New Years Eve Nuptials

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Yes, I know that you are all used to biting commentary here on Virtual Mirage, but I want to take time out from that to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Hefner on the occasion of their wedding. It’s Hef’s third and Crystal’s first trip to the altar. It’s nice to know that even in times of fiscal crisis that the course of true love can win out.
It also shows that a really old guy can find love in the twilight of his life if he has enough money to pay for it. 
Hef was born in 1926, before the great depression & electric refrigeration. On May 20, 1926, Thomas Edison proclaimed that Americans preferred silent films over “talkies”. On August 5, 1926, the first talking movie, “Don Juan” premiered at the Warner Theater in New York City. Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States – and women had the vote (universal suffrage) for 6 years by then.
Crystal Harris Hefner was born in 1986, a mere sixty years after her husband. By 1986, humans had grown bored with space flight and semiconductors were old hat. 
I won’t speculate on the honeymoon, now underway, except to opine that Hef will likely have his cocoa and retire early while Crystal parties on.

Yes, it’s true. Blondes do have more fun.

14 thoughts on “New Years Eve Nuptials

  1. There are things that money can't buy. I wonder when the happy couple will hear the pitter patter of little feet?

  2. That swimsuit would have probably landed her in jail in 1926….

    I just hope Heff has fresh batteries in the life alert necklace.

  3. The Beetles sang, "All you need is love." Hef has been the recipient of a lot of flesh – some of it might have bordered on love, depending on your definition.

  4. Nope. She must be bonkers. I don't care how much money he has or if he has a penis the size of an elephant. No. Just no.

  5. All you have to own is a mansion, a jet, a yacht and a soft porn magazine and you can score the way that Hef did.

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