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Pronounce the Name “Boot-Jeg-Jeg”

You can read more about the Town Hall meeting here:

Chris Wallace Sat There Like Potted Plant as Buttigieg Ripped Into Fox News Primetime Hosts (click above to go to the article in Legal Insurrection)

This isn’t about the only out-of-the-closet homosexual who is pushing for people to make him king. (Spartacus Booker is likely still in the closet). It’s about Chris Wallace, the virulently anti-Trump – and often anti-Fox network employee of Fox News. I won’t watch anything with Wallace on it, and if the Mayor of South Bend is elected president, we have far more problems as a nation as we would if say, Hillary, ascended. I’m sure that Wallace is a sacred cow at Fox or he’d be hosting some kind of anti-Trump programming on CNN.

Alyssa Milano’s Call for Chastity

I’m sure that she didn’t mean it the way that I’ve taken it, but abstention outside of marriage and unless a child is wanted is possibly the most conservative of positions when discussing human reproduction. Sometimes you go so far left that you end up right? It’s an interesting hypothesis.

A Girl’s Best Friend

My youngest daughter, Emilie, got engaged this past weekend. She lives in Southern California where the weather is a bit more stable.

As the World Turns

It’s May 20, and the snow continues to fall at the White Wolf Mine. The glaciers creep south and if we don’t start burning fossil fuels in earnest, we’ll all be encased in ice within 12 years. It’s settled science.

I drove down the mountain to Pine, AZ for supplies and the snow started.

On the way back up the hill, a car was driving slowly in front of me. Obviously watching the snow on the road instead of the elk that stepped out in front of him onto the pavement. Elk don’t care if it’s snowing. They’re hanging out, being cool, and doing what elk do. And they don’t care much that you think you have right-of-way on the highway.

The photos aren’t the best because I’m holding my cell phone while it snows and the snow drops onto the screen and lens.

I’m still waiting for the nights to get warm enough to throw paint onto the homestead. It’s been a cold wet winter and I anticipate the arrival of White Walkers, Ice Giants, Yetis (not the plastic cooler) and so forth.

It was nice to get home. Now I’m going to make some hot chocolate and will start a fire in the fireplace.

The insanity of the world will go on without me. It’s nice to go Galt.

32 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. Satire and verbal gymnastics are an accepted tool of the left used to abuse and denigrate their opponents. What's good for the goose and all that means we pronounce the mayoral poofters name as "ButtGag".

  2. Like our current political Left, the weather here in Northern Colorado is schizophrenic.

    Springtime in the Rockies is always interesting…warm and nice one day, sleeting and snow the next, heading to hills for Memorial Day is always iffy (that, and the crowds, which we tend to stay away from anyway. The moisture will be good for the pastures, so no complaints.

  3. No snow here t this time but it is raining again and the river is rising. More flooding expected. Maybe if I burned something and put a little more carbon in the air it might help. The trashy looking single wide down the rod comes to mind. Can't hurt.
    So you have another wedding to pay for. Congratulations. Nothing like throwing a party for 100+ people and not knowing most of them. Anyhow, congratulations to the happy couple.

  4. Mike Wallace has ever rubbed me the wrong way. How does a guy that doesn't know diddly squat get so much attention.
    You've been good solid parents from the looks of things. Congrats to Emily and you all!
    It has been sunny & warm, cool & rainy off and on here. It's just weather in the PNW. Kinda funny that all the snowbird friends from here are having much worse weather there…
    What was the out come with the elk and the car???

  5. Been ~40* and raining here, with snow expected later today and tonight.

    Yep, Spring in the Rockies is always interesting as per WSF and my extremely limited experience here!

  6. "She lives in Southern California where the weather is a bit more stable"
    And the politicians more UNstable.

  7. The guy who owns the radio station I'm on was attacking Chris Wallace and Fox News on air tonight and I had to call in and ask him why a left leaning Fox News would give hours ad free to Donald Trump rallies night after night?
    I can't explain Shep Smith.
    But Bret Baier has an interview with Levin as I'm typing this, giving him airtime to make his point about the politicization of Corporate Media.

  8. I watched card carrying, registered Democrat Chris Wallace throw softball after softball at Boot-Edge-Edge. The guy is quick on his feet, well spoken, likeable.

    And he speaks with conviction: tax the hell out of everybody to make the world better. That didn't play well with McGovern in his bid to unseat Nixon, and it won't play any better against The Donald.

    But he's still a nice guy. Just wait until Trump gets him in a debate. Trump will mop the floor with this lightweight. Not this lightweight will get anywhere near the nomination, just saying.

  9. Between Wallace and Hugh Hewitt drooling over this guy, I begin to question their masculinity besides their politics.

  10. ButtGuy wants to raise taxes across the board. It’s not been a winning strategy historically, irrespective of his gender confusion

  11. Yeah, the party will stimulate the local economy, employing hundreds. Partying should be tax deductible

  12. The elk said,”missed me by that much,” and bounded into the woods. Alls well that ends well.

  13. Wallace, Sheppard Smith, and now Brazil are all anti-Trump all the time on Fox… sigh Congrats to the daughter, and good luck with the snow!

  14. I can't stand Wallace or Smith either.
    Great post.
    Be safe and keep warm!
    We are going to be in the low 90s already. UGH! Will try to send some of that back your way.

    And Congratulations to your daughter! May God bless them both with many happy years together.

  15. BootyGuy strikes me as a typical effeminate socialist. I’m repelled by people like that but the media see themselves in people like him… curious, isn’t it?

  16. May Mercury's pitcher ever grace Emelie's table and may they be granted the gift given to Baucis and Philemon.

    Demographics is destiny.
    I am glad to see you have done your part to save our culture.
    Encourage them to procreate like rabbits.

  17. I can't stand Wallace, Smith or their coverage of Buttgag (that name has stuck with me and will stick until he gets voted into electoral hell.) I haven't watched FOX news for years. I get my news online and here on Virtual Mirage.

    Congrats to your daughter on her engagement.

  18. Congratulations Emilie!

    We've been getting snow and rain here for a week. Also one more to come.

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