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To quote Old NFO’s Sunday contribution:

“Imagine a world where the police are the enemy, the government spies on citizens, the IRS is used to silence opposition, patriots are called terrorists and terrorism is called ‘workplace violence’, and the Democratic Party’s leading candidates are a socialist and an old lady under FBI investigation.”

The mainstream media has a love-hate relationship with Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, who they still maintain is not a serious candidate. But as much as Trump plays them like a fiddle, they enjoy him. They do not enjoy Dr. Ben Carson. Carson, to the media, is the worst sort of race traitor. He’s a man born into abject poverty in Detroit, raised by an illiterate single mother, who bootstrapped his way to be a celebrated neurosurgeon who is now running for president. Carson is a man of devout faith too, and I don’t know if they hate him more for being an American success story or for his belief in God.
To add insult to injury, Republicans (who the Democrats maintain are deeply racist) are supporting Dr. Carson on an equal footing with Donald Trump, the white fat cat billionaire. They mock Carson to the extent that their liberal hearts will allow, but Ben Carson just smiles and goes on being a quiet man with good common sense and a kind heart — preaching limited government, civil liberties, and a return from the socialist morass that is destroying the nation. And if the standard liberals hate Dr. Carson, #blacklivesmatter hates him with a vengeance because he says that all lives matter. What sort of insanity is THAT?
Americans are engaging in endless speculation on presidential politics these days. Jeb Bush is lashing out because nobody wants to come and hear him say anything, even though he’s raised a lot of money. Carly Fiorina surges after debates but has a difficult time keeping up in the polls. Hillary Clinton fears her, but it doesn’t seem as if she’ll gain the nation al traction that she needs. Marco Rubio is doing well, but not well enough. The same is true with Ted Cruz. The rest of the Republican pack needs to get out of the race.
The next President of the United States might just be Donald Trump. The Democrats have been fudging the numbers as we all know and 92 million Americans are out of the labor force/unemployed. Those numbers are staggering. Trump’s message of making America great again and his skill of bringing jobs back to American soil will resonate while Hillary promises another four years of Obama, only this time under female leadership.

22 thoughts on “Trump and Carson

  1. It's awfully tough to beat Santa Claus at the polls. That 'Free candy" cartoon above is so apt, it's not even funny. It's desperately depressing, because it works on election day.

    And come this election day, we'll see how much free stuff the Democrats can promise a gullible mob of low-info voters: free college, free health care, free bank accounts that will be confiscated from Wall Street fat cats, free this, free that. Hell, free everything: Democrats will legalize theft – just walk across the street, open your neighbor's garage door and steal, uh, er, I mean redistribute all his shit. Just vote for Democrats, and we'll make this happen.

    Good God Almighty, you think I'm kidding. I'm not.

  2. "I don't know if they hate him more for being an American success story or for his belief in God." Well said.

    Someone once said, "I hate politicians because they want power over people. I despise local politicians because they want power over people they know."

    Carson seems to be an exception. But I don't suppose he'll get the presidency; Trump? Perhaps.

  3. Trump and Carson?

    Trump and Fiorina?

    Trump and ??

    I admire and respect Dr. Carson, but I'll reserve my vote for him until I hear his stance on the Second Amendment.

    I like Carly because she's intelligent, a good speaker, and seems to grasp all the issues. If I could just get over what she did to Lucent and HP, I'd consider her as a VP candidate ONLY.

    As far as Trump and ??, maybe Ted Cruz?

  4. I don't know where this will end up, but it doesn't seem that the mainstream Republicans will make it to the convention.

    At the moment, Jeb Bush has aimed his campaign and says, "Would you want Trump's finger on the button?"

    My reply is, "Would I want Jeb's any more than I'd want Hillary's? (no)"

  5. Carson is solid on the Second Amendment.

    Trump and Cruz (unless you need a woman to counter Hillary).

    I'm not in the slightest big anti-Carson. I think that he'd make a good president, but Trump would be better for the nation.

  6. OK, I hadn't heard what his stance was, but being a medical doctor, I assumed he might be neutral, at best.

    HOWEVER…since I feel he's a true conservative, than being pro 2A would be right in line.

  7. Why are you hanging out on blogs, don't you have work to do? Is the mortar pit dug? Are the pungee pits dug? Have the sandbags been laid? Do you have a little shoat to run around among the pits and eat the snakes that slither in? Have you laid mountains of razor wire? I have very high expectations of the Old NFO compound. And remember the Claymore mines are front-toward-enemy.

  8. Dr Jim:

    Carly Fiorina's resume in my view is ENHANCED by what she was duty bound to accomplish in her executive positions at Lucent and Hewlett Packard. At the time of her tenures, these companies were awash with inefficiencies, feather bedded work forces and general 'big company bloat.'

    Times were tough, and she had to make the big decisions to get rid of duplicate jobs, ramp up efficiencies and accordingly jobs were cut. And she is tarred and feathered for doing the RIGHT THING, Dr. Jim.

    She is absolutely no different than that elephant selling vegetables in the cartoon above, there's no way she's going to get kudos when there's a damn jackass giving candy away in the next booth.

    You have been listening to liberal criticisms of what were then fiduciary sound judgements: the nattering neybobs of negativity simply focused on all of the schlubbs that got shit canned (when they should never have been hired in the first place), rather than the slimmed down companies that were then ready to compete.

  9. Yes, I think that's true. I have a friend who was at HP pre-Carly and post-Carly. He said that the company was run like a mom and pop shop pre-Carly and it was a good place to work because of that. She tightened up the ship and there were a lot of people who didn't like that. He didn't like that and said that the place wasn't as fun. While work is good if it's fun, the company must make a profit — it's not government work.

  10. I no longer fear Trump. I don't appreciate him, but I don't fear him. I just think we have such an opportunity here. Oh well, its only the world we live in…

  11. He may be your next boss…and if he doesn't like you…you're fired!

    It would force you to uproot from the heaven where you now live and relocate like John Galt, to a compound somewhere in the Sangre de Christo Range.

  12. I'm for Carly, not because she's a woman, because she just might be able to bring about change,
    Oh Wait… that's up to us isn't it.
    and there are a lot of hands & minds being sat on when it comes to getting things done… regretfully.

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