Food Stamps – An Obama Success Story

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) also known as “food stamps” has been one of the bright spots of the Obama Administration. As of November 2012 the number of Americans receiving food stamps rose to 47,692,896. Today we’re boldly and confidently moving toward the 50 million mark. 

Population of Spain=46,815,916

And all the Democratic Party has to do in order to assure that those dependent Americans vote for them is to suggest that the Republicans will cancel their free lunch.

Population of South Korea=50 million

Well before summer, if all goes well we’ll be feeding people in numbers equivalent to the entire population of South Korea with the US Department of Agriculture’s SNAP program. Between January 2009 and November 2012, SNAP added 11,300 people each day to its rolls

To bring this home to numbers that you can get your arms around, since President Obama took office, he added numbers equivalent to the entire population of the City of St. Louis, Missouri to SNAP every month.
Or we add a the numerical equivalent of the entire population of the City of Chicago every eight months. No matter how you chose to slice it, that’s a lot of people.
All of the money to pay for that is borrowed and we continue to borrow in order to provide that free benefit.

6 thoughts on “Food Stamps – An Obama Success Story

  1. It kills me every time I hear him give a speech promoting whatever snake oil he's pushing at the moment… "This is what I want to do for you, and its all paid for!"

    How can we claim ANYTHING is paid for when we rack up the level of debt that we are each and every year?

  2. What's a couple of trillion per year in debt — when you can simply put off the debt to the next administration?

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