The Recent War

A friend asked me how I feel about the War in Afghanistan. I have a son-in-law who was disabled in that war. I have a scar from the earlier war there in the Stan (the secret one pre-9/11 aimed at the Soviets), but, that’s not quite my point here.

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer smiles for the camera after a bomb he was trying to disarm detonated in Afghanistan in 2011. He lost his right leg above the knee, his right arm below the elbow, and three fingers on his left hand. The second picture shows Meyer using a workout machine at the Wounded Warrior Hope & Care Center in Camp Pendleton, California.

How do I feel about the shameful debacle at the end? Let’s go Brandon!

It dishonored a lot of pain, loss, and depletion of national treasure.


Toad Venom?

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion, said in an interview Tuesday that he “died” during his first trip with toad venom.

The former boxer met with the New York Post at a psychedelics conference in Miami. He said he had his first trip with venom from the Sonoran Desert Toad, or Bufo alvarius, about four years ago while feeling down and out. He said he was taking heavy drugs and drinking. He gained 100 pounds at the time.

To me, the toad venom craze is a lot like eating Tide Pods or drinking fish tank cleaner.

Tyson – “In my trips, I’ve seen that death is beautiful,” he told the paper. “Life and death both have to be beautiful, but death has a bad rep. The toad has taught me that I’m not going to be here forever. There’s an expiration date.”

I don’t dislike Mike, and it seems to me that he needs more help than toad venom can provide.


The Alpha Bank Scandal

(The Federalist) “Do the f-cking alfa bank secret comms story, it is hugely important,” Fusion GPS’s Peter Fritsch pushed a media contact in the final weeks before the November 2016 general election, according to emails obtained by an open records request.

“Call David Dagon at Georgia tech,” Fritsch would then insist when the Reuters News investigative reporter countered that the problem with the story was an inability to authenticate the data… read the whole story at the link above


Finding more Docile Workers

I suspect the seething hostility that contemporary Woke progressives pour out toward working-class white people is essentially the bitter hatred of a spurned lover.

In the 1930s, Marxists and Socialists were utterly convinced that the Tom Joads (see Grapes of Wrath) of the world were naturally on their side, needing only mild prodding to enthusiastically take up the red banner and erect the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

As time wore on, it became increasingly clear that this was nothing but a fantasy, and working-class white people the world over wanted nothing to do with overeducated leftists’ delusional utopian fantasies.

Thus left-wing parties throughout the Western world have found it expedient to replace them with a new class of workers from the third world, more politically docile and compliant because they are alien to the republican traditions of self-government that Westerners inherited from Rome. It’s like a woman shacking up with a feckless, ne’er do well loser whom she deludes herself into thinking is a great “catch”, purely so she can spitefully rub it in her ex-boyfriend’s face.

The Woke are filled with the fury not just of a woman scorned, since the proletarians rejected their love, and with the grief of a widow in mourning, since the Marxist dreams of European dominion died and were buried when the Berlin Wall fall, but also with the bitterness of an exiled prince whose subjects overthrew him rather than adored.

In Dependence for All

The Woke are Gnostics, therefore they see themselves, by right of their moral and mental superiority, as having the right to rule and to command and to be worshipped as Divine little Caesars. They want harems of pretty women, or, more likely, pretty little boys, to pleasure them sexually, while idols of massive marble and gold are erected above all the toppled steeples and burned churches of the world.

Most of all, they want revenge on Christ and all his followers, for doubting their ultra-divine ability to solve all worldly ills. Even Christ cannot abolish poverty in this age, but the Gnostics, thanks to the magic powers of their ineffable self-worth, can and shall!

When the hosts of those they sought as subjects, slaves, and worshippers turn away, only hollow rage remains. They no longer dream of Utopia, only of destruction.


  1. Just wait until those “docile workers” join the military; the ultimate destruction of our nation will then be complete.

  2. The class wars never came about due to the economic opportunities most saw, Tom Joad and the Greta Depression (exacerbated by leftist monetary policy) notwithstanding.
    So they had to switch to the race wars.
    So far, so good.
    But now people are beginning to believe their own eyes.
    These only come out with much fasting and prayer.

  3. It’s hard for some to believe their entire existence is threatened by a few with the power to destroy the economy of a nation, and profit from the cruel deaths of millions. With enough of the “woke”, they’ll complete their task with the United States, and the entire world will gather to feast on the spoils.

    • It’s difficult for honest people to believe that there are such mountebanks in office. But they’re. present for all to see. Let’s go Brandon!

  4. God help us. (that was a prayer request)

    In the meantime top priorities are; stocking up on food stuffs and “other critical essentials”, laying in the Winter’s firewood (MrsPaulM has that just about finished), and keeping a weathered eye on things outside of ones immediate control. Maybe I won’t plow the road as much, keeps the uninvited from wandering into the ranch-ette. We’re charitable, but in prudence mode…God can’t steer a parked car.

      • Pretty sure He can…that was the [seriously] short version of a [much] longer sermon many moons ago — we have to engage. The Red (Reed?) Sea didn’t part until they committed and stepped in.

  5. “Most of all, they want revenge on Christ and all his followers, for doubting their ultra-divine ability to solve all worldly ills. ”

    I have never met a progressive woke type that does not have some kind of hate on for God and Christians.

    Indifference I can understand. Some people don’t believe and they never will.

    But these people genuinely hate God and are more than happy to persecute any Christian they meet. For now it’s just mocking and put downs, but if this was a Muslim society they would gladly join in with the stoning and burning.

    I took me until later in life to understand there are truly evil people in this world. And they can be someone you interact with everyday and with little problems. But if the opportunity ever rises where they could really let go, well, there is where you get your kappos. They were always there in plain sight.

  6. Tyson: “ The toad has taught me that I’m not going to be here forever. There’s an expiration date.”

    And this is news to you, Mike?

    I think Mike has been punched in the face a few too many times.

    • Most males tend to believe we are immortal, at least until roughly 50, then the reality of too many injuries as a kid start showing up and we all walk around like old football players. When that happens we come to the hard realization we are not the least bit immortal and simply hope to get out of bed and dressed without injury. Tyson apparently never reached this stage of enlightenment, despite getting his bell rung.

  7. War is the ultimate big government program, to break or eliminate all the brave capable people with guarding instincts so they can’t compete with the elites. The British and German kings, who are cousins, meet at a resort hotel and say ‘I’ll tell my peasants you’re attacking me, and you do the same, then we’ll both get drunk on the power and rich on the taxed loot.’

    On the other hand, the clot shot, jab mandates, relocation towards urban and rural, and modern monetary theory are all secret libertarian plots. Each of these concentrate the liberal base into a weaker position in an urban ghetto.

  8. Of late I’ve been saving various quotations from this blog, call them “Thoughts of Chairman Larry” if you will, and recently plucked this one from the archives, uttered by Dear Leader on 11 February, 2011 re: Afghanistan:

    “We shouldn’t be there at present and there is no evidence that things won’t revert as soon as we leave.”

    It’s easy to write the check if you aren’t the one guaranteeing payment. Damn all those assholes who got us into that mess and kept us there so very long at such tremendous cost. Not talking about the money, either.

  9. I’m still outraged over the “withdrawl” that the current administration botched. Completely fits the definintion of FUBAR.

    Toad venom is nothing new. I remember people doing it in college.

    Working class people always take it in the chops from the commies.

  10. The elites are ‘sure’ we are beneath them… It will be interesting to see if GT and those folks get subpoenaed! That will set the cat among the pigeons!

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