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(Fox News) Police say a mother who got on stage and started to strip during an upstate New York school assembly is facing child endangerment and lewdness charges. 
Albany police say 24-year-old Aydrea Meaders was arrested at North Albany Academy on Friday morning. They say school staff told them the assembly was halted and the cafeteria cleared after Meaders began dancing onstage and took off some of her clothes. 
She’s charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of public lewdness.
So there you are at the kid’s assembly and this fat, unkept, cross eyed woman gets up on stage and pulls her blouse off, displaying flaccid breasts that look like two old hound dog’s ears, for the school staff and parents. You have several options – but being as New York is a ‘progressive state’, shouldn’t they have allowed her to complete her dance of self-expression? The same thing is funded (at vast public expense) by the National Endowment for the Arts over and over again. New York legislators crowd to ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ to have the same woman throw her filthy under ware in their faces as they cheer her on.
What is the country coming to?  ;^)
I’ve been to Albany, and always thought that this sort of thing went on all the time. Imagine my shock to hear that there was some sort of public push-back. The next thing you may see is Aydrea Meders running berserk through Up-State NY seeking revenge because of her ethnicity.

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  1. Free? That could be several costly visits to a hypnotist to permanently purge the image from memory

  2. Her pills must have kicked in while she was at the meeting. I imagine she will plead insanity. With her eyes, it will probably fly.

  3. One eye points toward Poughkeepsie and the other toward Newark – but I suspect that's her natural condition.

  4. The regression therapy would have to take you back into the womb — and even then the visual would likely remain and put you off latte forever.

  5. As you already know, upstate NY is not downstate NY but we're getting there. If she was a looker instead of a toad she might have gotten some slack. As it were, some of those kids will spend the rest of their natural lives in counseling; most of the boys will be gay.

  6. Yes, the whole sexual preference thing will be up for grabs. The one bright spot is that little girls bound for lesbianism will be turned straight.

  7. Whatever do you mean? This woman was a "progressive" doing her own thing. And she was cruelly persecuted by the establishment.

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