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If you’re able to rewrite history, history doesn’t matter. Unfortunately when you go and do that, you shouldn’t hire a moron to erase the drive you keep classified information on in your basement.

12 thoughts on “Note to Hillary Clinton

  1. Because she's among the Ruling Elite Protected Class.

    Unless she gets 0bama really pissed off….

  2. The problem with being elite and ruling is what happens when somebody not of your ilk is elected. I am sure that she could seek asylum in North Korea (the worker's paradise).

  3. Notice how the "elites" and the wealthy seem to do things on the cheap? She could have afforded the best IT in the business. Instead, four people in a rented office in Denver.

  4. If there's no indictment of this crone, then the FBI and Justice Department should simply be eliminated.

  5. I agree. It would make both completely invalid.

    Clearly if she is not, we should eliminate classification for sensitive information because protection can not be enforced. EVERY offense would be excused on the Clinton Rule of Exceptionalism.

  6. Lo-fo voters don't pay attention to much beyond free stuff and the big HBO event of the week. As long as Hillary isn't fighting Rhonda Rousey, it's all about the free stuff.

  7. If she starts wearing the orange jumpsuit in the gray-bar motel, they're going to have to decide between Baltimore's favorite son, Martin O'Malley and poor old senile Bernie.

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