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    1. I often call Kipling a prophet – of history.

      Some people are offended by that title, and Kipling might say that I took it too far, but we have lived past his time to see his prophetic mutterings came true (sadly).

    1. It’s worth reading as events unfold around us. We don’t have to pass from the roll of the nations, but our present course is ominous.

  1. I’m not exactly sure when the Democrat party ceased being the ‘loyal opposition’ to the enemy of the republic. I would guess it was after the 2000 Supreme Court decision on who would win Florida, Bush or Gore. When they lost, I think they lost their soul as well.

    Since then, they have been nothing short of evil.

    1. There was a time when the Democrats could be said to at least have dipped their big toe in the waters of human compassion. Now it’s all sly, cynical, calculation. And you’re right. They are evil.

      1. I disagree.

        Party of the Klan

        Party of Woodrow Wilson and Margret Sanger.

        Party of that socialist FDR.

        They gave Truman a hard time, their own guy.

        Sure, JFK got NASA off it’s butt, but Bay of Pigs, Mafia vs Castro and other international failures galore, plus all the babes for JFK that the media knew about and kept mum about.

        LBJ… Says it all…

        Watergate? Where a few Republicans were trying to tap a phone line used to order hookers and blow…



        Barky the Moonbat.

        And how all the Donk politicians set up so much corruption.

        Barney Frank and the Freddy and Fannie Mac scandals.

        House Banking scandal

        House Post Office scandal

        Who was the party that supported Womans’ Vote? Or abolished Jim Crow laws, or sent the Army to stop segregation? Who passe the Civil Rights amendment?

        Yeah, the Donks have always been about themselves. About using words that don’t mean what they say. About perverting words and meanings. About using assassins to kill off obstructions.

        Nah, they never have had a toe in the waters of human compassion.

        1. I was trying to be generous to the donkeys with my comment, like tossing one lonely herring to a sea lion.

          1. I think Beans has us on this one, LL. The Democrats have been scummy going back a century…or more. That long list of evil has merit. So to speak.

    1. Kipling is popular in some circles, as is Robert Service. Sometimes I play Edith Piaf in the background while I read. I realize that paints me as being more than a tad eccentric.

      1. I have a hard time listening to Edith Piaf even when I’m depressed. She was a wonderful singer, but her songs (at least the ones I’ve heard) tended to strike me as very sad and almost depressing.

        Naaaa…if I want to listen to torch music, I’ll pick Miss Peggy Lee, or Diana Krall….

      2. What do you think of March of Cambreadth?
        Depending on the mood, sometimes it seems a little Hollywood to me.

        1. I like bagpipe music, This particular piece does have a “Lord of the Rings” feel to it. It can get the blood up. Bagpipes skirlling seems to manage that without the words. It makes me want to put on my kilt, pick up the claymore and descend out of the Highlands and sack towns in Northern England.

    2. Kipling is more popular with the more energetic forms of military service. The farther away you get from guns and gunsmoke, the less Kipling (from what I’ve surmised from talking and being nosy) seems to be in favor.

      1. I avoided REMF’s and still do. You can tell them today by the masks that they proudly wear. I can see why Kipling would have no appeal to them. They’d read “Tommy” and look like a cow watching passing cars on a freeway, or “The Grave of the Hundred Head” and say, “gross”.

  2. IIRC,
    At one time the contemporaries Kipling and Jack London were two of the worlds most popular authors. Great tales of derring do just right for boys, with morality lessons mixed in for seasoning but no cloying BS.

    1. Before retiring from the IT shop I last worked at, I got on an elevator with a gal from India.
      Made a comment about women being the more dangerous of the species, and she got a bit huffy “Do I look dangerous to you?.

      1. Yeah, the female of the species is deadlier than the male. The cutest kittens have the sharpest claws.

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