North Korea – Update – If you care?

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is engaging in their game in order to bluff China and the United States. Dear Leader feels that their nuclear weapons makes the world tremble. Are you afraid?

The party daily Rodong Sinmun reported that the DPRK placed it’s strategic missile systems on stand-by for war and mobilized the entire population to serve as soldiers. All government and party organizations and agricultural cooperatives have been placed on emergency mobilization status and the Red Worker-Peasant Militia and the Young Red Guards have been ordered to man their numerous posts. 
Province, municipal and county administrations have been moved underground and civilian exercises are being held daily, so tensions are at a high. Food prices even in price controlled North Korea are climbing and the public is frightened. 
The DPRK raised national readiness to what they term as “semi-war level”.  This means that key leadership has moved underground. When they move the general population underground and evacuate the cities, the nation is considered at full combat readiness. 
At the same time that this is happening, The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on North Korea’s primary foreign exchange bank, the Foreign Trade Bank of North Korea. This bank is key to financing arms sales.

8 thoughts on “North Korea – Update – If you care?

  1. The North Koreans are being squeezed much harder now than in the past. But they are not suicidal. And they know that a nuclear exchange is suicide.

  2. LL- But do they really CARE about suicide??? They're starving the populous and any more sanctions will probably tip them over the edge…

  3. I think that they've been smelling his, his father's and his grandfather's stink for so long and pronouncing it 'perfume' that he feels much the way as the old Chinese emperors felt – or the present American emperor feels.

  4. He is Dear Leader but the generals call the shots. If he opposed them he might end up eating rat poison…by accident.

  5. They've been starving since 1955. China has turned its back on them and that was their only card besides the nuclear option.

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