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AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine is not in use in the U.S. Italian health officials have halted use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine in people age 60 and under.

The CDC’s top vaccine advisors have scheduled an emergency meeting for Friday, June 18, about reports of myocarditis and pericardium, or heart inflammation, young people after they received Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.  The CDC says it knows of at least 800 reports of heart inflammation after Covid-19 vaccination.

Big Tech continues to censor factual information related to use of hydroxychloroquine to treat or prevent Covid-19. That’s despite two new studies that show the inexpensive drug works. A new study in MedRxiv found that hydroxychloroquine and zinc increased Covid-19 survival by almost three times.


You’re paying for Atmosphere…

Not the food.

The sauerbraten is ok. Only ok.

The restaurant is located inside an old GDR Interflug IL-62 in Leipzig.


Name the Mystery Aircraft


Mystery Solved

I was going to use this as a “mystery aircraft” but it’s too difficult based on the angle. It’s a Halberstadt CL.II possibly of Schutzstaffel 27b. The Fuselage Maltese cross insignia (with white borders) was officially used from 29 October 1916 until 17 march 1918. As such this photograph was most likely taken in early 1918.

The Halberstadt is also the captioned photo at the top of the blog.


Truth on Cardboard


Big Islands

Why isn’t Ireland included in the big island chart (above)? What does the map meme maker have against the Emerald Isle? And what about Tazmania (home of the Devil)? And England/Scotland/Wales – omitted. Where is the outrage? Even Sicily was forgotten – somebody needs to notify the mafia.


Feminist Outrage


  1. neighbor> tell me where you keep the guns, and explain how difficult it would be to access them.

    “You know that little window in my front door, about waist-high with a sliding cover, engraved “mail”? It’s not only for mail, I got it on ebay from someone parting out an armored truck.

    Conspiracy chick is too good to be true, she must be an FBI agent.

    • Neighborhood snitches are an integral part of every community in a totalitarian state. Orwell had something to say about this

      It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.

      • Orwell’s comment about young women has some truth to it. I’ve seen it myself, and experienced a bit of it as well.

        That said, it makes me sad, and angry, that too many people on “our side” respond with idiotic grunts of “Yeah, yuh can’t trust dem bitches with anything. No education, no job for you. Make me a damn sammich and pop out muh babies. That’s your job.” Morons.

        To wreck a society you corrupt its women. The people who have done the most to wreck our society have worked very assiduously to destroy our women. Second-wave feminism, promiscuity sold as “liberation”, pornography, denigration of motherhood, promotion of transsexualism, destruction of masculinity (thereby depriving women of reliable partners), it goes on and on.

        Any male who claims the mantle of being a man of the West should realize that his proper role is not to denigrate and infantilize young women who are going down the wrong paths, but rather to teach and to guide to the correct path. Now the roles of teacher and guide for young females should be older women, with men in a supporting role. And how will you get wise women in future if all young females are put down by idiot males? These idiots fail to see that the enemy is not women, but rather the culture-wrecking parasites who hate and fear the West even as they suck the blood from its withering husk.

        We all talk about that picture with the young blonde Euro women holding up signs saying “Welcome Immigrants!” Yes, they are fools. But I look beyond that and ask, who allowed their heads to be filled with that idiocy? And more importantly, who concocted the poison with which to fill their silly heads? If there is anyone we should hate, THOSE people are the ones worthy of hatred. The people who weaponized the natural empathy of young white women against their own people are the real enemy.

        • Well put, Mike!

          Also add to it the young “men” who allow themselves to feminized and led around by their “manhood”…

          • +1…woman are supposed to be the gatekeepers, now they want to be like the boys yet wonder how they wind up miserable.

        • > the enemy is not women, but rather the culture-wrecking parasites who hate and fear the West even as they suck the blood from its withering husk.

          The enemy can’t be any group which is only a small fraction of the population, they don’t have the vote counts to force any policy.

          > the young “men” who allow themselves to [be] feminized and led around by their “manhood”

          “Allow”? Respond to your wife’s dominance challenge and the neighbor’s wives will demand the neighbor’s husbands put you in jail. In none of the 3,000 US countries will the family courts divide the property in a divorce according to fault.

  2. Immediately after PDJT said that HCQ and the other widely available cheap alternatives to the ‘vaccine’ would keep you from getting the covid (read flu) my wife went on an internet hunt for supplies of HCQ. Found a doc online that would pretty much prescribe anything except pain drugs. He called in the prescription to a local family pharmacy. They filled the order and have continuously for 13/14 months. We even have a stash of Ivermectin.

    • Great find. Unfortunately, HCQ is not ‘woke’ and is not nearly expensive enough for progs.

      • Just to expound somewhat, I had had 3 back surgeries (the last a level two fusion), rotator cuff surgery and a foot operation. All during the F’ing lockdown. Countless doc visits, a dozen MRI’s and a few cat scans and X-rays. Never had a problem while my old friends with ‘complications’ died left and right. Fauci and Birx (sp?) killed thousands of Americans and they will walk. I might not be able to muster when the revolution comes but I can provide ammo. Thank you LL for what you do. God bless you

  3. Given the number of judges overturning SloJo/Ho’s Executive Orders, perhaps President Trump’s greatest gift to us is the 234 or so judges he was able to put on the benches.

  4. DrMrsPaulM says “They could cure cancer and other diseases…but they won’t…too much money involved.”

    A-Z, like the others, will not to go out of business so as to perpetuate their market. Yet people flock to medical centers from every little pang or ailment, getting the latest unpronounceable product that you can NEVER operate heavy equipment while under its influence. Covid proved that far too many are not using their head. When DrMrsPaulM gets worried, then I will. Until then I have stuff to do.

    HCQ before Covid, “Okay”. HCQ (et al) after Covid when PDJT said it showed promise, “Dangerous drug and we won’t let you buy it.” Trust friggin’ no one from those outfits, and the ones supporting them and the horses they rode in on. Bunch of immoral scum.

    Why is it the young woman believe they are the all-seeing keepers of everyone, like we’re in 3rd Grade and they’re the teacher? The Imbecile Squad comes to mind…ugly woman, inside and out, screeching.

    Ireland doesn’t care about other peoples opinions…if a fly lands in a pint of Guinness the guy reaches in, grabs the fly, and yells “Spit it out!”. They know here they stand and give no quarter to nimrods.

    Cool plane.

    • Ag people know the local vet has many of the same pharmaceuticals mainstream medicine has (insulin, penicillin for example). Using the same sized needle for cows on your brother-in-law may result in howls of outrage.

      • True. A lot of the pharma and innovations (eg. stem cell) come from the veterinarian field. People medicine obviously has more restrictions, but this HCQ/Ivermectin deal, pure politics.

    • Guinness is important to the Irish remaining Irish. They don’t mix it with Bass and call it a “Black and Tan”. You could be bound hand and foot and tossed in the pig pen for drinking that.

  5. On the bright side, the IL-62 restaurant is probably the safest IL-62 to spend time on, anywhere!

    • Yes, better to spend half an hour sitting in an IL-62 eating mediocre sauerbraten than flying in one, preparing to meet your maker.

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