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In 1996, the French government designated 751 separate areas as urbaines sensibles (sensitive urban zones), or ZUS, for short.

Most of the zones/ZUS are blocks of neighborhoods, with the average ZUS containing about 6,000 residents. An estimated 5 million people live the zones, and most of the residents are part of France’s 10 percent Muslim population. In those zones, Islamic law actually supersedes the French legal system on civil matters such as property disputes, adultery and divorce. 

Crimes are handled locally by ZUS residents rather than by the police, who fear to enter unless they do so in very large numbers, backed by armored vehicles.
The French people surrendered the rule of French law to Muslim gang and Sharia Law rule. And the French people are mystified that having surrendered these areas to Muslims and gangs, that they are breeding grounds for violent jihadi plots.
Dear readers, you will be shocked to learn that well over fifty percent of people living in ZUS receive welfare benefits from the French government.

Because of rampant corruption, the true number receiving French government benefits are alleged by many to be over one hundred percent, since death rarely stops the flow of government benefit checks in the no-go zones.

Is it Islamophobic to suggest that France audit the benefits to those living in no-go zones? The Islamic welfare recipients say, “YES! It’s Islamophobic.”  And there you have it.

Meanwhile, in America:

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  1. It's all a great vote catchiing larf until you wake up and they've chopped your buddy's head off.

  2. It is the VERY religion of peace. And if they needed to kill you because you failed to convert adequately, they would do it with peaceful means. In Saudi Arabia, the law on the books for people who leave "the faith" calls for their execution — but I'm sure that it's carried out peacefully.

  3. Not going to end well, and there really isn't anything the French can do about it without bringing in the military and going into the ZUS in force…

  4. Oh, and what did we expect from the French who started socialist collectivism by beheading anyone with brains?

  5. I can't see them doing that at this point. They created ghettos and now they're stuck with them. I feel like asking them, "How's all that tolerance for Islam working out for you?"

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