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I drove into town yesterday and had lunch at La Fonda (there is also one in Camp Verde). They’re run by the Garcia family and have been around for at least fifty years (three generations of Garcias). They shut down when there is a wedding in the family and have the party there. In 2016 they remodeled the place. There is a lot of good Mexican food on the plate – and I have a difficult time finishing a lunch portion.

There were a number of Navajo people eating there and waiting in line. There is often a line. The Navajos all wore masks. I don’t make fun of Navajos when they wear masks. They lost a LOT of people to the plague. Not a joke. Most of the people there at La Fonda were from the Rez. I spoke to people in line and they ticked off family who died. There’s been a lot of pain with those families, and it hasn’t gone away.

Referencing the photo above, the road is now paved and the city grew up around it. Finding it – well, just nav it, because it’s now in a residential neighborhood off Route 66 (where you get your kicks).



I don’t plug businesses very often here on the blog, but I’m going to do that now.

Lyle Rawlins makes some really neat wood bowls, pens, and goodies. I’ve known Lyle for at least 1000 years. He’s that old. Nobody knows exactly how old. It’s possible that Noah got hints from him on how to build an ark. But I digress.  He works out of a shop behind his house. It’s a one-man show.

I have one of his bowls on my desk here at the White Wolf Mine, it holds Jolly Rancher hard candy. If you come to the office to talk to me, you can take a piece or three of hard candy to eat while you talk/muble, or take a Jolly Rancher to go, if that’s your pleasure.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, you can always give him a call, or e-mail him. Tell him that his friend, Larry, sent you. He may up the price if you do that, though…don’t tease him about the ark. He’s sensitive about having had to tread water for 40 days and nights.


Is that Frank, with a Gewehr 43?

Any further comment would likely qualify as a conspiracy theory, and we don’t deal in theory on THIS blog.


War is Messy

The photos relate the mess, but never the smell. A unit of the US 25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized), 4th Armored Division moves through the village of Le Repas, commune de Folligny (Manche), in Normandy on July 31, 1944.


Now we have a Space Force 

Space is not particularly messy. Not until the war starts and the debris proliferates into a metallic ring around the planet.

The Democrat Party sent the (above) designs to the USSF – they seem to have a particular appeal. Of course. The Dems also love red lightsabers. You could have predicted that one as well.

The whole UFO scare (more here) will likely lead to more national lockdowns as the mandarins assess the threat… the whole murder hornet thing came and went, but UFOs are terrifying, as terrifying as a plague, for instance. I expect Fauci to shift to UFOs as his traction with the plague is decreasing. He can be the next UFO czar.


What about Chile?


Military March


(Amarillo made the map, Old NFO!)


Miss Universe – Chile 2021


Chile’s army is the most advanced in Latin America and is equal in size to Great Britain’s.

They have proud military traditions and stand ready to defend the nation.

The Chilean economy is strong and there is a concerted effort to reduce poverty.

Argentina has been known to have made noises about annexing the portion of Chile contiguous to its borders… really? I think that if I had Chile as a neighbor, I’d be nice to them – maybe buy chilies from them or something.


  1. Yes it’s a Gewehr 43. The still’s from an early 50s film called Suddenly and also stars Sterling Hayden. It’s neat little thriller dealing with an assassination attempt.

  2. Unfortunately, Chile has a prog issue of its own…there is going to be a constitutional convention to write a new constitution and the progressives and the leftists seem to be in the drivers seat from what I have read. Another stable conservative govt on the ropes, maybe.

    • They have a damn good Navy with a very strong… German tradition, with a lot of Spanish first names and German last names…

      Very curious. Very very curious.

  3. Small family-owned and operate restaurants like that are a local treasure. We have several here, and WSF knows of several in his AO. My old home town had them in every neighborhood, and depending on what you wanted to eat, you could get Polish/Slavic, Italian, Irish, or German food by going a few blocks away to a different neighborhood.

    Hurts to hear the Navaho Reservation got clobbered by The Plague. Should serve as a warning to the seeple who trust in the Great White Father….

    Thanks for the reference to Penwerkz. The items look like SLW would enjoy them.

    That’s Old Blue Eyes in the movie “Suddenly”, with Sterling Hayden and Nancy Gates. Interesting movie, but I never knew anything about the rifle.

    The smells of war, or more accurately, the aftermath of war. I’ve never been in that situation, but I can imagine it smells worse than some of the third-world places I’ve been.

    UFO’s…..seen plenty. They weren’t flying saucers. Had dozens of books on them, including the ludicrous ones, when I was young. Be nice to know what they are, but I highly doubt they’s flying saucers made of Vibranium, with little green crew members. Do they have 87 genders in space?

    Chile sounds like they have their act together. No wonder Argentina is jealous….

  4. The Navajo got pounded hard by the Corona because, sadly, they are, as a people, very unhealthy. And tend to not live in the best of conditions. Like so many on the various other Reservations.

    Levels of poverty and substance abuse that make the hillfolk of Appalachia look positively… urban and clean.

    The Navajo also suffer periodic die-offs from Hanta, bubonic plague and other various rodent-carried diseases.

    They. like many other Tribes, have the money (as a tribe) and the know-how to pull themselves up out of abject poverty to just high-lower class or even low-middle class but, as a tribe, don’t have the gumption. Dammit. They should be better by now, but there’s no… will (as a tribe) to be better.

    • Sadly, all true. The health situation on the Rez meant that when the virus hit, a very high percentage were at risk, and a lot of those people died. I see them with their masks, and sad faces and can’t help but be compassionate. There is blame enough to go around, but they are wards of the State and the healthcare available isn’t something you’d want for yourself. It’s Obamacare on display, in all its glory. USGOV could have distributed HOQ to the Rez in adequate doses from the get-go and would have saved many — but it wouldn’t have achieved the desired result, would it?

      • The Dems have always wanted to enact a ‘Final Solution’ upon the indigenous folk of this nation. Think of all that land that the FedGov could co-op when the last people on the Rezes die off, leaving no-one to ‘own’ the land. And all the money saved by not having the Bureau of Indian Affairs suck down large amounts of money.

        Under decent leadership, the Rez system could be an example of a functioning semi-socialist system. But far too often corruption and graft within the BIA and the Tribal Leadership just makes a sucky situation just… well… shitty in the most unpleasant way.

        It’s time, past time to reform the whole BIA/Reservations system. But nobody in power in Washington DC or in power on the Rezes is interested in changing the system.

        Especially when… the tribal leaderships decide who is and who isn’t a member of the tribes. One can be full-blooded one day, piss off an ‘elder’ and “Poof,” out on one’s ass out of the tribe the next day.

  5. I understand you can spend a whole week in Flagstaff in an afternoon… If Chilean woman look that beautiful I may have to immigrate. Will Chile accept an overweight retired grumpy nurse?

    • I’m sure that you could find love in Chile. Many of the women are of European extraction. There are a lot of blue and green-eyed, blonde beauties there. The same is true in Mexico, though. Look at the women in their soap operas and reporting on TV. If you go to a fancy restaurant in Mexico, or anywhere in Latin America, a majority of the people there are of European blood.

      Look who is elected to office in Latin America. They’re mostly of European ancestry. Mexico was ruled by France for a period and a lot of Germans immigrated there.

  6. UFOs? I used to work for an USAF agency, my desk was near the Director’s office. Was walking by his office one day and he asked me: Do you believe in UFOs? I stopped, thought about it, and responded: Mr. XXXXX, we manage flying stuff out in certain places that I’ve not signed a PIA or seen an SCG for, that makes it a UFO to me. To which Mr. XXXXX responded: Good answer, press on.
    He was given a plaque in the Udvar-Hazy Wall of Honor when he retired – I am honored to have been at that event.

    • Yep. Just because a buncha Navy fliers can’t identify it, doesn’t mean it’s not a Navy project, or an Air Force or Space Force or CIA project.

      Funny that all these “Navy sees UFOs” occur off of the California and Washington coasts. What, pray tell, could be in California or Washington? I mean, Lockheed and Boeing would never ever ever ever have secret-squirrel projects that most Lockheed and Boeing employees don’t even know about, right?

      I am very glad that “SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH” still exists within our military and secret-squirrel businesses. I’ve always admired people who knew great things but could keep their mouths shut forever.

  7. I’m sure wearing the masks, not leaving our homes, and not operating businesses will protect us from the UFOs too. At least as well as they did from the Terrible Germ, anyway.

    “Chile’s army is the most advanced in Latin America and is equal in size to Great Britain’s.”

    Sure, but so is Mississippi’s…


  8. Larry- I expect to be visiting friends near Camp Verde this fall. Thanks for the tip about La Fonda.
    In Flagstaff I can recommend the Galaxy Diner on Business 40 west of town. ’50s style place, serves burgers, steak & eggs, pie and ice cream, real malts. I hear Black Bart’s is good for Prime Rib.
    In CA, try the Outpost Cafe on 395
    Superior homemade pies.

    • Thanks for the tip on Outpost Cafe.
      In that area I like Bosco’s Diner in Victorville (run by some sort of short Asians despite the name). They do diner food, not weird stuff. The pot roast is good. “The Galley” does great fish tacos. I would go to the one at the corner of Apple Valley and Bear Valley roads (near Home Depot), rather than the one near Rt 15 (we once encountered a mob of wilding “youths” at the highway location).

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