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A celebration of entropy should not be our goal.


Bullet Points:

** The concept of a national police force in the US to replace state, county, and municipal agencies is being floated again.

Your reaction to this says a lot about your confidence in Joe/Ho and the people calling the shots in the Beltway – the Swamp – the permanent DC establishment.

** Collectivism rejects individual responsibility. Criminals are victims of the social system, and victims are the perpetrators. Private property causes theft, gun-ownership causes murder, and marriage causes rape. Laws, police, and prisons all cause crime. Likewise, Jews are Nazis, each and all of them, regardless of individual words or deeds. The fact of innocence or guilt never matters, only collective membership.

** “Failure is irrelevant unless it is catastrophic.” – Musk

** The moment you give in to something they want, perhaps something that is not unreasonable, they change the rules and make you wrong in another way. You’ll never be right. This is why the left is always consuming itself. If someone does stake a claim on some particular philosophical point, the woke orthodoxy will soon mutate, leaving that person in the cold. They must either submit to the ever-changing new “truth” or be branded an enemy forever.

** Multiculturalism says failed societies are the same as successful societies, which means no lessons about what causes failure or success will ever be learned. Likewise, subjectivism says all statements of fact are opinion matters: truth is an illusion.

** Is it only white men (members of the entitled patriarchy) who push the notion that race and gender exist?

** Earth has experienced cold periods (informally referred to as “ice ages” or “glacials”) and warm periods (“interglacials”) on roughly 100,000-year cycles for at least the last 1 million years. The last of these ice age glaciations peaked* around 20,000 years ago. The last glacial melt in North America, Europe, and Asia occurred 12,000 years ago. Nobody blamed humans for global warming then.

** Big Mike Obama — the First Lady, billionaires, celebrities, film stars, and athletes are each a victim of oppression if dark-skinned — the fact that they were affirmative-actioned to the head of every line, receiving real and obvious legal and social privileges denied to Whites, is insignificant.


Marxism on Campus

(American Thinker) The campuses of America’s colleges and universities are awash in Marxist ideology and tolerance for Fascist/Nazi tactics as well as cowardice and lemminglike groupthink by professors and presidents.  The chaotic and perilous end-product of these mindsets is what Americans are witnessing today in the virulent antisemitism, support for Islamic terrorism, and anti-Americanism at so many colleges and universities.

Thirty-five years ago, the New York Times published an article entitled “The Mainstreaming of Marxism in US Colleges,”  describing how, despite unmitigated failures and the collapse of Marxism around the world, Marxist ideas were becoming mainstream in the halls of American universities.

The Marxists in America, recognizing that the traditional class conflict argument would not work in the United States, promoted one simplistic tenet– the world is divided into the oppressors and the oppressed.  Therefore, the oppressors must be overthrown by any means possible if there is to be a “just and equitable” society.

This brilliant blueprint plays on the American national proclivity to invariably cheer for the underdog. The key element of this strategy is to indoctrinate students to see every social relation or interaction through the lens of oppression and conflict.



Identify the Aircraft


Please be specific


Identify the Armor/Vehicles


3 & 4


Parting Shot

Failed Landing





44 thoughts on “Not That Again!

  1. “The concept of a national police force in the US to replace state, county, and municipal agencies is being floated again.”

    I hardly know where to begin.

    My opinion: Americans suffer from the deliberate mis-education of our own history; we suffer from the concept that our Constitution is in its pristine state and not perverted by history itself. God has been driven from our schools and replaced by the Imperial Federal Government.

    Americans are used to thinking that upon the ratification of the Constitution, our Republic was established and has remained inviolate since that time; that it was “saved” by Abraham Lincoln in a victorious war waged by the noble and patriotic Union over the traitorous and wicked slave-masters of the South. But we must remember that the war not only ended the South’s attempt at secession—a right guaranteed under that same Constitution—but also in large part, ended the Republic as it was set up under that Constitution by the Founders. ~ Valerie Protopapas, Lincoln’s Total War, September 28, 2021,

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Bristol Blenheim Mk. V
    Identify the Armor/Vehicles:
    2. Panzer IV
    3. Goliath tracked mine
    4. DUKW

  3. IDA-
    1 .Bristol Blenheim Mk. V
    2. Panzerkampwagen IV
    3. German Beetle remote-controlled miniature explosive tank,
    4. DUKW 353

  4. Campus Crap- I’m still in the mode of “let ’em burn the places down”, as long as it can be contained to the the quad. The janitor who was taken “hostage” (by these wonderful peaceful ANARCHISTS)…said they were organized and knew exactly what to do once on campus, was astounded they had the materials and a tall enough ladder to cover the CCTV’s. Yeah…nothing to see there. This Operation is “ONE” in the run up to the election to keep the unitiated on their heels…6 months is a long time to foment chaos.
    National Police- Already here.
    Entropy- Today local Zoning and Building would disallow such an operation to exist without a massive pile of paperwork that costs more than to build the thing….under the guise of “public health and safety”. Those of us who look at that and look back fondly on such iconic way-station places understand what America is all about. The rest, not so much. Heck, Boys Scouts is fully toast now…taking “Boy” out of the title. The Left – along with complicit eff’n weak men – destroys everything it gets its hooks into. My BSA gear is in my same 1972 footlocker, along with my dads…despicable move by the WIIC (Weak Idiots In Charge).

    Solzhenitsyn knew their game…the first one of the rabble thru the door that gets the air let out of him will make the others rethink their political anarchy. Yesterday saw that our rat Gov. Polis (Colorado) signed (yet another 2A destructive measure) legislation that will require credit card companies to track purchases of firearms and ammunition. These bums have “sneaky-a$$ subversive” down to a science. Need to know the game better than them to sidestep this demented garbage. Cash is King now. Time to round up all the released wolves on the Western Slope wreaking havoc on ranchers and drop them downtown Denver. SISU MAGA ™
    #4 looks like a mine sweeper Rumba.

    1. There was an article on Instapundit today about class action civil lawsuits against the “protestors”. Basically using lawfare against the type of people who originally came u p with the idea. Seems to have a lot of merit but it sure would stop up the legal system, which might not be a bad thing come to think of it.

      1. Great idea…circumnavigates the corrupt DA’s who refuse to prosecute thieves and murderers, and would clearly give these chaos-organizers a free pass under the guise of “free speech”…despite it akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater. Yet, and this is the rub, how many judges like the bums we see sitting before PDJT would simply say , “no standing” to anyone bringing such a suit, as they did with election fraud cases? In the old days traffic-blockers would get run over (“Oopsie…quit playing in the street you moron”). And those who ifiltrate offices, Statehouses, and now campuses, effectively blocking “business”, would be in jail for a few weeks to help fix their attitude. But maybe better would be a Class Action suit…squash them like the bugs they are.

        1. The federal government would find a way to drag the cases into US District Court – maybe on a civil rights basis, then quash it.

    1. are you sure??

      where has that “thinking” gotten “us” in mid ‘24?

      sure of a bright future going forward?

      perhaps i am blind.
      but i don’t see it.

      i see a bunch
      self deluded
      self righteous


      sue me

    2. They’d simply consolidate counties into “federal districts” of some sort. Most US counties are historical artifacts. They’d be easier to manage in many cases if they were larger with fewer yapping local politicians. Sheriffs and district attorneys fit in with posse comitatus and that would have to go.

    1. If LL did that I’m going to slink away in shame and defeat…can he get anymore renaissance? Impressive.

      1. If LL did “the header painting”…that other one is chaos while his is more serene, captures the essence of the ESB long view and street scene (5th Avenue?).

  5. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?”

    The trick is, and I just realized this yesterday (silly me), that every time they come to someone’s door in battle gear, it’s for some “legitimate” infraction.
    Because everybody is guilty of something these days.
    Imagine a frontiersman in his/her cabin worrying about pestilence, savages, drought, being also concerned that there will be government goons at their door because there was a mistake in their credit record, property or income tax filing, having been in D.C. on the wrong day, some neighbor calling CPS, or Red Flag “laws”, or having commented at Larry’s.

    And the neighbors will say, “Well, I guess that’s what you get….”

        1. me too. the new local sheriff is the old sheriff that was kicked out for corruption and cronyism. his boys are back to roadside tax collecting instead of keeping the peace. some people have short memories. i don’t.

  6. I miss real taxis. It’s all been downhill since the Checker Marathon.
    IDK if that’s a failed landing; that guy seems to be walking away.
    – Kle.

  7. National Police force meets “back the blue”! Just like being sold a narrative.

    Replace “if every Security operative ” with “oligarch bodyguard” and we might be getting somewhere.

    To paraphrase Tolstoy: Failed societies are all alike. Successful societies are unique in their own way.

    1. Because you know history and the useful idiots chanting “death to Jews!” don’t, either were never taught or ignore it because it’s inconvenient to their desired demented outcome.

  8. The frat boy push back on campus gives me some hope. The best line was “FU and you need to loose some weight”

    FU is more common than the use of the word “the”. “‘and you need to loose some weight” makes it personal. I like that.

    Go frat boys. They look the same as in 1979. Tom

  9. The Pz-IV looks like an early Ausf A, lacking applique armor plates added in later production and in field kits. It only had 8-16mm of frontal armor, meant to withstand 7.92mm AP rounds. It was hideously vulnerable to anything heavier, and from the sides and rear, any antitank rifle could penetrate it.

  10. Love that second picture. What does the bottle have written on it? I just cant make that out AOL maybe?

    1. Honestly, it’s exceptional in capturing the “feel”. Perfect in technique with perspective and shadowing. I have something to aspire to now.

  11. Ouch, they ‘bent’ that one… Looks like at least some of the crew survived (one hanging, one in the cockpit). I’m betting combining gear transmission failure on that one.

  12. Interesting header graphic. The next one down usually gets put in the “Forgotten America” cataegory, but I think it should go in the “Lost America” spot.
    Truth is an Illusion, huh? Just try standing in front of a speeding train and wishing it into the cornfield.
    One (or several by now) of the Universities out here has released a report/statement that the majority of the “protesters” had nothing to do with the school or classes.
    Poor Chinook…..

        1. As my OCD demanded identification, the Sea Knight is hanging from the stern of USS Suribachi (AE-21).

  13. National Police, yet another great idea from the minds behind the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany.

    Cannot make this crap up. What goes around comes around.

    Reminds me of back during the Wallstreet/Capitalism protests during Bush II’s years. I literally told someone that they should be using the phrase “Work Will Make You Free” and the good little socialists from pre-DeSantis’ UF all liked that. And they didn’t get it when I said it sounded better in the original German.

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