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Douglas – Boston Bomber

(I didn’t make you guess) Yes, the A-20 Havoc, in one of many configurations. The British called it the “Boston” Medium Bomber as did the French and Australians, but the name didn’t catch on with the Americans. As a night fighter with American livery, it was called the P-70.


Don’t Eat It

Diablito (Oophaga sylvatica) at the El Pangán Bird Reserve in Colombia


The Moon

Saturn at right, working on doing a photo bomb…


(The Bee) SEATTLE, WA—Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced he will be stepping down from the company he founded to spend more time focusing on his lifelong dream of being a Bond Villain.

“Running Amazon with my army of warehouse minions has been fun,” he said, “but it has really taken me away from some of my lifelong passions– like building superweapons in space to dry up the world’s oceans, or creating a killer virus so I can make trillions selling the cure, or having a shark tank in my living room!”

Bezos will be spending the next decade constructing an undersea lair where he will spend most of his retirement. He has warned MI6 and the CIA to “stay out of his business.”



You’re a dictator running Libya and you have a plan for expansion. Naturally, as your empire expands, you’ll continue to run things.

Libyan schoolbooks under Gaddafi showed his Panarabian idea.


The oldest universities in continuous operation




Regional variation in median age of women at childbirth (live births only). Spain’s regions are ranked among the top 10 oldest in Europe.



Mean temperature anomaly in Finland, December 2020 – January 2021. A warm winter in Finland?

22 thoughts on “And Here We Are

    1. That’s a relief.

      I’ve heard that Gov. Whitmer eats the squirmy little poison amphibious creatures like popcorn. If true, it would explain a lot.

    1. There’s still 6” of snow on the ground at the White Wolf Mine. I have no idea how much more we will get.

  1. Bezo’s stepping down/back is odd, what does he know? And he seems to be channeling Lex Luther. Life certainly imitates art.

    1. Based only what I’ve read, he wants to focus on pet projects and can’t do that as CEO. Sounds ominous.

      1. NWO? Dude has a lot of disposable income and worldwide connections. Your Bond reference may be more true than tongue-in-cheek.

        1. I will be profoundly disappointed if he doesn’t build sub pens under an extinct volcano, start wearing a monocle and haul a big white cat everywhere he goes. And maybe acquire a Mimi-me dwarf.

    1. The map is from last year. I don’t know what this one will bring. A friend from Norway reports that they are experiencing global cooling. So they must be paying the weather tax.

      1. The hubris of the Left thinking humans have any control over weather shows a deep level of insanity.

          1. Definitely drier this winter than last. The OG’s who told me it would be drier this winter also said that usually meant a wet, soggy spring.

            Guess we’ll just have to see how this winter progresses. We need the water badly, but if we get too much, too fast, there’ll be massive flooding from the areas that burned.

          2. Last year was intermittent snow, wind, cold, and more ice than we’ve seen since 2002. This year is similar. As you know March and April are out heavy snow months…hoping this year lives up to historical amounts.

  2. The three oldest universities on that map are in northern Africa? Those majority Muslim countries, at least now. How can they be there?

    Don’t know they learning is haram (forbidden)? Boko haram is not just a Muslim terrorist organization, it’s pigeon English for “books are forbidden”.

    1. It’s because they’re Muslim universities, mostly teaching religious stuff.

      Not universities in the Western sense, really.


  3. A lot of A-20s were also converted to water bombers and did excellent work fighting forest fires! Interesting graphic on the universities!

  4. Were the North African universities , educational institutions , or just madrasas. Memorizing the Koran, just makes you stupider. Or more stupid, whatever.

    1. I think that they pre-date Islam. Naturally, they were absorbed by the expansion of The Faith. And Islam naturally crushed all independent thought beyond mindless recitation of the Qur’an.

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