieval teaching that man is an incarnate spirit led by the light of consciousness and conscience toward goodness and righteousness, Freud teaches man his mind is in a hallucination loop, controlled by dim, chthonic impulses issuing from an unconscious consciousness that seeks in eternal frustration to slay fathers and rape mothers. If that is embraced, it’s no wonder that elections yield the wicked, manipulative, corrupt, morons that we see running things.

Freud teaches also that the whisper of conscience is not the still, small voice of heaven meant to lead the erring soul from wrong to right. To the contrary, this whisper is but the dead echo of whatever arbitrary norms or nonsense society imprinted, hence to obey one’s conscience leads to repression and madness.

Instead of the teaching from the self-proclaimed Age of Reason that all men are created equal, endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights, among them the right to the fruit of his own labor; and that to secure these rights laws are instituted among men by the consent of the governed, Marx teaches that laws offend the equality of man, and that property is theft, and that man neither has rights, nor any right to establish a government, nor any reasoning powers to enable him to do so.

Rather, all history is controlled by mindless and inevitable economic forces leading toward socialism, when state and all legal apparatus, as well as the marketplace, and all scarcity of resources, softly and suddenly vanish away, and never be met with again; and in that same glorious hour, utopia descends from the clouds like a bride adorned for her wedding. Marx (and Fauci) call this mystical vision scientific and proclaim that reason revealed it to them.

If, as Marx says, all philosophy is merely the ideological superstructure programmed into man by the material circumstances of his means of production, meant only to offer false narratives and fake excuses to justify the social order in the minds of those benefitted by it; and if those means of production are brought forth by nonhuman historical and economic forces in action; then nothing in the mind of man is under human control. Men are merely the puppets of fate, reciting robotic falsehoods, jabbering of justice and virtue to mask venal self-interest.

Now, if all men are merely puppets of fate, mouthing falsehoods meant to support each man his self-interest, this applies to Marx and his epigones as well, in which case, the conclusion that men are puppets of fate is false. Not only is Marx not able to reason, no man is.

As Freud has it, human reason has no reason to exist, aside from acting as an instrument of self-deception to hide various parricidal and incestuous impulses innate in man from himself, and if the conscience is merely an imprint absorbed from social convention, then this applies to Freud equally as to all other men, and his conclusions are being mouthed for dark and tangled subconscious reasons other than high-minded scientific reverence for the naked truth.

If the conscience is not the whisper of God in man, but instead, as Freud would have it, is merely a convention of the “superego”, like the habit that makes a gentleman remove his hat in an elevator, then conscience has no authority. In the next country, next-generation, or even the next elevator, if the consensus differs, so differs the conscience. If so, there is perhaps a utilitarian calculus of self-interest involved in determining when and where and how much to obey the whisper of conscience, but there is no transcendental reason, no eternal reason, no ethical reason, no moral reason.

If Freud is right, the conscience is not the supernal yet silent voice of heaven but the crowd-murmur of conformity.

If the cortex of man developed by unintentional evolution, it was not crafted purposefully with the aim of being an accurate reasoning instrument but was instead an ancillary accident brought about by blind trial and error, whose only corrective, natural selection, selects for fertility and survival. Hence, the very instrument Darwin uses to concoct the theory of evolution is proven by that theory to be unreliable.

According to Darwin, human reason is an accident; the human reason was not designed to be reasonable, was not created to be reliable, because it was not designed at all; and there is no creator.

Thus it is no wonder that our current, progressive-yet aggrieved female (apparently) Supreme Court nominee can’t explain what a woman is.

The Darwinian heresy made man a soulless beast; the Freudian made man’s soul a soulless snarl of self-deception, and the Marxist removed humanity from history and made man, and all his philosophy, a helpless puppet determined by soulless historical forces.

Such is the state of modern educated man.

And it explains why I live in the wilderness of the Mogollon Rim in Arizona to escape them.


  1. I left organized religion for a lot of different reasons that are still valid to me. I still believe in a supreme being though, just go outside and look around at the world or look at the sky at night and you can see that there is an overarching Hand in things. I do try to do good in the world but could certainly do a better job at that.

    Mostly it is treat others like you would like to be treated as a baseline creed and then things like keeping your word, helping your neighbor, even leaving people alone when they want to be left alone flow from that basic creed. I’m not nearly as deep a thinker as you or most of the other contributors to this island of sanity you run are. But I do get a deeper understanding of the world reading what is written here.

    • Godless is a favorable adjective in the world today if you plan to ascend the towers of power. Muslim is also a big plus whether you are or not. It shows that you’re not Islamaphobic. And if you are a race other than black, having a black girlfriend will bounce you up a few rungs on the corporate ladder, more rungs if the girlfriend is actually a dude (courting tackle optional).

  2. Is Edward Bellamy’s, “Looking Backwards” , still required reading by undergraduates? It had an impact on me but I saw the flaw. Social credit vs monetary credit isn’t going to every work because physically strong can always defeat physical weak. Yes, the weak can use their wits to survive, even prosper but are never safe.

    • Bellamy’s hero, Julian West, falls into a deep, hypnosis-induced sleep in the late 1800s Boston and wakes up 113 years later in 2000 – the same place – and is confronted with a Marxist utopia. Boston…is said by some to be sort of a Marxist utopia in 2022. Mike_C calls. it Massholia, occupied by Massholes, all who would like to be party apparatchiks. Liz (Fake Indian) Warren is what most of them aspire to be. It’s all so progressive. Wear your mask and get the ninth vax.

  3. Educators (so-called) looked at the opinions of these men and taught these ideas to their students as fact – and these students regurgitated these “facts” to the satisfaction of their teachers or they did not progress in the ladder of education/life.
    So, we, the students of that period (at least up to ’62), learned to parrot, despite what we learned at home, despite what we learned in church, to retire as the doctors, lawyers, and engineers of just yesterday —
    and now we look at our grandchildren — and cry.

  4. Exceptionally well said LL, you expose the chasm between those who strive to be Godly people and the Worldly. This should be preached as a precursor to why the chasm between good and evil is obvious, and widening.

    • The current good guys in film and TV are almost all murderers and adulterers. You can tell the bad guys because they do the same thing, but are white.

      • Good point, they can’t, and don’t want to. “Lovers of self” is in the rear view, way beyond that for half the people out there, who seemingly enjoy their captivity in an open cell. LL really hit a chord in describing from whence this comes, a palpable rip in societal fabric – “wheat-chaff”.

  5. Larry, I’ve felt much the same, and come close to despair sometimes. However, the answer to our modern woes remains the same as the answer to ancient ones. See Habbakuk 3:17-18:

    Though the fig tree may not blossom,
    Nor fruit be on the vines;
    Though the labor of the olive may fail,
    And the fields yield no food;
    Though the flock may be cut off from the fold,
    And there be no herd in the stalls—
    Yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
    I will joy in the God of my salvation.

    Those same marching orders apply, even though we can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. It may be hidden from plain sight, but it’s (or, rather, He’s) still there.

    • Things haven’t changed much outside of technology. People are pretty much the same and the human condition remains.

  6. Excellent.

    There’s been far too little criticism of the revolting Freud and to your point, if we’re no better or worse than the beasts why shouldn’t we behave as such?

      • Eh, sometimes they do. More often, they murder the children of other fathers in the group, to help push the success of their genes.

        People are certainly loathsome quite regularly, but it’s important to not elevate animals to unrealistic nobility, either.


  7. The cul-de-sac of life. I describe myself as a dinosaur. I’m sure the feeling is not unique to our generation.

    My Occam’s Razor opinion of Marx and Freud is that they were LOSERS. Their writings and mutterings were convoluted rationalizations for it. To borrow (or mangle) a movie line, “Soon everyone will be special, and then, no one will be”. From “The Incredibles”.

    And then we have Dr. Spock. Everyone gets a trophy, no one wins, no one LOSES. No one need face adversity, try harder, train longer, and win. I wonder how many of those ‘everyone’ trophies eventually wound up in the trash.

    Our first grandchild just turned one. He is Logan (Wolverine!). His parents are both LEO’s in neighboring municipalities. We are blessed to babysit him on the days their shifts overlap. I shot some video of him at his birthday party. He was in his highchair with his piece of birthday cake. He was allowed to handle it on his own. He contentedly stuffed a couple of chunks of cake in his mouth. Then his brow furrowed as he contemplated the remaining cake. With deliberation, he reach out and grabbed a fist full of frosting, letting out a little “Heh!” as the frosting mushed out between his fingers.

    • “Marx and Freud is that they were LOSERS”

      My take is similar, but approaches it from their (presumed) internal state. (“Loser” is an external proclamation.) I believe they were both full of resentment. I know less than I would like about Freud (always seek to know all about your enemy), but Marx was definitely full of resentment and self-pity, which he turned outward into a desire to destroy the society that he believed had wronged and abandoned him. Freud is probably similar (and I suspect he was either personally a victim of sexual abuse, or knew it ran in his family, or was an abuser himself). I have my theories on some of the causes of Marx’s and Freud’s insecurities and psychological problems, but articulating those would constitute Hate Speech.

  8. Given how incomprehensibly vast the universe is, with billions of galaxies containing billions of stars and planets, our little green orb and it’s inhabitants are merely microscopic fleas on an elephants butt. Live long and prosper my fellow travelers.

  9. I’m not a religious man, but I’ve always thought Freud was a drug-addled imbecile / con man, and Marx was a whiner.


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