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Caption: King of the Road


NOTE: Kings, beggars, heroes, and cowards all fall before the scythe.



This is untrue. USGOV has trained tens of thousands of people to overthrow governments or to act as force multipliers in insurrection scenarios. The most overt is the Special Forces Q Course (see cap left), but there are others. The Career Trainee (CT) course conducted by the CIA at the Farm has a module dedicated to teaching the skills necessary to conduct covert operations (war by other means). Some classes are stand-alone, and some are integrated into more involved coursework. Many people who spent their lives doing that very thing are retired. It doesn’t mean that they lack skills.


Gunkanjima Island – Nagasaki, Japan .

Once the most densely populated place in the world, this island is now a ghost town.

The tiny, fortress-like island lies just off the coast of Nagasaki. A seawall rings the island, covered in tightly packed buildings and entirely abandoned – a ghost town that has been completely uninhabited for over forty years. In the early 1900s, Gunkanjima was developed by the Mitsubishi Corporation, which believed – correctly – that the island was sitting on a rich submarine coal deposit.

The mine grew deeper and longer for almost the next hundred years, stretching out under the seabed to harvest the coal powering Japan’s industrial expansion. By 1941, the island, less than one square kilometer in area, produced 400,000 tonnes of coal annually.

Many of those working slavishly in the undersea mine were forced laborers from Korea.
Even more remarkable than the mine was the city that had grown up around it.
Ten-story apartment complexes were built on the tiny rock to accommodate the miners—a high-rise maze linked together by courtyards, corridors, and stairs. The protective seawall encircled schools, restaurants, and gaming houses.

The island became known as “Midori nashi Shima,” without green.

Amazingly, by the mid-1950s, it housed almost six thousand people, giving it the highest population density the world has ever known. And then the coal ran out.
Mitsubishi closed the mine, everyone left, and this island city was abandoned, left to revert back to nature.

The apartments began to crumble, and for the first time, green things started to grow in the barren courtyards. Broken glass and old newspapers blew over the streets, and the sea breeze whistled through the windows.

Fifty years later, the island is exactly as it was just after Mitsubishi left—a ghost town in the middle of the sea.


Bullet Points:

** I’ve heard people say, ” We’ll vote out the Biden Regime in 2024.” I don’t want to rain on their parade, but we didn’t vote the Biden Regime into office (including down-ticket Dems) in 2020. Jo/Ho were installed.

** Car and Driver reports EV losses at Ford. Go woke, go broke.

** Both sides are chanting Let’s go Brandon at the Palestinian Protests on campus – yet he remains the most popular president in US history. At UCLA, they’re saving the planet at the same time as they protest.

** Claudio brought this article to my attention. It deals with Sweden’s naval plans for the next decade, and one key point is the discussion of manning difficulties. Sweden’s problems are not unique. The British Royal Navy can’t crew all of its ships, either. The US Navy is much larger than regional navies, but the new woke US Navy (join the navy as a man, become a woman—or the reverse) and DEI are making it very difficult to staff. In a nation of 80% white people, the Navy suggests that it doesn’t want to draw from that 80% unless you’re LGBTQ2I+. The pool of qualified recruits drops, and the hostile work environment toward majority persons (suspected of dripping with privilege and patriarchy) means that it’s not your daddy’s navy. Is there a solution? The UK/Swedish problem differs from the US, but the result is similar – the inability to crew a navy. My solution is to create a Foreign Naval Legion. Take people from other nations who want work and a pathway to citizenship, train them, and allow them to go to specific rates – possibly those that don’t require a security clearance. The US has drawn foreign nationals into its Navy for a long time with this concept, but it can be expanded. Some people may want the job badly enough that they don’t mind working closely with trannies, freaks, and misfits (in the US scenario).

** If you eat sloppy joe sandwiches, do you put a couple of pickle slices on them? What about a slice of cheddar?

** (The Bee) LOS ANGELES, CA—In a new initiative to streamline the school’s identification process, UCLA announced it would replace previous student IDs with fashionable identifying armbands.

Inspired by historical European fashion trends, university administrators sought to develop a new way to quickly and efficiently identify certain students. They settled on distributing highly visible armbands as the best option.

“Now we’ll know who everyone is!” said UCLA spokesperson Rita Barnett. “With so many unsettling things taking place on college campuses these days, it can be helpful to know who everyone is and prepare to deal with them accordingly. These new armbands will make things much easier as we figure out a final solution for certain… people groups. And they’re so fashionable, too!”

** Longer (but not to Moscow) range missiles are arriving in Ukraine. Claudio mentioned that Italian Storm Shadow Missiles are being sent to Ukraine, and British missiles will soon arrive. When you marry these weapons systems with classified US targeting data, they could be a game changer in the proxy war between NATO and Russia.

** The first measure of a ruler or a leader is to look at the people they surround themselves with.

** Seinfeld weighs in on the female brain. What about this?

** VDH Speaks: @VDHanson  Politicized faculty, infantilized students, and mediocre classes have combined to erode the prestige of college degrees, even at once elite colleges. A degree from Columbia no longer guarantees either maturity or preeminent knowledge. Still, it is just as likely a warning to employers of a noisy, poorly educated graduate more eager to complain to Human Resources than to enhance a company’s productivity.

** (Mail) “OnlyFans internet influencer/star Farha Khalidi claims she was paid by Biden administration to spread political propaganda to her thousands of social media followers.” Her legs aren’t the only things she spreads.


Identify the Armor/Vehicles





Identify the Aircraft




Parting Shot

Listen to Big Mike Obama mansplain it to you…



57 thoughts on “Living Large

  1. Missiles – will they start firing them off as soon as they get the intro training, or will they be held back until they have enough to make tactical/strategic use of them?

    1. they won’t. we (the cia) will, as we do currently. that’s what is so embarrassing. russia is fighting the entirety of nato with one hand tied behind putin’s back and still winning.

  2. “OnlyFans internet influencer/star…”- Star? Influencer? I’m no prude, but geez, look how far society has fallen to call these skill-less narcissists, “influencers” of anything more than their bank accounts. The fact The Administration uses her “channel”to push propaganda in order to sway the already warped…sad state of affairs. History repeat, only now we have video on our phones.
    Gunkanjima – Interesting how nature reclaims itself…given enough time. I’m surprised that island didn’t tip over if there was a block party on one end (Just ask Rep. Hank Johnson, he’ll explain). And Mother Nature will not be mocked…read a blurb some genius “renewable” company decided to build a massive floating solar panel “farm” on the backwaters of Omkareshwar Dam (India), a week into operation strong winds made a mess of it. Man plans, God laughs.

      1. Exactly! More likely was Cohen not Trump who was involved with Daniels. Then again, Congress has a $17mil slush fund for such dalliances, possibly why the Fed’s didn’t prosecute (aka found no law broken), political exposure was too great. But the media has made this into a hush money case when it’s not…Daniels herself has said it didn’t happen (with Trump). But people sell their souls to the cash god inside of a heartbeat, denying their own statements.

      2. This just in: “…testimony today by Trump corporate comptroller Jeff McConney testified he alone was the one who instructed the accounting department to classify payments to Michael Cohen as “legal expenses….never spoke to Trump about it.”

        In a lawful society (aka, NOT the DA/Court of NYC), this case would immediately be dismissed after this admission…Bragg’s (and The Biden Admin) entire case against Trump asserts the opposite, so – in a normal world – should immediately be toast. Nope…the Judge is so corrupt he sidestepped actual facts and truth while again fining Trump for asserting his 1A right to free speech. The level or deranged demented-ness makes the Campus Squatters look like calm picnickers.

  3. navy? manning doesn’t matter when there’s nothing left operational to man. and i still can’t get used to seeing soldiers with full beards. i guess they don’t know about sarin.

  4. Identify the Armor/Vehicles-
    1. ADGZ
    2. Panzer DB
    3. Krupp Protze-Truck
    Identify the Aircraft-
    4. Sud-Ouest SO.30 N Bellatrix jet
    5. Ikarus 452M

    1. Congratulations on identifying the Bellatrix! There were so many one-off conversions of propeller aircraft in the 1940s.

      1. Thank you. The S.N.C.A.S.O SO.30N Bellatrix was the precursor to the better known SO.30P Bretagne; but with a tail-wheel undercarriage, fully faired windscreen and a complicated arrangement of internal bulkheads to carry the load of its mid-wing attachment points across the cabin interior. The jet engines gave it away.

  5. Identify the Armor/Vehicles:
    1. Steyr ADGZ
    2. Nashorn SPG
    3. Kfz.69
    Identify the Aircraft:
    4. TBD
    5. Ikarus 452M

    1. I too, would return to that! I lived in my 19′ travel trailer and the only furniture I owned was a lift/recliner and a roll around office chair. Now I live in an apartment and I have stuff, I don’t want STUFF! I gally vanted all over the Southern and Mid Western states for 9 years and it is calling me back like the sirens of nautical lore. Not having stuff own you was refreshing and liberating. if I disappear that is what happened…

      1. keep in touch here or at Phil’s.
        I’d be doing the same if my used/abused 70 year old body permitted.
        Life’s short and freedom is fadt fleeing my friend!


      2. Living the HOA dream here; right next to do-gooder busybody who just f’d all the property lighting and cries when neighbors say fixthis or “talk to my lawyer”. M8ght downsize to a new truck and trailer myself.

  6. Nize hat !
    I like the art of that trailer, too.
    Why do I suspect that even considering the vast size of the engine nacelles
    on that French airliner, they made very little thrust?
    – Kle.

      1. It’s a centrifugal compressor engine, like in the Gloster Meteor. They tend to be pretty rotund engines compared to axial flow engines.

  7. This is the first time I’ve heard of a ghost town in Japan.. I’ve read a couple of things over the last year or so about empty/abandoned houses in Japan, just not enough people to fill them. The stories were about someone getting one (house/apartment) and rehabbing it…
    When Obama went into the White House all they had was their home in Chicago, looks like living in the White House pays well these days.. Truman took the train back to Missouri when he finished his service.

    1. …and said home was down the street from Domestic Terrorist turned college indoctrinator…err…”professor” Bill Ayers…a very nice neighborhood. Thing is with The Democrat Marxists (redundant? not anymore), is they so believe “the pie” is fixed at a finite size; that is, if your piece is a little bigger then – by their warped demented logic – their piece is smaller. It’s worse than a 3 year-old saying her little brother got more mini marshmallows in their hot chocolate (the beginnings of Karen-level envy and hubris). The problem is the adults create chaos with their whining.

      1. The Weathermen (Ayers, etc) were a surprisingly (I am legally obligated to say this) homogenous group of militant leftists and ultimately terrorists who mostly grew up quite comfortably in nice neighborhoods. Ayers grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, for example. Glen Ellyn has a median household income that places it above the 90th percentile of the US and over 60% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, which makes it both rich and educated.

        A shocking (I am not legally obligated to say this part, and it used to shock me, but it doesn’t any longer; sadly) proportion of leftist theorists seem to me to be acting out of a weird sort of “compassion” which claims to love all humanity, but treats individuals like shit. Actually they don’t treat individuals like shit. They treat individuals as subhuman cattle too stupid to make rational decisions for themselves, but rather must be led by the intellectual vanguard of the proletariat, who tend to be a surprisingly (legally obligated) homogenous group of persons. I don’t know if it’s knowing hypocrisy, or genuine blindness about the contradictions in their own behavior. It can’t however be excused by stupidity because they are (for the most part) not stupid persons.

        If it is hypocrisy, then I can legitimately hate them, because I think it is fair and in fact moral to hate hypocrites. If it is unknowing blindness, then it’s difficult. A genuinely stupid person can be forgiven much because they’re, well, stupid. They probably didn’t choose to be stupid, so it’s not right to hate them for it. One might as well hate a person for being born a type I diabetic or a midget. Ridiculous and cruel. But persons such as Ayers are smart. That’s demonstrated by their speech, writings, and often professional accomplishments. Smart people who refuse to do the work of introspection and self correction get less of a pass. What IS clear to me is that smart people who do bad things, even if sincerely (though incorrectly) believing they are doing good, do NOT deserve support, much less praise or even lionization. But because our infotainment and education complexes seem to be over-represented with persons who want to be like Ayers (only they’re dumber), well, it’s not surprising how things play out. We’ve let the worst people become the guardians of our culture, and indeed our history.

        1. Mike, I graduated high-school in 1969 when the Weather Underground started. I watched it all unfold my first two years at a local community college. They were Interesting Times. I’m tempted to say it took them fifty years to win, but the fight isn’t over yet,

          1. The slow burn of patience to gain their anarchy…th3re can only be one solution to eliminate the threat.

        2. Bill Ayers and his ilk are psychopaths or sociopaths. They are smart but lack any empathy towards others only seeking their goals of power. That can be pretty much said of all of the leaders of the Democrats.

          1. Yup. The end justifies the means…collateral damage of the innocent is a mere speed bump they give themselves a free pass. No changing the demented mentality…but there is a “fix”. The older I get the less tolerant I have gotten with those wishing to generate anarchy and chaos…because everything now affects my bottom line, and by extension, my life. No quarter given (as best I can mitigate the idiots out there telling me how to live my life).

  8. +1 on the trailer art. I read elsewhere that CederQ just moved. I wonder if that is his new digs.

    Sloppy Joe. Pickles on the side. That said, wife and I are at that point in lives where we need to go low salt. We are experimenting.

  9. silly questions:
    are those who supply armaments, and/or information to one combatant legitimate targets for the other combatant?
    If such be the case, why didn’t we bomb Hanoi back in the day?
    multiple guess quiz:
    Is this a dispute between Valdimir Vladimirovich and Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, or Valdimir Vladimirovich and Ursula Gertrud, or Valdimir Vladimirovich and Joseph Robinette, or have we been in WWIII and the MSM are asleep?

      1. Thank you, Ed, I understood that.
        But: still doesn’t answer the question of Hanoi, not that I’m stirring up the natives.

        1. Bomb Hanoi when, what year? I suppose when doesn’t really make a difference save that the political winds in the states were becoming more fierce with time.
          The ‘peace talks’ would have been an excellent time militarily but not politically. After, say 1967, the U.S. effort was doomed.

          Short answer ; Robt. McNamara.
          That SOB. Oh, and FLBJ.

          What has changed? To this day politics micromanaging the prosecution of war. Always has, I reckon. But VN supercharged that dynamic. So now it is to an ever finer degree to which blankety blank stupid idiotic (expletive deleted) in DC unwaveringly put their incompetence before the world’s stage. Unknowingly, because they’re stupid.

          1. That is not to say U.S. did not make consistent courageous and valiant efforts. They did.
            The was was lost at home, specifically in DC

          2. Yeah.
            We didn’t win, because nobody in charge seemed to be interested in winning.
            Now it has become a National Characteristic.
            – Kle.

          3. SAC, TAC and the Navy bombed the Bejesus out of Hanoi in 1972 (see The Eleven Days of Christmas by Marshall L. Michel III) when the North walked out of the peace talks in Paris right before Christmas. Didn’t take long for them to decide to walk back in and agree to most of their demands………don’t get me started on the Paris Accords, not to mention the abandonment of the South by a Democratic Congress, or we’ll be here all day.

  10. Going to skip your first point; reality is too painful.

    Not sure about your Naval suggestion. Did not go so well for the Romans or the Egyptians (Mamlukes). There has been a process for foreign nationals to serve in the US Army and, I am guessing, earn citizenship. If we are going that way, you could set up a recruiting station at Port Biden, Gaza. Probably get about 200,000 volunteers. Everyone of them would love to serve on a boomer.

    On the subject of Foriegn legions, any free opinions on how the French Foriegn legion is going to change Russian thinking?

  11. A large slice of extra sharp cheddar on everything for this old farm boy. My dad and grandpa both died from eating too much cheese! Grandpa was 95, and dad was 101! “Drink lots of milk boys, it’s the only thing we have plenty of!”

  12. Nice off-grid location in the opening graphic. It even has a rudimentary Faraday Cage! All it needs are a few tattered Harbor Freight tarps draped around. The small, strategically placed pyramids are a nice touch, but that rug! I just love how it really ties the room together……

    Nice hat! Some of us retired civvies have useful TechnoWizard Skillz that we never forgot. What Mr. Scott said about fancy plumbing is quite true.

    Our Military is being destroyed from within. A very bad sign of a decaying nation……

      1. Better than a 6×12 tiny house. We lived in our 12′ 1956 Shasta when building the house…gets tight after a time…whereas LL’s AI trailer reminded me of Lucy and Desi’s The Long, Long Trailer, albeit shorter than some of the ones going down the road these days.

  13. Off grid …needs two dogs and a camp fire pit with a heavy cast iron stew pot on a chain.

  14. We got to fly over Gunkanjima a few years ago in a Seahawk, on the way out to pick up a ship off Sasebo. Eerie, to put it mildly! And no, no pickles or cheese on Sloppy Joes! If you could afford them, you were eating something besides Sloppy Joes! 🙂

  15. influencer/star Farha Khalidi. a narcissistic personality disorder if I ever diagnosed one. That is the only thing we now have in abundance and a growth industry. I am not impressed with her resume and subjects she espouses on, pure clap trap. I know I am not immediately attracted to melanin enhanced women, I prefer mine with a almost complete lack of said melanin and a maturity and intelligence. This young woman is the poster child of our infantilized society. A rush to homogenized personhood, the same color, same infant maturity and an unholy ability to be propagandized easily. I shed a tear and pray a forgiveness and a pendulum swing back to common sense and a thriving civilization and society.

    1. No God in their lives, allows rot to take hold from the inside out. We are to pray for them, that God gets their attention…albeit, might be a catastrophic event…and even some won’t/don’t get the hint. Their lives are “symbolism over substance” (h/t Rush), it’s fake and fleeting, and when the body ages they will no longer be a viable marketable brand, then they’ll get depressed. No real man wants a used up woman. She – like a pile of others – fails to realize that woman are the gatekeepers, having sold their precious selves on the short-term cheap.

  16. I’m a bit confused, LL. Is Michelle saying she’s going to eat less pie? Well, by the looks of they/them, zhir certainly should do! And you’ll have noticed speculation’s rife, again, about Mitchell running for the big one.

    We can imagine all the millions flocking to the polls to vote for it, not that voting seems to matter much these days.

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