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I believe in Climate Change

I am not a Climate Denier

Europe, 20,000 years ago. It warmed up since then.

Human beings were not involved.


Bullet Points:

** Will the Norks send troops to Ukraine? I strongly doubt it. Russia has not expended everything that it has, but it should have been able to go through Ukraine like a hot knife through butter and it’s hopelessly stalled. Everybody sees that. The US policy is to fight the war to the last Ukrainian.

** The final purpose of propaganda is not merely to create consensus, but to humiliate those who doubt it. Nothing is more destructive to self-respect than to be shamed by lies and helpless to stop them.

** I was asked, “What’s the best thing about conservative women?” I answered, “No penis.”

** The Constitution wasn’t written to keep you in line. It was written to keep THEM in line.

** The samples returned. (h/t Claudio) A NASA spacecraft will complete a round-trip journey to an asteroid this weekend, returning to Earth after a seven-year voyage to bring back unspoiled rock specimens from an alien world that could yield insights into the formation of life.

The landing Sunday at 8:55 am local time in Utah (10:55 am EDT or 14:55 UTC) will wrap up a round-trip journey of 4.4 billion miles (7.1 billion kilometers) for NASA’s robotic OSIRIS-REx mission. The return will set into motion another sequence of tightly choreographed events to secure the asteroid sample capsule, fly it halfway across the country to a NASA facility at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and then open it up to reveal the bounty inside.


Just a Mood

For those of us who are old enough to remember.


Mail Bag

“What About Your She-Devil?” I still ride the she-devil around. I don’t post photos often or discuss road trips, but I do get out. One of the problems with living in the Arizona highlands comes with the onset of winter when it’s simply a bad idea for me to ride. And the winter returns. The same is true of the canoe. I’m a fair-weather paddler.

“How close are you to finishing the novel, Broken Toys?”  I finished it two days ago and shipped it to Jules Smith in England for a beta read to see if holds together for her. It will be out this Autumn. There will definitely be a sequel but there is no working title for that yet. I have to get this one out first. Whether or not there is a trilogy depends entirely on the reception that the first two books receive. It takes a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears to write a “good” novel.

“Do you have other editorial pieces such as HUNTING IN THE SHADOWS that you did with MikeW in the works?” First, thank you to those who purchased Hunting in the Shadows. Thank you twice if you reviewed it.  As you may have read from Old NFO and BRM who also write, the reviews on Amazon are critical to that company deciding to advertise them. I have no other editorial pieces in the process.

“How much time do you spend working on Virtual Mirage?” It varies from week to week. Regular visitors will note that I try to have one blog post out every day. Thank you for visiting and contributing to the discussions of everything from politics to the best composition elements of a BLT.


If you need jerky, you’ll have to hard rock mine for it.


Memes of the Day



Identify the Aircraft






44 thoughts on “More Excuses?

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Bréguet 280T
    2. Alenia C-27J Spartan
    3. Chengdu J-10 Vigorous Dragon
    4. Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon

    1. Isn’t it amazing how much like the F-16 the J-10 is? Wow, look at the resemblance between the F-35 and the J-20. They got their money’s worth from those spies… and the Bidens.

        1. First season of Vice was fun, then the ‘fashion’ took over. The show wanted to create trends instead of good stories. Major peeve at the time, was when they had to drive the Testarossa under a semi trailer to escape a pos sedan. Should have stomped the gas and three seconds later, cut to the next scene.

        1. They also commissioned Frey to write “You Belong To The City”.

          Glen was cool guy. I had the good fortune to meet him a couple of times.

  2. I just bought Mike’s book. Thanks for reminding me.
    Though I don’t comment often, VM is a daily read for me.

  3. No on the Norks to Ukraine; my first go to for current event perspectives is here on V.M. Also, I’m so grateful for yesterday’s post linking X’s clip of Carlson addressing the state of the nation / Michigan, telling you that surviving the scamdemic does not allow you to be able to repaint your “cell”.

    The one soldier that tried to defect south across the DMZ a few years ago was shot by his own. He was eating raw corn to survive, as per our autopsy. Norks on the front line might play out like Beck discovered with a strategy that the PRC came up with in a possible war scenario with the Soviets. Dumping a million or two POW’S on the enemy could collapse it’s economy. Does NK have cannon fodder ( famine relief ) for sale? I highly doubt there is effectively trained forces to be merched by the fat brat or his sister; unless it would pertain a bio- chemical attack or other nefarious tactics.
    What could be the factors that could end this war, and when?

    P.S. Becks report was in relation to current events on our southern border. O’biden and Soros have declared war on we the people.

      1. Fred, you are correct. Tucker referred to the edicts in his address. I referenced that link, lest we forget how Ludacris they were. Governor W. Is still just as evil and tyrant as 3 yes ago.

  4. Thomas Sowell is a beacon of rational thought.

    Ukraine. The Norks don’t need to send anybody. I read today about the Russians capturing a German, in uniform, driving a Leopard II. Why are the leaders in the West trying so hard to start WW III?

    Climate change. I have held for several years that a degree or two of warming, and that is up for serious debate, is a heck of a lot better than watching another set of glaciers roll south.

    1. Exactly Ed, here astride the Colorado Rockies, this past Winter (colder and ice stayed until Spring) and Spring (wetter than in the past 6 years) was “more normal” when speaking to old timers, especially when considering a decade of nasty Winters in the 30’s and 40’s and 70’s. Weather, like many things, is cyclical. To say man has anything to do with it being hotter or colder is simply not science or rational…but it is cultish and moronic. God laughs at these people.

      Incidentally, this year the Deranged MSM reported Summer temps much closer to the ground than ever before making it appear we are hotter than last year. Nothing but pure perception management to maintain the all-purpose anthropogenic climate change existential threat siren cry, that – as always – morphs into us paying higher taxes to “fix the climate”. More bogus crap from those who wish us to be their subjects.

      1. Warmer weather would mean less heating of homes in the winter meaning less burning of hydrocarbon fuel. Saving me money, cutting emissions.
        I want that. Why don’t they?

  5. Norks send troops to Ukraine. Agree, seems far fetched, but who knows? Possible deal brokered by the Chicoms? High profile ‘excuse’ for a desperate Swamp to up their game in Ukraine, Chicoms get to continue to watch USA and Russia “Let’s you and him fight”?

    About that knocked out Leopard II. No need to speculate on how Russians feel about German tanks and crews. Some opinions question the veracity of the report.

    Stalled Russians. Am seeing some opinions that they are deliberately static, time being on their side, letting the Ukraine Klown Kar smash itself to bits against their layered defenses.

  6. American Demographics- Define “white”. Is that WASP or anyone not black or brown or “other”? Heck, my covers most of Europe. I must be a white nationalist or some such nonsense according to the current warped standard of picking on white people for being born.

    Mike’s book is [still] next on my purchase list…by all accounts reading LL’s excerpts and Amazon reviews it is a must read.

    1. How much of a game changer is DNA testing? Anyone with a few dollars to spend can find their ancestry. In my case, 99.9% Scot/Irish/Northern European.
      In the larger picture, does it really matter?

      1. My grandfather emigrated from Scotland when he was six and my grandmother was German I believe. Doesn’t really matter to me. Like most others on this blog including you WSF, I believe the “American ” identifier is the most important.

        1. Had a co-worker who always put as his race on forms – Other. Then in the blank provided put American. He was a descendant in large part of Sub-Saharan Africans.

          1. Ed & Bill…Race only matters to The Left as a divisive tactic to sway perceptions and the narrative…they are the minority who shout This is important! Of course it isn’t …at all. The rest of us who are not deranged only care about what you do to show us who you are.

      2. WSF- Short answer (as others have commented), Not one bit. I am an American, with a Heinz 57 ancestry. MrsPaulM – an all American gal – did her DNA, came back 79% Danish with Norwegian for the remainder. To her gratitude to The Almighty, and the only thing in the DNA that mattered to her…ZERO Swedish! (heh).

    2. You can be sure that “white” means whatever is convenient at the time. Its highly situational. When talking of violent crime statistics for example, then “white Hispanics” are purely white. When condescendingly lecturing us about how we’re all irredeemable racists then it’s always “speaking as your fellow white”. However, when it comes to tales of victimhood then most certainly NOT whites. But when it comes down to statistics about major financial crimes then suddenly generic undifferentiated white again. Positively Emersonian: “consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

      I learned about this slight of hand and definitional flexibility early on. As a teenager in advanced placement classes, the total AP class numbered about 30, with nine East Asians, one half Korean/German kid, and a Hindu girl (zero negroes, Hispanics, or Natives). The local school district and the newspaper proudly announced that “over one third of AP students are ethnic minorities!” When it came to preferential admissions to elite colleges, or set-aside scholarships, not one single one of us was a minority. Make of that what you will. (Not sour grapes. We were all good enough to get into prestige schools without being some sort of darkie victim class.)

      And trust me, Paul M. However much of a “white nationalist” anyone might call you, it’s very very likely your WN’ism pales (you’ll pardon the expression 😉) compared to what people think of my views.

      @BillB. I used to write “none of your damn business” under “Race”. That was when I was young and idealistic. Also, “Asian/Pacific Islander” might as well be “miscellaneous”. Chinese are insulted and disgusted by being lumped in with dot Indians (and they probably feel the same about us), and I have more in common with freaking Finns (certainly culturally) than I do with some Polynesian.

      1. My acquaintance had another story about race. He was a retired Navy senior NCO (I don’t remember his rank). While at sea on a carrier, he was having problems with the younger black folks in his unit about not being called African-Americans. During a meeting on this subject, he had a couple of blond, white guys stand up. He introduced them in this context as “African-Americans”. They both happened to be immigrants from South Africa, where their families had been for a few generations.

        MLK Jr. had his share of problems but his dream was good — character over the color of skin.

      2. Mike_C, so far no one has ever said anything so acerbic to my face…what they’re thinking may be a different story, altho being a taller Euro-Centric Heritage American may have something to do with it. Then again, people these days are so “commentary” tone deaf they spout off freely, forgetting they’re out in public, thereafter ending up on YT with a million hits of look at that idiot getting a beat down for going after a guy or gal who’s capable.

  7. The only “good” reason I can see for North Korea to send troops to fight in Ukraine is to obtain experience in fighting Western combat systems, technology, and doctrine.
    This method of gaining experienced personnel has been common practice for many armies.

    Experience is a valuable commodity that one cannot purchase off the shelf.
    Training can inoculate troops against panic and still function under stress, but has limitations not found in actual combat..

    There is an unpredictable winnowing.
    You can do everything right and yet, sometimes, the dragon wins.
    Even Sun Tzu asked, “…is this general lucky?”

    Note: no fan of Honest Abe the politician, but he did say, “The harder I work the luckier I become.”

  8. I read “Hunting in the Shadows”. I tried to review it on my Kindle account, but couldn’t because I had not purchased $50+ in the last year. I then reviewed it under my Amazon Prime account, which I think made it through, five stars.

  9. I, too, am a fair weather rider. Temps and humidity have dropped to the point where riding is once again in the fun category. So now my wife wants to go up to Kentucky and spend time there. No, we don’t have any relatives in that state.
    That Phil Collins video appeared in a number of ‘Reaction’ videos. Somewhere along the line a lot of people producing them started getting cease-and-desist letters even though they were following the guidelines. Guess someone thought they could make money via legal extortion?

  10. The science geek in me marvels at the 4 billion mile round trip.

    When they open the sample container?

    The movie geek in me can’t forget the Andromeda Strain.

  11. Looking at the faces of the troops in your header photo is rather interesting.
    I am going to have to share that Climate Change graphic.
    Whiter Shade of Pale. Great song. Wonderful performance.
    I prefer beef for my jerky. 😉
    Love Thomas Sowell.
    You all be safe and God bless.

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