Is it the End of the Monarchy in the UK?

How united is the United Kingdom and will good time Charlie ruin things?


King Charles III is tidying up the royal house.

It is in need of tightening up in the opinion of this commoner (who is also a. wretched colonist) who is not a subject of Chuck3.

UK’s newly anointed monarch is reportedly planning to amend the law on who can fill in for him if he’s incapacitated.

“The move would see the Duke of York, the Duke of Sussex and Princess Beatrice all relieved of their duties as official stand-ins for the sovereign, should he be indisposed,” reports The Daily Telegraph.


The Queen’s state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11 am today at Buckingham Palace. King Charles III (Chuck#3) has announced, a day of mourning and it’s also a bank holiday.

I find that the run-up to the funeral is something that the British public will be discussing for years – like the Battle of Britain. Standing far off, as I am, I’m amazed.

The views locally are only getting wilder: “So we shouldn’t be giving out blankets to people in the queue? If we do it means that there aren’t people showing care and concern for the homeless? If there was no queue, the homeless would be better looked after? If there was no monarchy, the homeless would be better looked after?

I think there’s a big wheel somewhere with grievances on it that they spin and pick at random at the start of each day and the queue only amplifies the noise.

I’m going to start an Internet rumor: “because of the queue, no one in central London is able to get 4G. If we could only get rid of the king everyone could afford unlimited 5G.”


Nuclear Tourism

During the 1950s Las Vegas added atomic bomb detonations as the many attractions Vegas had to offer and promoted itself as “Atomic City”; they even issued a calendar for tourists with times and the best places to view them.

Over 12 years there was an average of one bomb detonated every three weeks.


H/T Ed (from “The League”)


Who Loves You?

This article, Protecting Lies with Disinformation, is highly recommended reading. Thanks to Claudio for the reference. For some reason, the Brandon regime believes that if you tell a lie big enough and often enough that most people will believe it if you lie with the support of the corrupt media. When you found reality on a framework of lies, it always collapses. When you threaten to imprison people (and then imprison them) for telling the truth, you become a Stalinist – and look how that ended up. Maybe it’s time to re-read the Gulag Archipelago?


  1. Thanks again for all your posts! We benefit from having heroes to look up to. Especially kids. God help the independent films to create some good ones. The Woken Hollywood will not be able to deliver. J.C. thee author and finisher of our faith can still inspire and deliver makarioi. May the hubris play actors in D.C. that are trampling on the constitution, be delivered a power outage. The Maoist regime is due to fall as well. One Green Beret by Mark G was one of my recent reads. Alexander’s Gulag was a big thick brick that I made myself get through. I’m still learning and listening and ask here for more reading recommendations from you seasoned veterans.

  2. Who on earth would C3 get to stand in for him? Sounds like he wants to screw Great Britain like the demonrats are screwing America.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    • C3 drinks the Kool-Aid at Davos so any new-world-order plans that come down the pike will be embraced by him. Fortunately, he wields little power and I think that the British public is on to him. He’s pompous, not very bright, and it remains to be seen how he operates now that he wears the Big Crown.

  3. “Monarchy” – I see the potential differential from QE2 to KC3 as to what America has been subject from Trump-to-Biden, from showcar-level quality to a total wreckage; with Trump you could shave from the hood clarity, with Biden you can’t even get razors let alone the car looks like it got dunked in a vat of Coke-Cola.

    The Gaff-Machine is about ready to blow a fuse, he can’t hold on for much longer. Prediction, with $5 gets you a cup of Starbucks overpriced burnt Grande: “His handlers are keeping him Automatronic with his Chinesium Special Sauce until November 6th, beyond that he’s 25th’d out.

    Just heard “the State Dept.” sent a Taliban scumbag back to his friends “in an exchange” for a Navy Veteran/American Contractor held hostage since 2020 and had been in Afghanistan for 10 years. (Gee, does his capture have anything to do with Joe’s pull-out debacle?). Glad he’s back on American soil but thinking this is a mistake.

    • The prisoner exchanges during the years of Obamanation were all badly conceived. Brandon was around during that regime and I expect that present moves are equally dumb.

      The big Nuremberg speech from Independence Hall flopped and the Hitler/FJB memes were widely distributed. To his credit, he stopped short of demanding a Seig Heil! from the audience. He didn’t do a bad job reading from the teleprompter but the speech writer should have been canned. Who proof-reads this bullshit at the Whitehouse?

      • No proofreading required, they believe everything they spout. The speech writer should be taken behind the woodshed but will probably defend his work as “just doing my job”…no ethics or morals required in DC, justifiable sinfulness in that arena for them alone.

        Trump was “Hitler” to the Left/Dems so in their warped minds they affected a righteous opposition, conveniently ignoring that their guy is ACTUALLY OPERATING AS Hitler.

  4. Monarchy. Even though Queen Elizabeth had very limited power she was a steadying influence for Great Britain. When I was in England in the early 90s Prince Charles was always thought of, as a bit of a prat as the British would say. I don’t imagine that has changed.

    Regardless of what people think of monarchies I think QE II lived up to her pledge for her entire life. If only everyone kept their promises so well.

    Coincidentally I am re-reading the Gulag Archipelago, it’s a bit of a slog but worth it.

  5. I must be deficient in some way but my interest in anything doing with the United Kingdom monarchy borders on zero. Up the Irish! That said, I admired the Queen as a human being who walked the walk.

  6. Stephen King had a book of stories called Four Seasons (where Shawshank Redemption came from) where four kids hike out on the RR tracks to supposedly see a dead body of someone hit by a train. Only thing I remember is one kid gets a leech on his sack from swimming in a pond diked by the RR embankment. I don’t remember much at my age but….. well, I gotta go now.

  7. I predicted the death of QE2 last Thanksgiving. My daughter bought tickets to London on Black Friday and started planning a week vacation of London and Wales. I made the offhand comment that the queen was doing to die and it would mess up her vacation. She could only get food from room service as everything was shut down today. She got to London last Tuesday and will be flying back tomorrow. She got to do about half of what she had planned.

  8. She was everything QE1 wasn’t. Which is to say, gracious, kind, sincere, brave and fertile…

    Dunno if Chucky III will meet the bar. But then again, in comparison to many past kings, the bar isn’t set too high. Base it on QE2 and her father, bar is set rather high indeed.

    I hope, really hope, that C3 won’t damage the Throne too badly so when William V takes over there is something left.

    As to Disney? Screw RatWorld.


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