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There is a lot right with America, and almost all of that is had because good, kind, wonderful people do the right thing every day. Almost none of what is right happens because of the federal  – and to some extent even the state government. It’s the people who make a difference every day and the best way to empower them is usually to leave them alone. That is a thought that’s lost on Washington.
I never thought that I’d live in an America where the trend (particularly in progressive New York) is to ban large soft drinks and embrace marijuana. Note that NY is not banning muchy food that is bad for you but potheads love even more than everyone else does. It’s also the state that just reduced the magazine capacity of police handguns to seven rounds. INSANITY
The White House belongs to the American People. During the time of Abraham Lincoln, common people would literally sleep in the hallways. I understand why that can’t be today – but the concept of the building being the “people’s” clearly doesn’t apply now. Because of government bungling, Congress failing to pass a budget for the past four years, and reckless spending that pushed our deficit to $17 trillion (and headed higher), school children can no longer take tours there.  BUT DON’T PANIC! You can meet there quarterly with the President if you bribe him with $500,000.
A $500,000 bribe for access to the President and the mainstream media is fine with that. LUNACY
Hollywood continues to pump out killing movie after killing movie where children can vicariously wallow in gore, but progressives have set their sights on the Bill of Rights. The first target is that thorny Second Amendment which provides all Americans who are not felons the right to keep and bare arms. But it’s doesn’t end there. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had to filabuster for 13 hours in the US Senate last week because the President and Attorney General wouldn’t rule out sending armed drone aircraft to attack US CITIZENS on AMERICAN SOIL, who had not been charged with a crime. In America you are innocent until proved guilty under the law — or you were. Where is the Fifth Amendment and due process? Or is that gone too? There are reports that the US Department of Homeland Security purchased 2,700 MRAP vehicles for use on America’s streets. I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but it’s been widely circulated and to my knowledge, never denied. Why would they need that hardware?
The President and Executive Branch of government have a foreign enemies list and they assassinate them on a regular basis. Most are killed pursuant to legal actions and some by presidential fiat/finding. What if other countries treated us that way? JUST  ASKING
The President has said that if there is a choice to be made that he would stand with Islam. We all have heard that and many of us have seen the video where he said it. Iran is pushing hard to create nuclear weapons which they have told us that they intend to use on Israel and the United States. And America dithers. WHAT  WOULD  REAGAN  DO?

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  1. Sadly, Reagan isn't here. I pray that we get a patriot in office soon to set things right….

  2. That is a thought that's lost on Washington.

    At this point, I'd say that almost all rational thought is lost on Washington.

  3. "For heathen heart that puts her trust
    In reeking tube and iron shard—
    All valiant dust that builds on dust,
    And guarding calls not Thee to guard.
    For frantic boast and foolish word,
    Thy Mercy on Thy People, Lord!" — Kipling

  4. Giving the money to a stray cat by way of endowment would be a better use of the money. At least it won't be used to harm the American people.

  5. Reagan is spinning at high RPM along with a LOT Of other Presidents! And one correction on NY, the LEOs and movie industry are exempt from the bans and mag limits…

  6. Ok, I thought that they hadn't exempted law enforcement. I knew that the movie industry was exempt – of course.

  7. A few years back, I was leading an extended family tour of DC, and we were walking up the east side of the White house. One of our party was walking across the giant grass field there (they had a Big Red 1 painted on the grass, so I told the rest to walk around – no matter). And then I saw a uniformed guard running towards our family member, with an mp5 looking weapon in one hand, and the other raised for him to stop. As I was armed, I did not run, but I walked briskly – wondering if you really weren't supposed to walk across the grass. Turns out, the President's motorcade was exiting. This yahoo (I'm going to guess Secret Service Uniformed Police) wanted to make sure our family member was "not moving" while the motorcade drove by. Mind you, he was a good 50 yards away. The motorcade turned left, and drove within 10 feet of me, and my loaded handgun. I made it up to the guy as he was explaining what he did. I questioned if they had the street covered, and the intersection, or ANY of the cars passing? He was not happy to hear my questions and told me to move along. I think that some of us, when we get these positions in government, lose sight of the real world.

    …and Rand Paul is becoming my hero.

  8. I'm with you on Rand Paul. There are things (foreign policy and drug policy) that I can't meet the Libertarians on, but Rand is a conservative Republican, not a Libertarian.

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