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Have you ever wondered WHY Mexicans who are protesting Donald Trump are waving the Mexican flag as part of that protest? It doesn’t make much sense until you understand their mindsets. Diogenes’ Middle Finger had a good blog post on the subject. Let’s begin there and I’ll elaborate as best I can.
It starts with a twisted bit of thinking and the fictional nation of Aztlan, which Mexicans or Chicanos wish to reconquer.  More on Wikipedia. Part of this angst comes from the war between the US and Mexico that took place between April 25, 1846 – February 3, 1848. Some in the radical Chicano movement feel that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was unjustly arrived at by Mexico. They would like to annex most Western US States to form a new nation, populated by Hispanics, free of white people. (It’s only racist if you’re white and say something like that)
That’s it. That’s the movement and that’s why they wave Mexican flags. 
Trump Rally Protest Photo
Their goal is to reconquer the American Western States, expel anyone who isn’t Hispanic and install their own (communist) government.
It’s something that I haven’t heard on Fox News or any of the mainstream media outlets. Do the research, you’ll see what I mean.

And that brings us to Donald Trump, the least likely American leader to cede US territory to a few hundred Chicano racists. It’s not surprising that his talk of deporting the foot soldiers that these grievance peddlers want to mobilize must keep them awake at night. They hope for a guerrilla movement where Mexico rises again…except it was Spain, not Mexico, that explored some of the western portion of North America. And that the thing that makes Mexican food good was the French occupation of Mexico and their distinctive love of sauces.

Nobody celebrates Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. But you can bet your last pound of carnitas that the radical Chicano movement will be swilling cerveza and gulping pulque by the gallon (peasant liquor). They don’t have much sense of themselves, but they’d like to retake California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

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  1. Again, regardless of what they call it, they are invading US soil. Mow them down as you would any invading Army. What good is a National Guard and Air National Guard if you don't use them to protect US soil? They are doing all this protesting and finger waving because the Liberal pussies are afraid to do anything about it.

  2. They fail to understand that they were not the "original" people here.

  3. The uncomfortable truth is that Mexico is run by people of SPANISH (which means European) descent. The Meztizos (Indians in Mexico) have very limited influence. The current push is based on the fact that the Spanish/Europeans explored and conquered lands which were re-conquered by American/Europeans, which doesn't fit their narrative that "Aztecs" ruled North America.

    It's a grievance-based philosophy constructed on pseudo-history.

  4. The take over's pretty much accomplished in Hill County but it does have some benefits, Karen's bean and brisket burritos, for example.

  5. I have only a few words of Spanish but the one I use most is "vete".
    I was a student at Metro State, Denver, late 1960's, the birthplace of "La Raza". The early organizers, along with Loren Watson of the Black Panthers, found it was profitable to threaten violence. Just another variation of the shakedown/protection rackets. Still is.

  6. We'll see if The Donald is afraid to do anything about this crap. I suspect he is not. He may handle it in a ham fisted manner, but that's how he handles just about everything.

  7. You went to Metro State? Damn. My kid almost went there. I never heard that about its association with La Raza.

  8. Good sum-up, you two. It's quite the incoherent mess. And while I'm actually a bit of an hispanophile, in general, the LAST thing our southwest needs is to be ruled by a mish-mash of pseudo-Aztec, Marxist, elitist, quasi-atheistic/pantheistic mafia that might not even turn out as civilized as Bolivia or Venezuela.

  9. Having worked for USGOV in Mexico recently I can suggest to you that they have difficulty keeping the Zapatistas and cartels in check. Historically they sent a generally well equipped and trained army to Texas…and it worked out well for a while, but we know how that turned out. Could having Aztecs run California be worse than Jerry Brown? Likely not.

  10. If I could go to Karen's once a week for a burrito, they might win me over. VIVA!

  11. Donald is a "blunt instrument", but sometimes that is what's called for. No BS, just do what needs doing.

  12. The Spanish word I have heard most is mañana! That's when the revolution will take place.

  13. Mexicans wanting to rule America? Pfft! Bring back the Brits 🙂

    I was told the other day by a 6th generation Texan that Mexican food was made great by Texas. He said, "We gotta hold of their dishes and said, hell, there 'aint enough cheese on this- add some more – and call that salsa? there 'aint nearly enough tomay-toes or sauce goin' on – thicken it up!. Tex-Mex is better!"

  14. "It's Only Racist If You're White"…..

    That would be a great title for a book!

    If they want it back that bad, do an Ellis Wyatt on it and give it back to them…..

  15. REAL high end Mexican food is indistinguishable from really good French cooking. Tex Mex is a different spin on traditional, as is Sonora Style Mexican (red sauce), Yucan Style (white sauce), Michoacan Style, and Sinaloa Style. All come from the same general root. I've eaten a lot in Mexico and have never had a burrito there… truly.

  16. Once you're in Colorado?

    Ellis burned everything. My sense is that they should be shipped back to Mexico where the Federal Police will show them how policing is done… We may be too timid to split skulls and shoot them, but the Mexicans are not. And by the way, almost ALL Chicanos are far out of their depth in Mexico, where they are referred to derisively as 'pocho boys'.

  17. Denver had a Chicano activist named Corky Gonzales who gathered young men into his activities. La Raza grew out of that. May not have been the only founder but was a big part of it.

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