Bringing Sanity to Healthcare Legislation

Blog Post

No sane and thinking person could vote for the ObamaCare Bill based on its merits in its present form. I have a bit of advice for Democrats if they want to pass something that would be Constitutional, beneficial and popular.

1. Portability
2. Deal with the problem of pre-existing conditions.
3. Tort Reform
4. Open the market to all companies in all states.
The last two will lower the costs to all Americans. The first two address fairness issues. It shouldn’t take more than about 50 or 60 pages, keep it understandable, simple and don’t plug in any sacred cows or special interests. 
*It wouldn’t raise taxes or damage the budget. 
*It would benefit almost ALL Americans.
*It would benefit the medical profession.
Which is precisely WHY it’s not being seriously considered in Washington DC. The Democratic Bill is about power, not about healthcare. It’s about the Democratic interest in controlling 20% of the US Economy under Federal control. It’s about compelling all healthcare workers to join unions (note: Card Check)
Once legislators start to seriously consider the needs of the people, they can pass a healthcare bill. And All Americans will benefit from it.
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