Is the all-volunteer military going to make it?

Or will we need to consider a national draft? This survey raises questions.  While the current military leadership at the top touts their wokeness, do the troops who actually are required to work, fight and take wounds or die, feel that military service is still in their best interest?

This is the fourth survey fielded by the organization, generally every two years. This time, the biggest surprise, said Razsadin, was the drop in the percentage of survey respondents who said they would recommend military life – from 74.5% in 2019 to 62.9% in 2021.

The change in commanders-in-chief from President Trump in 2019 to the Hollow Man, Joe Brandon, were not polled, but it has to play hard with the military.

The level of dissatisfaction in special forces units, some of which now have political officers whose job it is to report on specific members who are less than fully woke has sent those who can leave (whose enlistments are up) into the arms of Private Military Companies who pay $250K – $400K per year.  In many cases, they keep working with their buddies. The PMCs don’t force members to attend anti-white hate propaganda sessions and propaganda that encourages a gender transition almost endlessly.

Eventually, a draft may be necessary to force people into unpleasant military service in the same way they do in Russia.


Air Force Retention

Air Force Times reports that officials in the Air Force’s mobility enterprise are considering amending rules to allow just two crew members on board the Boeing KC-46 Pegasus tankers during dangerous missions, raising eyebrows among airmen.

Air Mobility Command is discussing the option as part of how it may handle war in the Indo-Pacific, where it believes large, slow jets including tankers would be more vulnerable to attack from Chinese anti-aircraft missiles. Shrinking the number of airmen onboard a tanker could help minimize potential troop casualties while still getting combat jets the fuel they need.

Or perhaps the real reason is that given the vax mandates and the hostile work environment toward non-sacred cow groups, there’s not much appeal for pilots to remain in the Air Force. Rather than addressing the problem, they just reduce staffing.



[I]mproved diagnosis alone cannot explain this trend. One in 30 children and adolescents were not autistic in the 1980s, with or without a diagnosis. No, something is going on. One or more environmental factors are clearly having a devastating impact on our children.

Glyphosate appears to be a leading contributor to autism. Other contributing factors include maternal antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases, maternal immune system overactivation and mitochondrial dysfunction (typically involving electron transport chain overactivity). Mitochondrial abnormalities are suspected of being involved in as many as 80% of cases.”




700 Gallons

“Wait, these ‘green’ wind turbines use oil???” an astonished Swedish journalist asked, reporting that a wind turbine collapsed Saturday and people were being told to stay away –  because it was leaking oil.

On Sunday, puzzled Swedish journalist and political commentator Peter Imanuelsen tweeted the news:

“A wind power turbine just collapsed in Sweden.

“People are being warned to keep their distance because…it is now leaking oil everywhere!

“Wait, these “green” wind turbines use oil???”

Sometimes I simply shake my head at the utter stupidity of people, but they’ve been fed a line and they swallowed the hook.


From BRM

(Don’t be Road Kill) – and refrain from eating road kill…

Sri Lanka’s collapse worries the region, but Pakistan’s collapse should worry the world. For decades, state failure in Pakistan has been a nightmare scenario. Both Pakistan and the broader world have had a taste of that scenario as violence, extremism, and poverty engulf the former capital and commercial hub of Karachi and as Pakistani authorities lose control over many regions alongside the Afghanistan border.

The United States, India, and Iran are right to worry about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, as military officers also begin to struggle to get by. Pakistani elite lives in a state of denial believing that the status quo in which they live an affluent life insulated from broader society is permanent. It is not. The bubble is collapsing, and the result will not be pretty.


  1. Bar the Trump years, countries relying on the USA to come and save their bacon should have been building their own capability. The disaster that was the withdrawal from Afghanistan just confirmed it. Far too many internal problems, sad to say, to expect the USA to be the cavalry. As I’m fairly sure more than a few countries are finding right now:

    “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

    — Henry Kissinger

    • Henry would know.

      As for “elite” Pakistanis, for a period of about three years I got to know (too) many of that felicitous class, albeit the subset that went into Medicine. There were better and worse ones, but even the good ones were used to, and assumed and expected, a level of cronyism, corruption, and favor-trading completely incompatible with traditional American mores. The few that have become friends are aware of both the corruption and their ingrained attitudes (read tolerance/expectation) toward it, but generally see the problems it causes (pragmatically) and some even see it as a moral ill. Others however, see it as their birthright, and scorn those who don’t take such advantage when the opportunity presents.

      Most of those people were high IQ (not geniuses, but well above average), which just goes to show that even if we did have a rational immigration policy that kept out the congenitally stupid, it wouldn’t keep out the troublemakers who corrupt and undermine society. (Of course, the time to have exercised that option was circa 1900, plus/minus a few decades. But that’s another story.) The slightly ameliorating thing about these Pakistani “elites” is that they’re mostly motivated by personal greed, and aren’t particularly interested in destroying our society for ideological reasons, be it a misbegotten desire for “revenge” or the burning need to “repair” something only partially broken by replacing it with something far, far worse.

        • Usual small sample-size caveats, but I’ve gotten along fine with the Pakistan-visa holding Pashtuns I know. And a surgeon from an ISI family (dad and brother) who bemusedly wonder why my friend didn’t go into “the family business”.

  2. and all that oil is hazmat, containing highly toxic chemicals that keep the oil from boiling. it cannot be recycled. nor can the huge blades which wear out surprising fast. my question would be, what’s happening to the particles torn from the blades by sand in the air. those particles are hazardous like asbestos.

  3. Autism. My now 51 year old first born has always been autistic. Early on, the wife and I joined a parent group whose leader, a psychiatrist who had a autistic child, once said, “The difference between retardation and autism is the education level of the parents”. His point being a label is often just a label.

    That said, the affliction seems to be increasing and finding causes, let alone cures, is important.

    In the 1970’s, akin to today’s “wokism”, the big push was “deinstitutionalize”. The institutions were closed, or scaled back, dumping people into communities where needs were inadequate.

    • I don’t see the woke reversing the trend to provide care for the mentally ill. There is no money in it for them. The conservatives are just as bad. I have seen the result of a lack of beds myself when I wore a badge.

      Though I don’t have stats to back it up, most of the homeless these days would seem to be drug-addicted. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have other underlying causes.

      • Drugs and alcohol come as they grow up as it does for most of us. Their problem is not having self control and/or being easily manipulated as they desperately try to fit in.

  4. Wind Turbines…don’t get me started. Just got the WAPA “approval” for the one getting forced on us over 26,000 acres of private ranchers (who don’t actually ranch but inherited) and BLM. The EIA is an obvious cut-n-paste job from Shell Wind’s 2012 attempt that failed…because…oil prices dropped and domestic production was more profitabel. This current project will ruin our landscape and quiet way of life, wreck elk migration routes, use all of the concrete in the area (1000yeards per tower), and kill nesting bald eagles and other raptors. This will turn into a REVERSE Earth First! approach…we have heavy equipment. RR is correct…it’s a grift and decidedly NOT green or renewable…those are made up words to sell this crap. Petey Butt said as much yesterday…killing gasoline is good for EV’s. A$$hole. (sorry Lord, he deserves it)

    Autism- Probably has NOTHING to do with the number of “vaccines/shots” kids get these days just to be able to attend government schools. The adjuvant might be the cause…too much injected aluminum can’t be a good thing.

    The Prog’s hate the military so are ruining it from the bottom up with all their asinine Bravo Sierra. They tried other avenues to destroy the Armed Forces but this “cancer from within approach” may just do it.

    • Paul M
      Second son was a normal toddler. Received the usual multiple shots. A month later he changed and now registers on the Asperger Syndrome scale. Third son we did not allow more than one shot at a time. What a fight. When he had children he followed the same path. As a Medic, he insisted on reading the printed material included with the vaccine. Some he refused to be given to his children.

      • Prudent to always read the info and not assume what you are being told about such things are to be taken as gospel (eg. Covid et al) . I’ve asked myself why more and more kids have these conditions, including peanut allergies. Vaccines? Maybe. Food additives? Could be. My generation never had this (I lived on PB&J sandwiches). With DNA technology being so incredible at nearly the atomic level I believe this problem could be figured out fairly quickly.

  5. In the past, countries (and empires) have solved their recruiting problems by offering citizenship in exchange for military service, but at the rate Brandon’s pardoning illegals, that’s not going to be an option.

    • We did it in the US. The 82nd Airborne Division was “All American” and it set them apart during WW2. Now, I expect that it’s racist or Islamophobic to make that claim.

  6. Eventually, a draft may be necessary to force people into unpleasant military service in the same way they do in Russia.

    Communists in Russia doing chattel slavery are not supposed to be an example to follow.

    Two British kings, who are cousins, meet at their century’s version of Bilderberger. One says to the other, I’ll tell my subjects you are attacking me, and you do the same. Then we’ll both be wartime kings, be able to collect lots of taxes to give to our supporters in the nobility, and take the best and brightest of the middle class who are competing with us for mindshare and kill them off in battle. War is the biggest of big government programs.

      • So many more advantages to Ukraine over Afghanistan. The land is actually worth fighting over. (Always handy to have control over food.) The American public may find it easier to sympathize with people more similar to themselves (=more donations to skim and divert). The girls almost certainly will be in higher demand as sex slaves. And as an extra bonus, Slavic brother wars!

        These days I honestly can’t tell if I’m being too cynical or not cynical enough.

        • Not nearly cynical enough. You’re positively positive. You’re a candle in a darkened room. What’s WRONG WITH YOU, Mike_C?

          • A glass half kinda guy. God love him.

            If we had a real President – LIKE DJT!!!! – he’d have made a call to Putin and explained in no uncertain terms, as Reagan did, that we will bomb him back to the stone ages if he steps one foot into Ukraine. Instead we have Payback Joe tap dancing month’s after the fact in order to cover his Crime Family debt to Zelenskyy.

            None of this would have occurred under Trump. Then again, today Joe did say he had cancer. Never know what’ll happen now if The Big Guy croaks.

          • If Big Guy is called home, we get the whore. She’ll likely dub Gov. Newsom from California to serve as her Veep. Keep in the Pelosi Crime Family.

          • She’s terrified of that happening…yet Newsom shows up at the WH yesterday, then this no filter misspeak today?? Smells like your scenario may be realized.

  7. Per the FDA when you google glyophosphate:
    “The EPA evaluates the safety of pesticides such as glyphosate. According to the EPA, glyphosate has a low toxicity for people. ….”

    I feel so much safer now.

    “Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal,”
    How much per megaton? I think there are a few ‘oligarchs’ with a billion each to spare. Zuck spent $400 million to give us Brandon, imagine how much one of the similarly rich would shell out for the ability to stage a false flag op.

    • My sense is that they’ve been selling nuclear weapons to the Saudis and possibly to others, but not Taiwan since the Chinese would need to approve the sale.

  8. Wow, those are some old style Senior MSgt Stripes. I think the AF switched to the two stripes on the bottom to match the other services back in 98-99 or so. As an aside the AF couldn’t develop a tradition to save its life.

    If retention gets low enough maybe the powers that be will do something to reverse the tend but I am not hopeful. There are dark days ahead for the military and I am sad to say that I could not recommend someone join the service today despite spending 28 years in the AF.

    I am not sure the American citizenry would support a draft unless we were attacked. For good or ill that ship has sailed.

    No idea what has caused the increase in autism but I do believe electronic games and cartoons where there are ever increasing levels of action exacerbates it. Compare a cartoon from the 60s to one today and the difference is pretty obvious.

    Wind turbines have a place, the landfill.

      • Can you imagine prying those woke youth from grandma’s basement and expecting them to tie their shoes (instead of using velcro), bathing, and march in a straight line? Oh, the horror.

      • Paul, you are more than welcome. At the time it was an honor. And where else can you mess with all sorts of ordnance and not go to jail?

  9. If/when the draft is reinstated, it MUST include females, since they wanted and got ‘equality’… And yes, wind farms are a farce. All they do is make money for the companies, who go out of business in 10 years and another company takes over, for another 10 years. Texas is a prime example. Wind farms failed last year due to snow, they have to be shut down in high winds, and they are toxic waste areas. But it is interesting to watch them burn! The problem is, we have grassland out here, and those fires can exceed 100,000 acres really quickly!

    • Are you a biologist, Old NFO? How do you know whether a recruit identifies as male or female if you ask it, the answer can change depending on the mood of the recruit?

      If you disagree with me, you’re a hateful bigot.

      It’s a lot like the cave people…did anyone ask their pronouns? So how do you know?

      • The cave dwellers didn’t have pronouns, they simply looked and knew who was what…something completely lost on the Modern Enlightened College graduate and their moron professors. I mean, you’d have to go to college to reorder natural biology that even a caveman knew instinctively. So logically, that makes these people stupider than caveman…and goldfish, but that’s another argument.

    • Males are still required by law to register with Selective Service at age 18. I wonder how many do regardless of how they “identify”.

  10. This is an awesome post all round but I was struck by the PMC point. Good call. Are we moving back to the age of mercenary armies? Perhaps.

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