No Limits?

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The restroom issue in America is out of control. For some reason, it’s risen to be an ‘election issue’.

In California there are six recognized genders and they can change whenever you feel a bit confused – trouble fitting in with male lesbians? You can find another suitable ‘gender’.


For some reason, “progress” as defined by the progressive movement, means that I need to share my space with freaks. It used to be that a restroom was a place where a guy could take a leak, wash his hands and leave. Now you need to be on your guard. You don’t know who is coming through the door, and if the “lady” stands next to you, hikes her dress and waters the horse,  (I’ve actually seen that at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office) “tolerance” is called for.
Tolerance has limits. If you don’t identify as ‘male’ or female,  use the family restroom.

18 thoughts on “No Limits?

  1. How exactly did this become an issue? If someone has actually "transitioned" to be something they're not and never will be, we would have no idea they were not as they seem. But when places like Target announce that you can use any bathroom you want depending on how you "feel" that day, it's insanity.

  2. Did you notice the unicorn on the bathroom sign? I'm guessing that would be for the Episcopal Bishops.

  3. Cue the song, "Somedays you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't?"

    If the guy still has his 'courting tackle' he should to into the men's room. If he has it cut off, I guess he can be "a woman". Though Bruce Jenner, woman of the year still has his gear in place…so I don't know what to say about that.

  4. I'd say it's a toss-up between the "tele-tubby" (reputed to be queer), the unicorn and the "space alien", where the Episcopal Bishops are concerned. I guessed that the witches still use the lady's room, but I can't be sure.

  5. You can include "Good Catholic Bishops" in with the Anglo ones, LSP. Good eye! I think our bishop resembles the Tele-Tubby more closely, though, technically. 😉

  6. Seeing Cthulhu on the sign might actually make me curious. But if I ever saw one of these next to the bathroom attendant's station at Charlotte-Douglas International, I would definitely freak out. [If it doesn't display, sign says "Cash or Octopus."

  7. For me I don't care. For the safety of my young grandkids, hell yes.
    The sex, biological or self identified, of perverts and pedophiles is immaterial. I don't think most of the LGBT fall into that subsection of scum, but they are creating opportunities for them that haven't been available.

  8. I'm done with the farces… Agreed, male or female or the family bathroom, then you can be whatever you want to be!

  9. Unicorns, siamese twins and Superman in the same loo? I'd think I'd had my wine poisoned if that happened.

  10. As I saw on one of my Facebook pages, "If I see you in a bathroom messing with a child or even an adult woman, I will say something. You can call me a Racist and I will call you an Ambulance."

  11. Or you can just go to San Francisco, where every single day – you will think your wine poisoned.

  12. More and more, I think I'll hold it. If I have a child in tow who can't hold it, then there will be hell to pay if I see some shenanigans.

  13. I hear you. I avoid public restrooms unless there is an urgent issue. If I had young children again I'd be worried about sending them in alone.

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