Bullet Points

* A 60-year-old man in Japan was recently arrested for building homemade guns of his own design. According to him, it was his hobby for the last 40 years. He used scrap anvils as a source of hardened steel and crafted his own ammunition using toy caps and cast lead bullets. More here.

* News reports say the Brandon Regime is currently weighing a plan that would allow all adults to receive a second Covid-19 booster, citing concerns from White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci about the spike in hospitalizations “fueled by the extremely contagious omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5.” Currently, second booster shots are only offered to individuals over the age of 50. If it works for Brandon, it could work just as well for you!

* The commodity markets, for example, have retreated significantly from their interim highs up to mid-July. One of the leading economic indicators par excellence, copper, has lost around 35% from its high in March. Aluminum is down by around 40%, nickel by around 55%, steel by more than 50%, lumber by around 60%, and oil by more than 20%.

US consumer confidence is at the lowest level in its 70-year reporting history. Neither the Vietnam War, nor the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s and early 1980s, nor any stock market crash, nor the Iraq War, the bursting of the tech bubble, the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, nor the Covid lockdowns has been able to bring consumer confidence so desperately to its knees.

* Shutting down commercial farming for the sake of controlling the weather (climate change) is an effort to create shortages. Scarcity drives up prices. When it becomes unsustainable to buy food and your children are starving, the government will offer you “order” in the chaos. At least that’s the plan.

It’s the same plan as de-fund the police. When crime gets so bad that the public can’t stand up, the government will offer you a new federal police force run from DC – “order” in the chaos. That was the plan but it’s not working in the US.

* Calgary Sun: “Citing climate change as the reason, the government wants to see emissions of nitrous oxide from fertilizer reduced.” Canada’s Trudeau wants to impose drastic ‘Climate Change’ restrictions on farmers just like The Netherlands. He doesn’t want to outdone.


The antidote for Summer 

When I was a kid.

Now they come in paper cups…and it’s simply not as good.







Breadcrumbs – you follow them, even if they zig-zag

In early June 2022, the government of The Netherlands announced it would cut the size of livestock herds in the country by 30% to meet European Union nitrogen and ammonia pollution rules.

According to Dutch Parliament member Thierry Baudet, the government is following the script of The Great Reset, which requires weakening the country, making it more dependent on food imports, and diluting nationalism by taking in more immigrants. To make room for immigrant housing, they need to take land from the farmers

The newly assigned Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy, Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, is married to Piet van der Wal, who together with his brother is heavily invested in the major online grocery retailer Picnic. In September 2021, Bill Gates invested an estimated half-billion dollars into Picnic, thereby becoming one of its lead investors. Gates’ involvement has raised questions about government corruption

At the same time, the Dutch government is preparing to radically restrict livestock farming and meat production, Gates is gobbling up farmland in the USA. Despite land prices being at a record high, Gates purchased a 2,100-acre potato farm in North Dakota in June 2022, bringing the total land share held by the Gates’ Red River Trust above 270,000 acres

Gates claims he intends to lease the farmland to farmers. Viewed from the perspective of The Great Reset, it would then appear Gates may be engaged in the same kind of wealth-shift scheme as BlackRock and other investment groups that are buying up single-family homes and turning them into rentals. The end goal is to eliminate all private ownership and turn the population into serfs

In early June 2022, the government of The Netherlands announced it would cut the size of livestock herds in the country by 30% to meet European Union nitrogen and ammonia pollution rules. As a result of this “green” policy, many farmers will be driven out of business and they have gathered in protest across the country.

Many may not realize that even though The Netherlands is a small country, it’s the second-largest exporter of agriculture in the world, after the United States. As with current energy shortages, the forced reductions in farming and food production are said to be an “unavoidable” part of the Green Agenda to improve air, soil and water quality.

In a public statement about the new emissions targets, the Dutch government even admitted that “The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business.” Those who do continue will have to come up with creative solutions to meet the new emissions restrictions.

The restrictions on nitrogen for livestock farmers have befuddled many. Why would government restrict farming at a time when food shortages and famine loom on the horizon worldwide? Some claim to have discovered conflicts of interest within the Dutch government that can help explain this irrational move.

The newly assigned Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy (who created the nitrogen regulations and is responsible for overseeing the cuts to farming), Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, is married to Piet van der Wal, who together with his brother, Bouke van der Wal, own a massive supermarket chain called Boni.

As noted by The Conservative Treehouse, “when Dutch farmers sell product to Boni they are directly funding the wealth of the government minister who seeks to destroy their livelihoods.”

The van der Wal family is also heavily invested in a major online grocery retailer called Picnic as we discussed above. Picnic buys food at wholesale prices directly from Boni, which minimizes its operational costs. Picnic basically functions as a home delivery service for Boni.

In September 2021, Bill Gates entered the Dutch enterprise. He invested an estimated half-billion dollars into Picnic, thereby becoming one of its lead investors. Not surprisingly, Picnic focuses on selling the fake “food” that Gates is invested in and promotes, imitation beef in particular.

The CEO of Picnic, Michiel Muller, a Dutch climate change activist, has also publicly vowed to “change the entire food system” to be in line with sustainable goals, which falls right in line with Gates’ agenda.

The strong recommendation to replace beef with fake meat was made in Gates’ book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need, released in February 2021. In an interview with MIT Technology Review, he also suggested that people could learn to like fake meat and, if resistance continues, regulations may be needed to force the switch.

According to The Countersignal, “many participating in the ongoing farmers’ protests in Holland have openly stated they believe Gates may be partly responsible for pushing additional climate laws.” Curiously, July 10, 2022, a large Picnic delivery facility in Almelo, Holland, burned to the ground under mysterious circumstances.

The attempt to rid The Netherlands of livestock farmers really only makes sense if seen from the globalists’ point of view, with an eye on The Great Reset, the Green New Deal, Agenda 2030 and related Sustainable Development Goals.

Farmers also pose a threat to the technocratic elitists because they don’t need to rely on the government for basics such as food and shelter, and they can allow those who buy their food to maintain their independence as well.

The globalists’ plan is to eliminate access to as much real food as possible and replace natural foods with patented foodstuffs so that the population becomes entirely dependent on them for survival. At that point, they are easily controlled. Eliminating independent food producers — farmers — is therefore a key to the globalist cabal’s eventual success.

The script being followed is not secret. The UN, the DAVOS Manifestos and so forth have laid it out plainly.


  1. Great insights on the “new world order” THANKS for all your writings. I really thought Halliburton ect….would have cashed in on the Iraqi oil reserves, such reports I have not seen. Same in Venezuela for the Chicoms, or other powers being able to develop resources there. Maybe it’s just a drill and capping till after the reset for those that remain. Truly the four horsemen are riding and many may starve to death on soyent green.

    • Sometimes, all you can say is that, “it’s complicated.” Venezuela doesn’t want to be a satrap of the CCP anymore than Iraq wants to be a satrap of Iran. Ireland didn’t want to be controlled by Endland anymore than the US did… when in the course of human events, etc.

  2. I suspect “Consumer confidence at 70-year low” reflects confidence in government as well.

  3. There was a time when the SF short story “Lipidleggin” was considered fanciful. And now we see it didn’t go far enough, depicting “merely” the militant do-gooderism that CS Lewis warned us about. Our actual “elites” are an order of magnitude worse.


    We can still hate on Bill Gates, right? He’s not a member of any recognized victim groups? Maybe for the sake of PR he should become Wilhelmina Gates. (And that’d be a big hearty FY to Musk mocking him with that “pregnant man” emoji. With all that belly fat (converting androgens to estrogens via aromatase) he’s already halfway there.)

    “Unsustainable to buy food…”
    While I generally do not endorse cannibalism, given current circumstances I’ll make an exception for those who will literally “eat the rich”.

    In cheerful news, the A&W in Birch Run, Michigan still serves root beer floats in chilled glass mugs. (But you can get them in disposable cups for take out.)

      • X2

        As Kipling put it, “But that’s all shove behind me, long ago and far away, and there ain’t no busses running, from the Bank to Mandalay.

        • I can still taste those burgers, or the memory of them. Closest are the ones I cook at home, but still missing something.

          Modern fast food pales in comparison.

          • X3

            I used to hang out at the “Dog ‘N Suds” (aka “Arf and Barf”) near where I had my shop. Great root beer floats, and their other items were decent, too.

  4. A&W: Hasn’t been the same since they quit serving in frosted mugs on trays hanging from your Father’s window (Obviously, driver’s side because if Dad was in the car, he was driving it).

    Dicks: Was there ever a corporate name more appropriate?

    Gates: Shouldn’t his name have been Dicks?

    • Gates wants his legacy to be that of a Dick. And he seems to be working very hard to make that happen every day.

      • He’s always been a dick. A big bag of them, in fact. From his early days of stealing other people’s code to the present time, he’s shown he has low (if any) morals, a superior attitude, few scruples, and minimal integrity….

  5. Will the Netherlands be the next Sri Lanka? The Netherlands has a population of around 17,000,000+, about 55,000 public service police, and combined armed forces or about 41,000. Estimated number of farmer is 300,000+. The farmers have already shown they will resist.

    I have fond memories of the Dutch from my Army days circa mid 1960’s. The Netherlands was a favorite 3 day pass destination. I hope the people can resist the scum currently in public office.

    • I share your fond memories of Holland. I worked with the Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten (counter-terrorism police) on a few matters in the 2002-3 timeframe. I can’t believe that it was twenty years ago, but the calendar doesn’t lie. The men I worked with were really first-rate, but I’m sure that they’ve retired by now. I have no idea what sort replaced them.

      • 1966 a buddy and I, both highly trained pathfinders, were lost in Holland in my POV. Flat terrain with heavy overcast was compounding the problem (some alcohol might have contributed). We were stopped pouring over a map when two ladies on bicycles stopped then gave us direction. As they rode away five very large men on bicycles passed. A few minutes later we started and as we drove up the road an impressive house was on our left. The group on bicycles were in the lane leading to the house. My buddy looked at me and wondered aloud if we had just met the Queen.

  6. Over the past five or so years we’ve witnessed the “woke” idiots torture and twist language around to the point it’s no longer recognizable. Even “Recession” has been changed to maintain appearances that “what you see with your own eyes isn’t true”.

    Not to be outdone, and to continue the charade narrative, The Basement Dweller in Chief came out yesterday – virtually mind you…is he real or Memorex?” – and said DJT is a criminal “for lacking “the courage to act” as police defending the U.S. Capitol suffered through “medieval hell.”

    Anyone believing this bald-faced lie, DESERVES THEIR CAPTIVITY AND SUBSEQUENT PAIN.

    The Great Reset BS is a slow creep that is picking up speed. When a proven useless former mayor who believes he is some Transportation Czar tells us to suck it up and pay high fuel prices so EV owners can feel less pain at their [diesel and coal-fired generated] “refueling” station, something is seriously wrong.

    Anyone believing the “in over his head” idiot, DESERVES THEIR CAPTIVITY AND PAIN.

    The Covid Crap is proving to be a total lie (we knew this). Heck, even The Scarf-Wearer said as much, admitting to directly lying to our President and Nation. Yet the same Gov’t Suspects are quadrupling down on the false narrative despite knowing we know the virus and the Not-A-Vax were created as bio-weapon and culling tools — a aspect that SHOULD RESULT in the firing squad for those involved. You don’t give quarter to evil doers, you eliminate them.

    Yet who will go to prison or directly to the hereafter as they should?

    No one…because the wolves are guarding the Congressional hen house.

    Hereafter, ANYONE still wearing masks or re-masking”, or getting yet another harmful to one’s DNA and immune system “booster”, DESERVES THE BAD RESULT.

    The Top Vacuous Moron, Sandy Cortez, was living with her mother and tending bar, now she’s worth some $29 million. How on God’s green earth does that friggin’ happen in such a short period with a $155K salary?

    Yet who calls her out? Who investigates obvious corruption and graft?

    No one.

    This next step by the World’s Blofeld’s – designed to hamstring the production of food, goods and services, energy, transportation…even if it means destroying their own economies…has one obvious end goal: Serfdom.

    BUT, for true American’s the solution is simple: Kill the parasite. THE start is to ignore anything the self-appointed authorities have done to ruin livelihoods and industry. Tell them to “Eff off”, and get back to work. Play their bluff. See who wins that war.

    Yet I also fear November will be too late as they scoff and laugh at us…which alone is enough reason to bulldoze their clubhouse, clear out the rotted hay from the barn. Start clean. We already have The Document as a blueprint to begin again…and enough weaponry to prove we mean business.

    Those “farmers” at our beginning were just normal people working and struggling to feed their families when some British moron showed up and told them “We get half”. They said: “Uh, no you don’t.”

    We are no different. I believe we are tasked with starting our own Great American Reset. Thankfully God smiles on His warriors.

    (Rant over…besides, it’s a beautiful day here for July and there is more to life than dealing with morons and idiots.)

    • Most days are beautiful. The creeping rot that we all see needs to be stopped, but possibly not today. It’s supposed to rain all day here and it rained all day yesterday, but we need the moisture.

      Most people are content to wait for the mid-terms and I agree with that. If that election is rigged there will be some serious sheet flying. That’s my prediction.

      • To God’s ears.

        My patience is wearing thin, partly because every time I send a “missive” I get some boilerplate brushoff response (aside from the above, I do try to make my point concisely to TPTB – 30 sec. Executive Rule). Frosts the shorts…every one of them have forgotten who they work for.

        Now off to the salt mines, morning angst-session is over. (My Slippers have not arrived)

        • I went to see the new doctor today after waiting over a month for the appointment. The clinic required face diapers.
          They now know how I feel about that.
          I’m ready. I’ve had enough.
          I will not go quietly.

  7. I wonder how much of the Great Reset is due to various “world leaders” saying “here hold my beer, watch what I can make the proles in my country do”? Change is inevitable but the direction we as a society is going is absolutely nuts. These people care about power and money and not the people they ostensibly represent.

    A&W. Brings back memories.

    Covid booster: Oh great, I get to avoid another one. Does make me wonder if/when they will start sneaking it into the flu shot but that is just paranoid isn’t it.

    • I stopped taking the flu shot for that very reason. I asked my doctor (of many years) why I should trust it any more than the plague vax that I refused. He looked at me and said, “I won’t take it” much like our in-house doctor here on VM, Mike_C. There is a lot of rotten stuff going on and whereas I took my flu shot every year, trusting the medical establishment, I’m wary now.

      And you can blaggard me all you want by calling me a kool-aid drinker. I’m not a doctor or a medical professional and for years I trusted that they would act generally in my best interest. I still have trust in doctors, particularly my doctor. I have underlying health issues that can be ascribed to the life that I have lived. If it wasn’t for doctors, I’d be dead now.

      This new tribe of woke, MD’s worries me, Ed.

      • LL, I need cortisone shots in my knees on occasion, I request to see the vial and verify it is the steroid printed on the vial and I will not allow the doc to inject unless I see him or his nurse draw the steroid directly in front of me. I too refuse any flu, pneumonia, covid clot inoculents. I even told any doc place in big red letters on my chart: NO FLU/COVID INJECTIONS. I am a retired MSN and I don’t trust any medical person now, it radically started changing in the mid 80s…

        • Had a series of cortisone shots when I was in my early 20s to combat a swelling knee. Found out later that it can cause early onset of cataracts, which is what happened to me.

      • “This new tribe of woke, MD’s worries me”

        Worries me too. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege of interacting with students from a number of US top-ranked medical schools (e.g Harvard, Penn, Duke, Michigan, UCSF, Stanford, you get the idea). While these students are for the most part decent and well-meaning people, the majority appear to have internalized the social justice/D.I.E. mindset to a ridiculous degree (e.g. “The first thing you should do when meeting a new patient is to ask their pronouns.”) And about 60% willingly wear masks when those are not required.

        I’m getting paranoid about the flu shot as well. Asked to see the vial last fall because I was seriously concerned that they might “screw it up” and give me a Pfizer jab. (Big corporate push for 100% compliance and all that.) Also, the flu shot was ridiculous at the time given other health stuff going on with me, but it was a requirement for continued employment. Required despite two subspecialists concurring that it would be totally useless and was frankly stupid. But still, there we were. I knuckled under because I was already fighting the Pfizer Jab, and didn’t want to open a second front of what I considered lower priority.

          • x2. They aren’t principles until you have to defend them.

            Flu shots are 3-5 years behind the variant, efficacy was 2-8%. I never got one, figured it was pointless. And now for reasons you both cite, never will.

            We hardly hear anything about what these companies put people through, including bankruptcies. What happens when those fired for not taking an unknown substance into their body (now proving to be reprehensibly detrimental) collectively sue? The lawyers should be all over this, to a righteous conclusion. Could be worse than WalMart’s earning report for those who took funny money to do Satan’s work.

          • I’ll say it again.
            I went to see the new doctor today after waiting over a month for the appointment. The clinic required face diapers.
            They now know how I feel about that.

      • Don’t forget the lowest incidence of flu in recent memory was during the so-called pandemic.

        I’ve had the flu shot and gotten and not gotten the flu. I’ve not had the flu shot and gotten and not gotten the flu. If there’s any correlation between the results of getting or not getting the flu shot, I haven’t seen it. So pretty much, I’m done getting them. What’s the sense of being a Luddite if I can’t act like one?

  8. Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has been all over this….some scary shit going on. It’s right in front of us and they are not even trying to hide their plans. Sleepwalking into servitude.

  9. Electric bill was $450. Last year was $250. FJB.

    Dozen Jumbo eggs yesterday was $5.15. Last year during the Chicken Flu kill-off only got to $3.00. FJB again.

    F… Bill Gates and all the other assholes like them.

    Yeah, ‘rent’ farmland. Dept Peonage one step closer.

        • It’s not so much knowing where they live, it’s knowing where the people behind them who are the stringpullers live.

          • The problem with The Swamp is that the string-pulling is distributed across a vast and complex network – many heads of the hydra and all that. Our government is a vast kleptocracy.

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