What about Tulsi?

As others have pointed out, Tulsi Gabbard is one of those people who’s position can be difficult to get one’s arms around. I will say that for the historical record, her foreign policy positions have been very close to mine. Given that she is a Democrat, that disturbs me. Domestically, we diverge significantly. She’s no longer in office but it doesn’t mean that she’s out for the count. What do YOU think?

Note: I’m not a Republican, not anymore. I’m best described as an Independent (which is my voting registration preference). There are more independent voters than there are Democrats in Arizona. In AZ, independents can receive a Republican or a Democrat Party ballot for the primaries, so you can still pick your primary.


Finding Sanctuary

Nancy Pelosi’s estate at 11 Zinfandel Lane, Saint Helena, CA 94574 is a great place for illegal immigrants to go. They’ll receive a fancy bed, a hot shower, and all the ice cream that they can eat. They should move in and enjoy the sanctuary that the place offers. If the gate is locked, I’m sure that Nancy wouldn’t mind if they tore it down – the servants can sometimes forget to unlock it.


The White House Redefines what a RECESSION is…

It’s good of the mandarins in the White House to redefine what all are experiencing. The Brandon regime couldn’t be any dumber but there are still people who like Jo and Ho. Historically, Camela has to be the dumbest Veep that we’ve ever had by some margin. She’d be better off telling us to enjoy the slide.



  1. Ah the Ministry of NewSpeak is redefining the meaning of words like recession again to paint the rosiest (for them) picture as possible. I wonder who they are speaking to. Anyone who has bought anything, tried to get something and 4 months later still on backorder, or watch inflation erode their savings to nothingness knows the reality of the situation and that it is going to get much worse before it ever gets better.

    No opinion on Ms. Gabbard other than I respect her for calling out BS regardless of part affiliation. I know I should pay more attention to the day to day goings on in politics but I find it painful so try to avoid it.

  2. Really could mess with the establishment, make the 2024 ticket DeSantis/Gabbard…he’s from the Sunshine State that support guns and freedom, she’s from Hawaii and surfs. Win, win.

        • WWM Productions latest PPV…I’m in but only if Tucker moderates and there’s a “Word Salad” meter.

          • You’d need an honest moderator.

            I would invite Chris Wallace to moderate, build a scaffold, drop a noose around his neck, and hold the lever. The first time he acted like a turd, I’d pull the handle and march up the next turncoat. Maybe Don Lemon, to keep it racially balanced. It would make the debate more interesting than they usually are. I’m sure that Lemon would fill his trousers before the lever was pulled.

          • I see you’re playing creative hardball. Good. The time for easy-peasy on the cheats and thieves is over.

  3. Whatever her political leanings, Gabbard does appear to have more integrity than other Democrats.

  4. Tulsi has reasonably good foreign policy ideas, however she strikes me as about as trustworthy as a politician. No offense to Hindus but America is overwhelmingly Christian and her chances of getting elected president without being one are even lower than the Mormon Mitt (RINO) Romney’s were. She would need the same circumstances as Obama needed. But then given what the ‘elites’ are doing to the Republic….

    • Obama, while technically a Muslim, is an atheist like his mother and grandparents who were communists.

      Biden/Brandon falls into the same basket as Pelosi – Catholic in name only – and by his actions, an abomination in the sight of God.

      I don’t speak for Trump and for his sincerity when it comes to faith, but he was a good president and supported the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and that is such a rarity in DC.

      I’m not sure how important religion is. Islam is a political system masked as faith, and as such, it should matter a great deal since a core tenant is, convert or kill.

      I don’t see Tulsi as presidential materiel but she’s clearly a politician, and as such, bears considerable watching.

    • “America is overwhelmingly Christian and her chances of getting elected president without being one are even lower than the Mormon Mitt (RINO) Romney’s were.”

      I dunno. Ukraine is about 80% Orthodox, yet Zelenskyy’s large and in charge.
      Maybe all Tulsi needs a TV comedy show wherein she plays the president, and of course a Daddy Kolomoisky. Not sure how she’d manage the part about playing the piano with her genitals, but she’s a clever girl and I have every confidence she’ll figure out an equivalent for winning the hearts of her countrymen.

      • I don’t think that the Latter-Day Saint affiliation sank Mitt as hard as Mitt being a RINO stooge sank him. People including me wanted Mitt to be better than he was capable of being and we got 4 more years of Obamanation as a result.

        Tulsi isn’t presidential material and she’s too conservative for Hawaii politics. She could take the Butt Guy’s job at transportation when the Brandon Regime ends? I’d rather have her than Mitch McConnel’s old lady in the position. Or she could just stay in Hawaii and surf (endless summer).

  5. don’t trust her. seems the conservative media is all-in on putting her out front and center these days as an alt to trump. like manchin and niki haley, i would put money on her stabbing us in the back at the most crucial point….someone should point out the cryptkeeper’s lair/vineyard to the texans busing illegals elsewhere. for that matter, adam shiffy and crew’s estates as well. let’s see how ol’ buttface maxine waters welcomes the “migrants” into her abode as well, lol…..they can call it whatever they want, we’re in a recession headed to a depression unless we go straight into a collapse first like sri lanka and panama. do they really think they can keep control when the city hordes get hungry?

  6. Tulsi is a hard one to figure out. She appears to be well grounded and certainly not your standard dem.politician and you can’t take away the fact she did a couple tours in Iraq. But saying that she is no fan of the right to keep and bare arms she endorsed the commie Bernie and hell she’s a friggin vegan!

    • +1. And, let’s not forget that George McGovern did a fine job piloting B-24’s on 35 bombing missions in WWII – before coming home to become a left-wing wacko.

      • There was a time when the officer corps that I rubbed shoulders with were not communists or left-wing wackos. They’d never pass an SBI for a security clearance if they were. In my later career, there was the polygraph. I remember the first time I had it in that two-story red brick building in the Virginia suburbs. I was in and out in an hour and people marveled.

        The only thing that gave them some pause:
        Q “Have you broken any laws?”
        A “Misdemeanors – I always carry a loaded firearm.”
        Q (worried) “Are you carrying one now?”
        A “No.”
        Q “Don’t worry, that doesn’t count.”

        • I almost didn’t get hired at the PD as a Staff Assistant because I failed my polygraph. On my name and every other question, no matter what. The polygraph operator was nice enough to talk me down and calm me.

          Getting that job was interesting as they had to conduct a full background check going all the way to where I was born and the Air Force (via Holloman AFB) wouldn’t play nice with them. It was a far more thorough and hard background than if I had wanted to be an officer.

          Previously, I lost a job offer at a drug store due to answering truthfully about thinking about ways to steal from the store. So? Part of my job in another store in the chain was to figure out ways that people were stealing from said store.

          Having full Catholic Guilt didn’t help any at all.

          • If you were a sociopath, you would have an easier go.

            I have enough guilt but I tended to be a rule follower. It’s still a problem with me. (mindless and willing slave)

  7. At one time, I could spend some time examining the ideas of a Democrat, but those days are over. The party is too far gone, and anyone with integrity would never become part of the subterfuge.

    The Republican Party is nearly the same, and another group of feckless members of Congress will lead to some outright civil disobedience, if they don’t clean up their party.

    • BOTH parties accepted the results of a rigged election. Take a dump in right and left hands and then clap… that’s what we have. And Fox News was in the middle of the rigged election, calling Arizona VERY early after which they stopped counting.

  8. Gabbard is very odd. Her politics are all over the place, and it’s hard to get a read on her.

    I can imagine voting for her for some office as “least worst”, but that’s about it.

    On the bright side, she is vocal about her weird politics, and seems to stick by them, instead of being pushed around by the various Traitors Clubs. That counts for something.


  9. She’s a “commie lite” which means she’s a commie since there’s no such thing as a “commie lite”.

  10. Big old NOPE on Tulsi. As said before, a commie is a commie. Same with Nikki Fried in Florida (she’s our agricultural commissioner even though she hates big agriculture and only got elected because she promised to allow commercial and private pot grows, which the agcom has no power to do because that’s a state legislature thingy.)

    F’in commie broads.

    I’m a MAGAist.

    • The core problem is that the Pentagon is compromised completely, Congress is nearly 100% compromised and corrupt.

      Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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