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Queen Berets

Some are calling it a blow to the tranny movement. 
Barack H. Obama, never a fan of the US Military, turned it into one vast social experiment. Ask anyone in uniform. The bulk of training involved ‘tranny training’ and other social justice-related training that had nothing to do with war fighting. 
Military readiness and training activities all suffered in the previous administration because of mandatory efforts to make military members accept the “gender confused” (that’s as kind as I can make it).
Nobody is telling trannies that they can’t live out their kinks. Nobody is telling them that they can’t indulge themselves in switching (often back and forth). The USGOV is simply saying that they can’t do it in the US Military.
Maybe they need to become Catholic priests instead of warriors? Word is that the Pope is looking for a few good transexuals to take up the cross and spread the practice. 

I realize that the radical left will recoil with anxiety because of this decision, but it makes perfect sense. MAGA.

42 thoughts on “No Camo for Trannies

  1. Dude(?) looks a bit young to be a full bird Col., but nice eye shadow. (I know, they just pinned stuff on for the photo.) Pathfinder, pink, pu—, aaaand we're off—-.

  2. Outstanding!

    It's about time somebody put a stop to this BS and get back to the job of defending the country.

    "Queen Berets" made me spit coffee all over the place…..

  3. Yeah, but would they have got pink rifles? I've seen those in the Bass Pro shop. I have a gorgeous Mac lippy that would go with that outfit. I think it's called flamingo penis.
    Personally, I think men in the army should be men in the army. Call me old fashioned…

  4. Hahaha! I knew you would have an opinion on this. I'm surprised it's so tame! 😉

  5. Folks join the military for all sorts of reasons. Doing so to avoid paying the costs for gender reassignment treatment and surgery isn't one we need to accommodate.

    My medically retired son had no problem serving with homosexuals which surprised me. His answer was outside the wire all that mattered was who did their job and could be counted on.

  6. LL,

    I guess that the Trump character in The Village People is out of a job.

    And Agent Orange for hair is color-non-grata at the salon.

  7. The peter-puffer-pathfinder could still be the flavor of the day if they're not trans. Thanks Barack.

  8. The endless social justice briefings may have come to an end. I hate to count the hours spent in cultural awareness briefings and gender equality briefings (all 31 genders).

  9. The new definition of "men" in the progressive lexicon is very ambiguous. The XY chromosome is so — provincial.

  10. I came out last Saturday as a kinder and gentler LL. This is the nice me. The other side of me feels that rump rangers need to find a calling whether they can buggar each other all day NOT at taxpayer expense.

  11. The problem is more closely with those whose gender is CONSTANTLY used to prove a point. We had a com tech back before DADT and the CO had the NIS on him constantly. (which was about all that the Naval Investigative Service did in the old days). Though the issue of 'content of character' can also deal with where you choose to put your part IMHO in a military setting.

  12. LL, your swipe at the Catholic Church disappoints me. I cannot deny that she is thoroughly infiltrated in our time, from top to bottom: I note with dismay that, according to the article you link, only one solitary priest spoke out against the diocesan assault on the Catholic faith in Catholic schools. I also cannot deny that our current Pope has done much to sow confusion within the Church. However, one thing he has spoken out very plainly against is gender ideology, and "Catholic" dissidents have reviled him for it.

    The Catholic Church is unquestionably full of sinners and evildoers, even in her hierarchy, and in our time these seem to have the upper hand. But her Founder warned that it would be so, when He likened the Kingdom of Heaven to the field where tares grew up alongside the wheat, and so deprived us of any excuse for abandoning her. She has survived these two millennia, despite the best efforts of both fools and knaves working from without and from within to bring her down, and she will do so again. That is one of the many reasons I take her for what she claims to be, namely, the true Church, and my holy Mother. You must not kick my Mother while she is down.

  13. I thnk the Good Lord that I retired before I was required to sit through any of those meetings. It was bad enough to have to sit through the sexual harassment ones. My Mom and Dad taught me very well how to "Play Nice" with others, and meetings like the ones I had to attend were a monumental waste of time and resources.

  14. The photo above appears to be of a member of the dreaded Pink Berets. Their motto: We never leave our buddies behind.

  15. We (hubby and I) couldn't be happier. It should have stayed DADT at the very least.

  16. Anita, I call it the way that I see it. The Pontiff has had a lot of opportunities to do the right thing and it seems at every crossroads that he makes less than optimal choices. This latest move is not about loving the sinner but hating the sin. It's an open embrace of sodomy.

    Of those people who follow this blog who I know personally, many are Catholic or Anglican. None of what I write is directed at them or you. However, the 'whited sepulchers' who have a gospel at hand, and chose to follow a Satanic path, need to be called out.

    I don't set myself above those 'holy men and women', but I know the difference between a cherry pie and a cow pie.

  17. President Trump promised to drain the swamp and to make America great again. This is clearly a move toward that 'end'.

  18. Frankly, I missed the worst of them, which occurred in the last couple of years of ObamaNation when transsexualism was transferred from a freakish aberration to the "new normal".

  19. LL,

    What no psych eval anymore?

    Maybe a more probing and informed psychiatrist doing the eval over an enlightened therapist with a match book cover certificate with biases and sympathies favoring the gender dysphoric would eliminate the problem.

    If the soldier can kick ass and take names consistently then if he/she/it wants to wear a dress in his off hours, fine. If a coward looking to avoid the fray decides on load out that he is really a she, therefore mot eligible for combat, then that destroys unit cohesion and should shitcanned.

    The Military: It is not about making nice, it is about making war.

  20. There is a difference between being a tree trimmer or a book binder and being a warrior. Barack, who grew up as the spoiled child of doting grandparents (who were also communists) never grasped that distinction. It's just like his bold pronouncement during the debate with Governor Romney that we don't use bayonets anymore. Romney (who hadn't served either) didn't know enough to correct him…which is a flaw in the system.

    Service in Congress or the Presidency should mean that the person serving had also served in the military, even if it was only one hitch.

  21. SPRINGFIELD, Il. ( -Bishop Thomas Paprocki, head of the diocese of Springfield, Illinois, is calling out the gay lobby in the Church.

    In a decree dated June 12, 2017, and titled, “Decree Regarding Same-sex ‘Marriage’ and Related Pastoral Issues,” Paprocki declared that clergy or representatives of the diocese cannot bless so-called same-sex unions or provide church facilities or objects for events connected to gay weddings. He further asserted that people in same-sex sexual relationships cannot present themselves for Holy Communion, serve any ministerial role in a parish, and if they die unrepentant, they cannot have Catholic funerals.

    In his July 9 letter, Paprocki noted, “The fact that there would be such an outcry against this decree is quite astounding and shows how strong the LGBT lobby is both in the secular world, as well as within the church.”

    He finishes his letter by affirming, “The truths of the Faith revealed by Our Lord in Scripture and Tradition are not always easy to accept, especially in a world that seeks to make all truth subjective. The fact is that some truths are objective and unalterable.”

    —-And the Pontiff would take issue with that.

  22. I definitely agree that that, LL. But then I think one hitch in the military would be good for most people.

  23. Yes it would. People need to get out of their comfort zone, learn to obey rules that are enforced, learn a trade, be useful, travel and be put into company with people from other places with other frames of reference.

    Most never see combat, but it's a crucible where all of the learning and all of the training comes into play.

    Imagine the different frame of reference that many of our exalted legislators (and presidents) would have if they had served.

  24. There are Soldiers, there are WACs, and there are Wackos. "Gender Confused", I like that.

  25. You STILL get booted for flat feet, color blindness, high blood pressure, etc. Maybe the pendulum is FINALLY swinging back toward a real, capable military after 8 years…

  26. I don't care where they're sexual fealties lie, but we can't be responsible for the exorbitant costs of their sexual rearrangement surgeries. We can turn down asthma and flat feet, but we have to be on the hook for millions for this?

  27. There are a lot of things that will boot you including diabetes and a lot of chronic conditions (the etc. that you mentioned) – but needing a boob job and a tuck and roll and massive hormone therapy was gladly born by the taxpayers during the time of ObamaNation.

  28. Heterosexuals officers are still cashiered for adultery. That doesn't apply to trannies. There are a wide range of issues including an unfair burden that is born by the majority for the sake of a tiny minority of gender confused. The gender confused can find validation and a happy life outside of the military. They can become civilian contractors if their civilian employers want to deal with their issues. There are three civilians for every military service member at the Pentagon – maybe more.

  29. There are Soldiers, there are WACs, and there are Wackos. "Gender Confused", I like that.

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