I do not get the idea of collective guilt or collective innocence.

If the Black Africans of Gao or Zanzibar, or of the Songhai or Asante or who enslaved their foes and sold them to Arabians or Portuguese merit blame and condemnation for all the evils currently suffered by the Negroes in North America, then, by the same token, all the Englishmen or Republicans or Spanish Friars who freed slaves and spared nothing to abolish the international slave trade, including shedding blood on the battlefield to do it, merit an equal amount of praise and gratitude.

No one has yet heard a single word of this praise and gratitude from anyone who believes in the collective guilt of the slavers for the collective merit of the abolitionists.

Riddle me that one.

Will any grandchild or great-grandchild of a freed slave donate funds to my blog? Maybe I need to create a tip jar in the event that they are moved to do so. Would it be racist to require that tips only come from the ancestors of slaves that my ancestors freed?

Or, to make it simpler, just purchase a new 2022 DeBerti Design Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum Crew Cab. Please pay all applicable taxes and fees. You can license it for 5 years in advance in Arizona…and be a buddy and fill the tanks with fuel. I’ll consider the reparations paid in full. You don’t have to come in person. Just have the truck dropped off at the White Wolf Mine.

You’re welcome.


  1. According to a family history several members, Quakers at the time, operated stations of the underground railroad. I don’t need as much truck as you but a new Silverado would be nice.

    • I honestly don’t know if my ancestors did much for negro slaves, but I will assume that they did for the sake of reparations. It’s much the same with American Africans these days. They go with assumptions that can neither be proved or disproved.

      • My ancestors didn’t force anyone to pick cotton all the live-long day. Nor did they help free any unwilling cotton pickers. Further, my ancestors didn’t put anyone into ovens, nor did they make soap and lampshades out of any dead people. But I find myself eternally liable for both.

        Nope, my ancestors — the highly successful warlording branch of it that is — oppressed a whole bunch of other Chinamen, and killed the uppity ones. On the other hand, they kept their “subjects” safe from brigands and other warlords. The other side of the family were scholars. Being really good scholars, they were highly successful at getting appointments as Imperial bureaucrats. I’m pretty sure the scholar branch of the family killed more people than the warlord branch.

        • It disturbs me that you don’t feel guilt for African angst. If your ancestors had gone to Africa to share their pain before the coming of Europeans, maybe you (the ancestral you) could have saved them but you didn’t did you? The ancestral you… and now you need to pay – and while you’re at it, I’m jonesing for a new truck. I’ll accept cash and I’ll take responsibility for picking one out if you prefer.

  2. You have expensive taste in trucks. My “wish-truck” is the F-350, extended cab, STX package, Godzilla 7.3L engine, and 5th wheel prep package. So do I.

    • Tsquared, I just went for it. I’d be thrilled with an F-350, but when you consider what I am owed and the grievances that I have, an F-450, loaded is the least they could do.

  3. No normal person understands the “collective” concept, it’s a fixated warped mentality from the Left as a means to an end. How would this be vetted? Just what we need is another bloated government entity to generate endless processes and rules to thieve/transfer cash from hard-working taxpayers to entitled lazy bums. Call it the Racial Reparation and Transfer Supervisory (RRATS for short). More stupidity by the Dem’s who don’t know their history…the same clowns that think the made-up Juneteenth is worthy as a national holiday.

    That pick up…gag. Fancy grocery getter. Don’t scratch it. Besides, will never own a dually, lousy in the snow, too wide for 2-tracks, and I don’t haul enough heavy trailers to justify the extra pair of tires. But it would look appropriate in front of a nice 5th wheel camper pulling a ski-boat or pair of side-by-sides.

      • PaulM – yes, I know that it’s an impractical rig, but as a grievance trophy, it would be nice. I’m waiting for the auto-hauler to pull up in front of the house and unload it. So I can go crawl the mall in it.

        Ed is trying to rain on my parade, Paul.

          • You drive around in your boat and scare the blue herrons. They’re not going to invite you to a party either.

        • LL, Okay, in that case then accept the “gift”, drive for a few weeks, then sell it to some 25 year old who has a Napoleon complex…altho, come to think of it, if MrsPaulM climbed out of that in her cowboy hat and boots I’d be in love all over again. (Old joke: “Montana foreplay” “Get in the truck.”)

          • Seriously, if somebody bought that and signed the title over to me, I’d sell it the next day. Fatten the bank account and in due time, would buy something that I want.

      • Ed, The Borg is the perfect analogy…assimilate or die, except this clownshow is about “pay up or we burn you down.” Jack Phillips (Masterpiece Bakery) is once again (on and on for 9 years) being persecuted by the same scumbag Colorado “agency” and twit judge supporting yet another self-righteous Lefty LGBTQRXYZ hater, who said if they lose this latest case they’ll make up another one. Jack was on Prager, has a new book out “The Cost of My Faith”…will get it on order. The man is a champion for Christ that few today would do as he has.

    • I wouldn’t ask for a ten-year-old truck, even a good one. If you’re going to ask for something that you’ll never get, ask big.

      I should have asked for a Unimog U-500. That’s really. what I want, and it will fit in the RV side of my drive-through garage. Is it too late to change the order?

      • I see no reason you can’t trade that one in, and have the Reparations Committee make up the difference.

        IIRC, there was a politician or appointee, or school baord puke who had an $85k Lincoln SUV, didn’t like the color or something, and had the government replace it.

  4. While I heartily second the sentiment, I’m with Paul M. Truck is a bit over the top for my taste. I doubt that front air dam would survive very long off road. But yeah, you could tow just about anything.

    Saw somewhere else this a.m. a photo of a modest RV with a middle age couple sitting in lawn chairs next to it. Caption–“Kids can’t move back home if they can’t find it”.

    Collective guilt=”C’mon man! You owe me!”= Just another BS con from losers to get something for nothing.

  5. Odd. At some point commenters started getting a + or – between their first and last names.
    But not all, like Paul M.
    But I pointedly made an effort to change mine back in the autofill box and it took.
    Not just this site, either.

    • It’s the anti-spam software that’s doing it. All of a sudden, everything started going to moderation when the newer version of the software went in. Spam is a problem, hacking is a problem, and the software mavens are trying to figure out how to reduce the impact. There were times when I’d get 500 spam posts a day. You didn’t see them as a reader, but I dealt with it. Now, they still come but I don’t even see them. I think that it has something to do with + and – …maybe?

    • Ed, I log off for hours at a time (doin’ stuff in the 90+ heat like an idiot..but it’s a dry heat…like a dang furnace), but I saw that so retyped my handle.

          • Practicing my long suffering…builds character. And things to finish, so I work steady and drink the good well water. Just one of those years of odd higher than norm temps at 7500’…cooling trend coming.

  6. Per Ancestry.com’s DNA maps, none of my ancestors lived South of Pennsylvania. One Wisconsin ancestor was in the Iron Brigade and in five Civil War battles. Reparations ? F**k’em.

    The F-450 is cool but why a dually? Cumbersome to park, turning radius of an aircraft carrier, and will get stuck in a mud puddle when empty.

    I could be forced to drive a Super Cab F-350 4×4 with an 8′ bed and the 7.3 V-8 gasser.

      • Forget the U-500, have someone hook you up with a nice M1078A1. Much cheaper and easier to find parts.
        Maybe do like I’ve done with my M1081: disassemble the cab and make it look like a War Pig or Animal Mother…
        I agree with others – the F-450 may be pretty, but it’s pretty useless at the same time unless you’re trolling a mall

        • I agree, a nice LMTV is a wonderful thing. Especially since you can get so many options. And pretty darned easy to work on, too, from what I’ve seen.

  7. I have a friend who used to grind parts for me.
    He bought a new duelly and was showing it off to me.
    Beautiful truck. I’m sure he wrote it off as business related.
    He told me, if I’m ever in a bind for parts and can’t schedule a truck quick enough, he’ll come and get them.
    It happened, I did, and it was the last time.
    God help me should I have scratched the paint in the bed of that truck loading a basket of parts with a hi-lo.

  8. Can’t really get into a truck like that. Our little Colorado is enough.

    My grandparents (BOTH sides) came over here around 1900 or so. One side from Ireland, and one side from Poland. I’ve worked at places where Da Brudders were hungry for reparations. I explained where my families came from, and politely asked why I should be held responsible for any “reparations”.

    After some “discussion”, it boiled down to the fact that I was white.

    Gee…..who’d a thunk it!

    • I expect a LOT of white guilt oozing out of you, DRJIM. It’s raining outside right now – your fault.

  9. Do I get extra points for having Abolitionists on both sides of the war? Huh? Huh?

    Yes, my Confed ancestors were abolitionists, in southwestern Louisiana.

    And my Union ancestors were the abolitionists who were willing to allow the slaves to stay here, unlike a lot of abolitionists on the East Coast, who wanted them freed, and then sent to Africa.

    Funny, when some reparation-spouting idiot hollers at me, me returning fire with the abolitionist argument never seems to get anywhere….

    • Your ancestors were better than abolitionists, being repatriaters. We’d have saved the nation a lot of grief if we’d done that. Lincoln would have done that. It’s a damned shame that he didn’t live to deal with that.

      • A lot of good died with Lincoln. Yes, he was an asshole to the South during the War, but his plans on reconciliation and rebuilding would have taken a whole lot of sting out of the South losing.

        But, no, some stupid feckless Democrat had to go fubar it up and we’re still paying for it. Dumbass.

  10. My ancestors were doing their best to live free in South Africa as Boer farmers before the British took over and deported them, forcing them to come here to America long after the slaves had been freed. Where’s my reparations from the Brits? I’ll take mine in ammunition please. Or a late-mark Spitfire.

    • British Ammo?

      You could build a runway on your new property for the Spitfire with a bitchin revetment to keep it in. I’d take the airplane rather than an endless supply of .303.

  11. when i hear them talking about reparations i ask them if they’d rather be chucking spears, or dodging machetes, like their brothers in africa.

    • It wouldn’t hurt to send them back to allow them to more fully embrace their roots. (no return tickets – one way only, and grab the passport)

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